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It was another day when Anjij (Ann-ghee) was born the daughter of Tug (Tuk), a fisherman for a community of Northern people with a lasting connection to nature. Read More

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An angry woman reconsiders her coping strategy. Read
parents who lack parenting skills, neglect, self absorbed. homicide , criminal consequences. Read

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When a reoccurring dream keeps plaguing the mind, should it be taken seriously? Should I have gotten help sooner? Finding myself on a plane thousands of feet in the air, it came again. What did it all mean, and will I ever be the same again? Read
A small town boy coming of age story set against a violent family past. Read

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These are a collection of Idioms and Short fiction. Read

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This is a story about conspiracies shown by Secret Societies. Read
A bird that wants peace in the world and can speak to the world Read

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Cover image compiled from Read

Featured Review by panteleon

"Dear Vancheyson, I enjoyed your story about picking your battles and the strategy of observing predicting and evolving. Keep writing! pan..." Read

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Mouse in a microwave. Read

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This is an exposure of the UN's occult agenda as Babelocracy. Read

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This is a collection of Micro-Fiction. Read

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This is the unveiling of the conspiracy of the United Nations Read

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Prompt: It was the summer of 1956 when I first realized I could breathe underwater. Read
A drunken old man sits on the devils chair Read
it’s such a blessing finding someone who is there, especially through the hardest of times. someone who doesn’t try to change everything or sugar coat everything. someone who’s real. but what happens to them? do i ever give them space to unload their own burdens or do i abandon them… Read

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This is a collection of Micro-Fiction. Read
This is a collection of Micro-Fiction. Read
Flash fiction piece about a good samaritan reaching out to help a homeless man. Read
A short tale of challenge and growth, as a girl and her grandfather, engage in regular chess matches. Read

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A short short story about a witch. Read

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This is a collection of Micro Fiction Read

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Guardian Angel is a short, short story about racism, and not being welcomed in certain neighborhoods. The story is about a female with a history of panic attacks getting lost in a strange neighborhood. The short tale demonstrates that there is still good in the world when a good Samaritan… Read

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This is a story about dreams that I had. Read

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These are a collection of Micro-Fiction. Read