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This is a short piece of what love feels like when it's taken away from you before you had the chance to enjoy it. Read More

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Artists, from different latitudes, travel and settle on Bangkok as the exact latitude to reap experiences, to meet people or to willy nilly prepare for a change or changes. This gigantic shack of multicultural visitors and in all walks of life unrolls an ample history in which many an artist… Read More
MATURE CONTENT WARNING: 21+ ONLY. READ DISCRETION ADVISED. THIS CONTENT IS ONLY FOR ADULTS. THIS IS AN ADULT PARANORMAL GAY HORROR. Vaxx and Eli are lovers whom must stay hidden from the village of Mascon. Yet when they venture too far into the haunted woods they find themselves in a… Read More
Aniello Adelberg is an eighteen year old Italian Jewish immigrant living in Bavaria, Germany. He is involved in a train crash, after his family are captured and sent to Dachau work camp. Finding refugee in a nearby barn, he realizes he isn't alone. Read More
Helping my friend get gayer backfires ... Read More
The sequel to Dandelion. It follows the life of Charles Jefferson after his high school crush moves away. Read More

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A gay man's upbringing transmogrifies into denial, insanity, and violence. Read More

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Natasha falls in love...but natashas mum is not up to her love and so she starts drinking and soon becomes abusive one day natasha has enough and stands up to for herself... Read More
The story I submitted when I won the jack London short story writing contest. Read More

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A story about a couple's abusive relationship and how it escalated into something completely different. Read More
Tension awaits. Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

March 26, 2017

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She was sitting there. Stunning, beautiful, mysterious. My glass of fruit juice and I are observing her. And everything starts. Read More

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Vodka poured down like the river, a violent spree began, debauchery came and started to reign and rule unchallenged and shameless. Read More

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"You...fuckin' tease...stop...n-no more...," A soft murmur of explicit, distant phrases heard through a thick sheet - or blanket, rather - of pure darkness. Though the room was pitch black, a pair of electric, glassed over blue eyes stared up. A sensation of pain locked into the male's eyes, but the… Read More

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As the days pass, he still can't forget him, he felt as the world faded slowly from his reach once that one person left him all alone in the dark. What a cruel world was to his eyes. He only wanted to see the person he loved again, and this… Read More
A woman away from home is offered an encounter too good to miss Read More
The story of Charles Jefferson and his high school crush. Read More