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After surviving the New Orleans plague of 1853, Victor Montenegro is on a quest to find the coveted treasure of the sunken ship Ana Luisa. The Ana Luisa treasure hunt transports him and ally Ivan Ortiz into a haunted seabed, where they are confronted by the infamous Pirate Goldendeath. Will… Read More

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November 28, 2021

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Unrequited love Read

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The view out my window. This is from using a prompt to get in the habit of writing everyday. Read

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Her life became a nightmare which she thought would never end. Read

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fictional story lost sisters yakama reservation Read

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A short story some might relate to during a downpour Read

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First piece of writing. Would like comments on how to improve. Read
be warned he will steal something from you Read

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flash fiction on a boy who grew up seeing death Read

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If I were to walk off the face of this earth, these are my thoughts and words to the people I love at my funeral. I have been suicidal but have chosen to endure this world a bit longer to see if things will or can change. I doubt it… Read

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Just a little quick one. 353 words. a wife and mother cooks dinner for her family while she waits for them to come home. Read

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Just hold together until it passes. Read

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It started out as trying to be descriptive, but kind of came to life as something else Read

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Thoughts of a determined person... Read

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A six word story of someone reflecting upon a wasted existence. Read

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Recently I've been studying Flash Fiction and its origins. I find the six word story to be the most challenging... Read

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There is so much in the world. So much you never realize. Read

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A breakfast that goes horribly wrong but in a funny way. Read

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Why is it we wish time away? are we missing out on anything if we do? Read

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What happens when someone in love is deeply rejected? Read

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November 16, 2017

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Miscellaneous / Flash Fiction

September 13, 2017

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Nah, I don't really feel like it. Read

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(Writing exercise) A previously ambitious city-worker contemplates her life and the decision to abandon the modern rat race. Less than 500 words, this piece aims to capture the rumination taking place in a single moment in time. This story revolves around choices and regret. Read

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My first flash fiction written years ago when I attended creative writing classes for beginners . Had a 50 word limit & title which certainly was a challenge. Read

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prison can be good. Read

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'I' am nothing Read

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Questions of life. Read

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Wake up to meaninglessness Read

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A short story with meaningless meaning. Read

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Miscellaneous / Flash Fiction

December 22, 2015

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More writing from sentences I wrote in college Read
This here is a relatively short tale of a character in one of my many dreams. Unlike the others, I remembered this one after waking up, and decided to do a short stuff on it. A confused man, haunted by something even I cannot fathom. Read

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Regret? Revenge? Intro to a possible story, just had to write it down. Read

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Based on a poem I wrote a while back. Read

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Short fictional story about a not-so-cute kitten. Read