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As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka's mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who… Read More

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"This is a great opening! Right off the bat, you introduce a cocky, flawed character that shows a lot of potential. Despite him being a bit of an..." Read More

----------- ''GAVIN and CALEB: I Love You So Much, Bro ! '' -----------------------+ (Chocolate Pink Love and SECRETS !) ---------+ Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

November 08, 2021

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How will two student friends influence each other in their pursuit of pleasure? Read More

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Short lesbian erotica story. Read More
-------- GAVIN and HUNTER ! ----------- ''The Secret Underground BASEMENT TOWN of 'LEAF' ! '' ------------ (UNDERGROUND ROLLERCOASTER ! --------- Down to the BASEMENT #X87 ?) -------- Video game and Underground Theme Park ! Read More

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Marcia DeMaine is a busy, dominant, city lawyer. She's hiring a second in command but her hunt is not going well. Will the final candidate of the day be a wash out like the first or will she be surprised by fate? Carrie is an experienced manager who is intimidated… Read More
-------- NOAH and his blind friend, ETHAN ! ------ (''I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BRO ! '' ) ------- '' Cute and Innocent friendship ! '' Read More

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Aliyah has had a bad day. She's just been rejected from yet another exhibition, and her parents are on her again, telling her to just give up on being an artist and get a regular job. At this point, she's thinking of obliging them. When a stranger offers to share… Read More
Summary: She expected a dull evening party, but ended up instead having the most romantic night of her life and wanted more. (c) Lou Guyan 2021 Read More

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Rose works as a barista by day at a local coffee shop in St. Louis. She's personable and easy to talk to, if a little soft spoken. Peter works as a martial arts instructor at a local dojang. He's energetic and outgoing with a booming voice. Jude and Logan come… Read More

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she looked around the room once more and thought: "oh, what a vomiting-pink..." Read More
------ { ''LOGAN and ZACH: Friendship of Love ! --+ LGBTQ+ STORY ! __________________________ { + HAPPY PRIDE MONTH ! + } _________________________________________{ + CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH RED ICING: Logan and Zach ! } ---- '' I Love You, Bro ! '' + Read More
Lipsyncing for her life takes on a new meaning when Drag Queen, Izzy Lovely is rudely interrupted by ravenous aliens. Trading center stage for diva rage, Izzy and her squirrel friends rally together to sashay-slay these aliens away. Read More
Jerry just never felt right. That is, until he stumbled upon a certain video, which opened up an intoxicating world. Jerry tries to find his footing in that world, but soon learns that certain sacrifices will be required. Read More
----- FOLLOW ME ! ----______+______ { ''DANGER! ------- BEWARE of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND VIDEO-TAPE #XXX ! '' } ------------ RUN ! ------- They're Coming for You ! --------------- ''Underground Basement FURNACE and FACTORY ! '' ---- ( ''BEWARE of THE XXXX FURNACE-GENTLEMAN ! '') ----_____+_____ { Follow the Bizarre ''GRANDPA''… Read More
-----+ ''ETHAN and LOGAN ! ''--------++ CUTE FRIENDSHIP of LOVE ! -------- (Alternate Title: ''ETHAN and LOGAN: BEST BRO'S ! ) ------ '' I LOVE YOU, BRO ! '' Read More
I'm a boy!.. right? Let me share some one-sided memories. Read More
--------------''ADORABLE ETHAN: CUTE and INNOCENT ! '' ----- Ethan and Jacob ! ----------- ETHAN'S INNOCENCE: Based on a True Story ! - Read More
King Patrick loves his wife. He's also falling in love with his hot new male Companion. But a murder plot threatens their happiness and the security of their entire kingdom. Read More
This is the story about Carl confronting and expressing the anger he has towards his ex-boyfriend Sean for the demise in their relationship. Read More

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After a suicide attempt, a young gay man moves in with his aunt and tries to put his life back together. CW: self-harm, suicidal ideation Read More

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The Battle of Issus (Essos) took place in Persia during the reign of Darius III. After his defeat, Darius fled, leaving his family as captives to Alexander The Great. The morning after, Sisygambis, Darius' mother, has an interesting exchange with the king and his general. Alexander's words to the queen… Read More

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Change is hard but we should respect those that are willing to make that change. Read More

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After going to a party, I met a guy who showed me a new lifestyle that I never experienced. He introduced me to BDSM, and I learned a lot. Read More

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I kinda hate Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I’m not some anti-Santa flower-puss. It's just... Since the accident, it's hard to get happy. [Matt's POV. Grazing the Sky spin-off. Knowledge of Grazing the Sky optional but recommended.] Read More

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Alex falls in love with her English teacher. Miss Mitchell. To vent her feelings Alex followed her best friends advice and writes a letter to the teacher, meaning to throw it away. Instead she accidentally gives the letter, to Miss Mitchell herself. Read More
he's fought and won against lui shirosagi, phi and hyde, and even the former world champion valt aoi and his best friend shu kurenai! but can he fight against his feelings? Read More
He's fought and won against Lui Shirosagi, Phi and Hyde, and even the former world champion Valt Aoi and his best friend Shu Kurenai! But can he fight against his feelings? Read More

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He's fought and won against Lui Shirosagi, Phi and Hyde, and even the former world champion Valt Aoi and his best friend Shu Kurenai! But can he fight against his feelings? Read More

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A man professing to be holy rapes a lesbian in God's name to cleanse the sin of homosexuality. At the police station she exposes him for deranged faker. Read More
A lesbian couple has a man contribute sperm via fertility clinic to impregnate one. Little does one side of the couple know her partner is pregnant for him as well. WORDS – 1,750 Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

September 25, 2020

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This is a very short story about a girl who fell in love. I'm just starting out so please give this a chance pleaseeee. And give feedback if you can, thanks. Read More

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Jonelle satisfies an ache in Suzanne, both for intimate friendship and sex. More to this story might come. Please make sure to comment and like if you enjoy it! Read More
Shweta and Ragini are very good friends who had been staying together in the latter's home. Ragini falls in love with a colleague of hers, named Sachin. They get married after some months. As Shweta has been left alone with Ragini's mother, she feels out of place and, therefore, decides… Read More

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This is for the Review Chain contest. Read More

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Where did I go wrong? All I wanted was to beloved. Read More

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Two best friends go on a camping trip to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of them (Megan) when it gets a bit awkward then sexual. Read More

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Why? Read More

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Ragini and Sweta work in the same MNC. They have a lesbian relationship that they don't want to give up at any cost. Suddenly, Sachin appears in the life of Ragini. They both develop a special relationship, sharing a bed as often as they can. Sweta doesn't have an objection… Read More