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Short Story / Humor

December 31, 1969

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Use a dog zapper to control rude children. Sarcastic Humor. Read More

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This story was originally formulated (in mediocre form as you will see) by the Israeli AI, HAIM, which writes stories: (I described HAIM in this essay: I used HAIM's story as a rough draft, a starting point, to produce my final text, which is hopefully better. The original… Read More

Featured Review by Sharief Hendricks

"This seems to have worked out well Adam... I enjoyed what original work I have read of yours thus far, and this was just as interesting... ..." Read More

Essay / Flash Fiction

August 04, 2019

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This is an experimental flash nonfiction essay with complex parallels on modern issues. It shows technique and allegory in literary style. Read More

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maybe just a moment, we might actually be able to communicate with our future selves, or it we could wake up one day and see that we left ourselves a message. a message from the future. what would it be? what would be said to us? Read More
A snippet of childhood, memories, and a time of innocence. Read More

Essay / Flash Fiction

December 14, 2015

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in many ways of living. Read More

#cold, #silly, #gold, #mte

Essay / Flash Fiction

January 02, 2014

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A woman's foiled attempt at suicide.... Read More

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The gift of freedom, something that I will hold dearly for my entire life. Read More

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She was judged, bullied, alone. But maybe because she was the ugly one... Read More

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What would life be like if you didn't have memories? This is based on the novel "The Giver" by Louis Lowrey. I loved that book! Read More

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We are never totally alone. Read More

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What would you do waking up with no memories in a lonely cabin with a crime scene on your hands? Read More

Essay / Flash Fiction

September 09, 2010

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A weird and troubled family Read More

Essay / Flash Fiction

August 20, 2010

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Satan Read More

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what would happen if you got a way out of a bad situation and no one was the wiser? Would you take it? She did. Read More