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To Fall is to Fly features a collection of Brighton's best work from over the past three years. Embark on a poetic journey through pain, passion, and power. Now available on Amazon! Read More

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A boy, frequently bullied because of his sexual orientation, is helped by a coven of witches, and the ghost of Amanda, who has been living in Attinger Park since her last human interaction which was described in the story, “Heart of a Ghost.” He finds courage, something more of his… Read

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Young man feels the pressure of following his father’s footsteps. Exploration of father-son relationship. Read

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Freddy has it all figured out. He's starting his senior year, applying to college, spending time with his best friends, and eating too much ice cream. But everything takes an unexpected twist when he catches the school bully vandalizing a statue of the town's founder. Read

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Karoline Xavier is stuck in a rut. Her job is draining, her relationship with her boyfriend has lost its spark, and she feels like she's always on the outside looking in. After a particularly rough day, Kerry is visited in her slumber by a Dreamhopper, a being beyond her understanding… Read
-------------------------------- BEAUTIFUL and CUTE, BLIND TEENAGE BOYS in LOVE ! ---- TEENAGE AUTISTIC BOY's WARM, SENSUAL KISSES and ROMANCE ! ---------------- GAVIN and HIS INNOCENT, AUTISTIC BLIND FRIEND, ETHAN ! -------------- ''I LOVE YOU With All My Heart, Bro !'' ---------------- ''Please don't EVER leave me, GAVIN !'' ------------ (LUSTFUL… Read

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Short lesbian love confession story about two women who are both looking for love without knowing what they really want to find. Priya has been in love with her friend Rose for seven years. What will happen when she finally admits her feelings? (Short story, two parts only) Read

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

August 04, 2022

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A very authentic story of my internal monologue. Read
---------------------+ ''GAVIN AND HIS INNOCENT, CUTE BLIND FRIEND, HUNTER ! '' ------------------- Lovely and Cute Teenage Boys in Love ! ---------------------------- ''I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, BRO ! '' ----------------- Sweet, Gorgeous and Very Cute Teenage Love Story ! ------------------- (''I Love you With All My Heart! --- I'LL NEVER… Read

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Un treno, un molfettese e un torinese. No non è l'inizio di una barzelletta ma uno spicchio di vita. Read
After a night out at Stone Creek nightclub, Nikki spends Saturday with Samantha to get to know each other while her friends go to the lake and hang out. Nikki and Samantha go to the lake after being at Crossroads. Beth has a talk with Nikki about what has been… Read

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Returning home years after leaving a young man attempts to make peace with his father. Read

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""Giornata scarsa oggi" disse l'albino mentre si accendeva la sua classica sigaretta del post lavoro " Read

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Story of love never ends, but so does the story of discrimination and violence…. Read

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a feeling of despair reaches both of the girls. they knew this was their last moment to lay all of the cards on the table. it was now or never. no words were exchanged but they knew exactly what they were thinking. Read
A bull dyke tricks my wife into allow her to seek pleasure with her perfect little feet Read

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my first book so don't expect to much. this story is about a lesbian demigirl who has a crush on her best friend. She has to have a video chat with her friend while not letting her know she likes her. Read

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"I love you Jae-Sang." These were the last words ever spoken by my darling flower boy. Fresh from high school and ambitious to take the world head first. Ahn Jae-Sang is nineteen years and ready to become an adult. He was a sheltered boy who grew up with a silver… Read

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Willow goes to the library every Wednesday. One day, someone catches her eye. Read
Theo decides to move out to live on his own, and for a change of scenery. Who will he run into, and what will he learn? Read

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A beautiful male prostitute from medieval times gets sold to Lucifer Rayne; Satan's illegitimate child. Phineas Ryder is promised a better life if he stays by Lucifer's side looking pretty for the public and spreads his legs on Lucifer's bed for his devilish pleasure. Read
----------- ''GAVIN and CALEB: I Love You So Much, Bro ! '' -----------------------+ (Chocolate Pink Love and SECRETS !) ---------+ Read

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

November 08, 2021

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How will two student friends influence each other in their pursuit of pleasure? Read

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Short lesbian erotica story. Read
-------- GAVIN and HUNTER ! ----------- ''The Secret Underground BASEMENT TOWN of 'LEAF' ! '' ------------ (UNDERGROUND ROLLERCOASTER ! --------- Down to the BASEMENT #X87 ?) -------- Video game and Underground Theme Park ! Read

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Marcia DeMaine is a busy, dominant, city lawyer. She's hiring a second in command but her hunt is not going well. Will the final candidate of the day be a wash out like the first or will she be surprised by fate? Carrie is an experienced manager who is intimidated… Read
-------- NOAH and his blind friend, ETHAN ! ------ (''I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BRO ! '' ) ------- '' Cute and Innocent friendship ! '' Read

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Aliyah has had a bad day. She's just been rejected from yet another exhibition, and her parents are on her again, telling her to just give up on being an artist and get a regular job. At this point, she's thinking of obliging them. When a stranger offers to share… Read
Summary: She expected a dull evening party, but ended up instead having the most romantic night of her life and wanted more. (c) Lou Guyan 2021 Read
------------ { KASEY and CALEB'S PINK SECRET ! } - Creamy, Rich and Healthy ! ----------- (CUTE PINK Smoothie and Chocolate Soap !) ------- ''KASEY and CALEB are ADORABLE ! '' Read

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she looked around the room once more and thought: "oh, what a vomiting-pink..." Read
------ { ''LOGAN and ZACH: Friendship of Love ! --+ LGBTQ+ STORY ! __________________________ { + HAPPY PRIDE MONTH ! + } _________________________________________{ + CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH RED ICING: Logan and Zach ! } ---- '' I Love You, Bro ! '' + Read
Lipsyncing for her life takes on a new meaning when Drag Queen, Izzy Lovely is rudely interrupted by ravenous aliens. Trading center stage for diva rage, Izzy and her squirrel friends rally together to sashay-slay these aliens away. Read
Jerry just never felt right. That is, until he stumbled upon a certain video, which opened up an intoxicating world. Jerry tries to find his footing in that world, but soon learns that certain sacrifices will be required. Read
----- FOLLOW ME ! ----______+______ { ''DANGER! ------- BEWARE of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND VIDEO-TAPE #XXX ! '' } ------------ RUN ! ------- They're Coming for You ! --------------- ''Underground Basement FURNACE and FACTORY ! '' ---- ( ''BEWARE of THE XXXX FURNACE-GENTLEMAN ! '') ----_____+_____ { Follow the Bizarre ''GRANDPA''… Read
-----+ ''ETHAN and LOGAN ! ''--------++ CUTE FRIENDSHIP of LOVE ! -------- (Alternate Title: ''ETHAN and LOGAN: BEST BRO'S ! ) ------ '' I LOVE YOU, BRO ! '' Read
I'm a boy!.. right? Let me share some one-sided memories. Read