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How to be LBGT+ in a straight world, one bisexual agendered persons story and guidance for the ones who are lost and confused. Not going to tell you how to be gay, just show you the road that most of us take Read More

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A response to my moment of weakness poem; A Life Belonging to Them. Read More

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About The Parliament House. Read More

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We won’t coerce you to accept us, but there is one thing we need the most and imply to reality and this is "RESPECT” Read More

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What gay pride is and isn't Read More

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This is an essay that I am sharing that I wrote for a college level english course about a problem in today's america. Read More
A short opinion essay on why I think gay marriage should not only be legal but accepted by people. Read More

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A bit of late night writing, so I may need to edit in the future, but it's basically just analogy. Read More
This is an essay on the topic of gay marriage and why every state should be making it legal. Read More

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Why gays and lesbians should be treated equally under the law. Read More
An argument against the Sochi 2014 boycott. Read More

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This girl i can tell i already want to marry here when i get home from basic! Read More

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An essay about being labelled as "too". Read More

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Samuel Carrillo has always been the popular amongst the school, while Julian Malone has just stood back with his friend Arin. While actually talking to Samuel at school, does it seem he has taken an interest in the boy? Read More
This is a short expose, substance limited due to word count constraints for a publication, about how I came to terms with being gay -- or rather, how everyone else found out. Read More

Essay / Gay and Lesbian

January 22, 2013

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my essay for English, i wish Barack Obama, can see my essay. Read More

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When gay people don't come out of the closet, everybody loses. Read More