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For as long as she could remember Rachel had been in a hospital with a mysterious illness. She befriends a new patient from the hospital and things take an unexpected turn. Rachel must now escape from the hospital. She has reasons to fear for her life. Her illness is a… Read More

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this is a story i am posting here for feedback from friends. this is actually only the first draft, which is why it is like that. Read More

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I wrote this small piece out of raw emotion. I didn't even realize I had written this until I looked back at what I had saved in my 'writing' folder. I hope that you all enjoy what I wrote. Thank you for reading my piece. Read More

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"Accepting LGBT" as you can guess is about the LGBT community being accepted in the world. The hole population has already come a long way, we all have the same rights, same sex mariage is now legal in many place... but there is still lots of progress to be made.… Read More

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Danny Leaks messed with the wrong person. Read More

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"Social rights" is about homosexual's rights not in the law but in our social lives. The fight between homosexuals and heterosexuals has been going on for many many years. Alot has changed and progress has been made, but there is still a fight socially, it is still not considered normal.… Read More

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Some musings on the first time I met the love of my life (so far) and how we have progressed. May post more if people enjoy. Read More

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"Hidden haters" is about homosexual relationships and the fact that there are still many people against those relatonships today. It isn't obvious to people when they aren't in a relationship but once you get involved with a person of the same gender it becomes obvious that it is still a… Read More
Working through my recent breakup. Random thoughts. Just keeping track of things in hopes of letting go completely and moving on to this new phase in life. Read More

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How does one explain life and love? A difficult topic to broach and two words that seemingly impossible to explain. Ryan knows the pain of life but he also discovers the joys that come with it. (Warning this is 2 pages long, short sweet and to the point.) Read More
An intimate moment between two lovers, Kenneth and Islay. Ship name: Kay. Read More

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The Curse of A Memory Untold - Trainee Perfect "Couldn't this be a secret you've been keeping?,", one of the trainees,Sandy,asked.I shook my head,and waved my hand.The storm came almost intensively,making the whole place shake a little bit.My dark blue eyes gave a cold stare to her. "Now,if you ask… Read More
Love letter. Changing names in it so everyone is comfortable. Read More

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Just a short song almost poem, just my vent for my undying love for a girl Read More

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I just...dont really know what I'm going to do, and it really really hurts sometimes, like I really wish that I could cry though of course that will just make my head hurt, or maybe just stop thinking about you so then I would be a better friend Read More

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raw material from a story i am writing, about how i overcame myself and coming out. Only a preview of my story but it needs to be told and maybe it can save people lives Read More

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I don't know if I've mentioned, but I'm a lesbian. I have a crush just like anyone who's straight. I write about her a lot. Sometimes to her, but it ends up being too deep to read to her. Maybe you will like it. Read More

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Just a Random thought about love. Read More
Merlin and the Dwarfs visits the white palace which a kingdom of gay men. The dwarfs are surprised baffled, and enticed by a different world of gay heaven. Read More

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There really should be no discrimination. No matter your sexual orientetion, we are all the same. Read More

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I wrote this to my lover when after we first met. Read More

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The love of my life. Read More

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If your parents would speak to me, this is what I would tell them... Read More

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Suprise yuri inside. Read More


A sneak preview of my 1st horror/fantasy/yaoi saga, Blood play! Enjoy! Read More

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How it feels Read More

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LOLS Read More

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Just my life at the moment, and still loving you Read More
A work in progress, not finished. Losing his lover to a hate crime, a gay teen, has to fight himself to stay sane and alive. Mean while battling high school drama and his crazy sister he feels like he is losing himself to the darkness that now plagues him. Read More
You will know what you begin to read. Just don't stop! And sorry for spelling errors. Read More
Marriage is basically what how I picture my life after marriage. This story will probably change a lot since I am young, but so far this is how I picture it. Read More

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This is my first attempt at anything like this so any critique would be good! It is about my amazing girlfriend Julia Read More