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Sometimes going back is the best worst thing you can do. Read More

Featured Review by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras

"Amazing and beautiful! Wow!!!" Read More

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ppl r weird asf for dressing up as animals like wtff? Read

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facts about ninja Read

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This book is about my "friends" on transformice and how i'm an asshole to everyone I meet this book will explain my feelings on the matter. Read
A young man named Edewi Osariemen Israel alleged to be homosexual has fled his home after he and his sex partner were allegedly caught making love and taken to a village shrine in Benin City for exorcism by angry neighbours and family of his partner. Narrating the incident to Naija… Read

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According to Amnesty International, USA, “We all have a sexual orientation and a gender identity, and this shared fact means that discrimination against members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, based on sexual orientation and/ or gender identity, is an issue that transcends that community and affects all… Read

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December 13, 2016

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An experience. Read

Article / Gay and Lesbian

February 07, 2015

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What I feel when I'm love. In French. Read
nother island and the countries of South America had adopted the custom of tattooing criminals on the face, wrist, hand or arm. These tattoos were ostracized. In France, Constantine forbade criminal tattoos, at the request of the Catholic Church, saying that de Read

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We grow to become what makes us happy, follow your drems and never give up in been happy... Read

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November 30, 2014

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We grow up to be whats best for us, not others... Read

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I wrote this short article for a blog to portray my views as to why homosexuality should be decriminalized Read

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February 01, 2014

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I am bi... I love girls & boy Read

Article / Gay and Lesbian

January 26, 2014

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Coming out Read
If you target these two root causes which are obesity and dysfunctional pancreas, hence, you can put an end to diabetes. Read

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salmon of your whole body. Read

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people can be ignorant. they can say hurtful things, I don't know if they always mean what they say but there is some stuff people say nowadays that really pushes the line for a young lesbian. just making a point because I am fed up with guys coming across with… Read

Article / Gay and Lesbian

September 13, 2013

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a girl age seventeen was sent to a fake prom because she was lesbian. Read
This is satire designed to show how stupid the "why do you have to tell everyone that you are gay" argument is. Read

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people view love differently, an invitation for you to read about my story Read

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I am sick to the teeth of being told I am not worth s*** because of who I am. I am sick to the teeth of being told I am disgusting, or being laughed at. and I am sick to the high bloody teeth of seeing people I truly care… Read

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Become aware and watch for from anything that affects vision, and those positive factors that deplete those eyes. It may initially be difficult to determine the subtle sensations of the eyes, but as you go paying attention, sensitivity grow. Read

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the amount of carbohydrates, especially complex (pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, vegetables and cereals) involves not less than 55% of calories consumed daily. When fat is burned? Read

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Time to be out and proud? Need help or to talk? Let us discuss! Read

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Just My Feelings. Read
We are then pushed from the Internet search on the Chicco Trio S3 and the concept has inspired us directly. Strangely, none of the children in our stores has near the part in the program, there was only the old model but we did not absolutely have fallen and not… Read

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I've been struggling for a while with a girl I'm dating. She's heading off to college and I have no idea what to do. Anyone think they could give ideas? And list if you've ever had this happen in any kind of situation. Read

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It 's important to remember that like most natural approaches, there is no single treatment that will form a cure although every little positive step you take will begin to relieve the symptoms. Natural remedies tend to focus on treating the whole person and eliminating all possible causes that mean… Read

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Defining LGBT Read

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The religious contradiction on homosexuality has got me confused and I want answers. Read

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his tumblr was: Read
I have struggled myself with making a long term relationship successful, so I decided to write a more personal anecdotal points of view. Read
I'm going to discuss three social movements: gay rights, marriage, and adoption, how they developed in American culture and what changes have happened as a result. I will also discuss international law on gay right and show how the spread of Western capitalistic values that are labeled “liberal” in nature… Read

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Doug never realised their was something different about him he tried to tell his father Warren but warren was so mixed up in the meth scene. Doug had no friends he was lonely and had nowhere to turn so he began to write his feelings down of what it was… Read
Well this was definately not the way I thought about tell dad I was gay, but that's the Hendrick temper for you. Read

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All gay/bi/lez people and supporters please read this. It's a very important message. Read

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.....I made this article because I feel sad for the situation of homosexuals...I think society has been too cruel on them...And I know that I can afford to give them some acceptance & understanding...even if I am just one person....Even straight people find it so hard to keep themselves from… Read

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My yearn to be a pastor that got destroyed. Read

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Somthing that pulls on my heartstrings. Read