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Three boys who were enjoying their time playing a new game expansion of a very popular MMORPG game suddenly get transported from their gaming computer chairs to a real life fantasy universe. Read More

Book / Flash Fiction

June 22, 2021

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A collection of creative writing tweets, including the prompts that they were written for. Cover image: Read More

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These are a couple of dreams that I have had. Read More

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Tried a dystopian theme for this one. Hope you like it, Please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Read More

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A little drabble about a girl who seeks comfort after awaking from a loud crash of thunder. Read More

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A young girl ponders her future in a rustic location Read More

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I must admit, I wrote this story just to preserve a job title. For the most part, you can't Google it but that doesn't mean it never was, or is. The names in this story may be fictional, but the job title is real; honest. Read More

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Family loss after enstrangement. Read More

Short Story / Flash Fiction

June 19, 2021

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Mother misunderstanding Read More

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These are thoughts of an imaginary book. Read More

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This is a story of a superstition Read More
Martha sits on a desert mountain side. Out of sight behind her is the living ghost town that now imprisons her. She stared out into the barren desert. Her thoughts are on her past decisions . Read More
Her father wanted to end his suffering .She wanted to ease his pain.. But, what he asked was very difficult for her . Could she grant his final wish. Read More

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The story of a small village who almost lost all their traditions, but one. The attempt of full peace and salvation. It's up to Agatha to follow the traditions and accomplish her mission. Initially just a joke by me and my friends, this really developed into a serious and interesting… Read More

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A birthday fun going horribly wrong and devastating. Read More

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Some of this Flash Fiction is true, and some of the true parts have been stretched. But hay, this is a guy story so all is well. Read More

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A rectilinear life comes to a turning point, and it's unexpectedly difficult to negotiate. Read More

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The story is all about the cover photo which I took along the coast of California, way back when. A Fictional story based on a real tree and someone's sense of humor. Read More

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Photo (c) Pixabay Read More

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Random Short Story Read More
Creating meaning out of the trauma and debauchery that was 2020. Read More

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A man checks his mailbox one morning to find a package that will change his life forever and leave him with a horrible decision to make Read More

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She waits for him to come home and wonders if maybe he has decided not to this time. Read More

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The last words of a very famous man. He hasn't lived yet, but he might. Read More

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Yes, these are literary and philosophical thoughts. . Read More

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Just came up on a day at work. Read More

Chapter 76

Book / Flash Fiction

June 07, 2021

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A collection of micro-fiction, written originally as tweets for Twitter prompts. Cover image: Read More

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This is a narrative about two dreams that I had. Read More

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This is a daily journal of my thoughts Read More
This is a letter written for my significant other. Read More

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These are a collection of Micro Fiction Read More
Flash Fiction, 286 words. A trip down memory lane where life was of abundant quality, times missed in more ways than one. Read More
Flash Fiction, 300 words. Life away from civilization might be safer but that doesn't mean it's safe. Read More
This is a love letter for my significant other, Read More

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A simple story that happened during covid. A reminder to others to cherish every moment with loved ones. Read More

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These are some idioms and short short fiction. Read More