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Twiggy and Shrubs discover their strength is greater together; as opposed to the tree people elders, the Special Branch. When the bark beetles attack their tree, it is the young seedlings who save the day. Sequel: INCOMING GIANTS Read More
there's one crucial step you might be missing in your sun-protection routine: breakfast! everyone knows to use sunscreen to block the sun's uv rays. Read More

Poem / Health and Fitness

November 02, 2021

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Our daily diet - a secret recipe Read More

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An uplifting healing journey of a breast cancer survivor ... Read More
Don’t blame anybody anyone anything for your early death. You are only the responsible person to get close to it because you are speeding. Read More

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This short story is for Archia’s new contest. Please enjoy and read responsibly. Read More

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Jogging or running is a popular form of physical activity. About one in five Australians try running (or jogging) at some stage in their life. Running is an appealing exercise because it doesn't cost a lot to take part and you can run at any time that suits you. Some… Read More
In this book, Dr. Greger draws to the importance of understanding the digits associated with weight loss before one can decide to embark on the weight loss journey. He asks the critical question such as “What it means to be overweight?” Overweight people have too much body fat, but obese… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Health and Fitness

May 11, 2021

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Maybe my prediction will be proven correct Read More
In my nursing program, we were tasked with creating a teaching plan for patients to share with our groups. I chose to cover fire safety for autistic adolescents and their families. I hope this can be helpful to someone. Thank you for reading. Read More
Online therapy is a recent phenomenon. Those who want an immediate response from the therapist prefer online therapy. Online therapy can serve as a bridge to overcome these barriers for those who may be deaf, ill, live in remote areas with few resources, fear "stigma" or cannot access traditional mental… Read More
Luckily it is possible to resort to different natural elements present on the market under different forms, available in herbal medicine and able to promote good rest, which allow us to sleep peacefully without having the collateral effect of stun. Read More

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A Preventable near death experience when a doctor doesn't listen. Be sure to get an experienced MD for your healthcare needs is all im gonna say... Read More

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About the stigma around mental health. Read More

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a simplified concept in dealing with struggles and find resilience Read More
A basic guide for anybody seeking ethically acceptable, safe, and perfectly legal genetic procedures in current health care. Written by a professional physician (MD, PhD) working in the field of reproductive medicine and genetics. The book explains how adults can care about their genetic health and slow-down ageing - with… Read More
A look at Covid-19's effect on our mental health. Read More

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This is a fictional short story exploring the effect of negative ions in the air on our feelings of well being. Read More

Poem / Health and Fitness

September 20, 2020

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Accidentally achieved personal well-being. Read More

Poem / Health and Fitness

September 12, 2020

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A tribute to bananas Read More

Reads: 243 July 12, 2020 Read More

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Depression makes rich a vagrant; star a wanderer and a soul, lifeless. Open up to overcome this obstacle. Read More

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An honest, funny account of my experience with a menstrual cup. Read More

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Not here with statistics or numbers, I just write what I feel is my opinion completely. Read More
My confession about how opening up about self,changed my life. Read More

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How was your day? Here's how I end mine. Read More
Tired of feeling depressed? Angry? Or just plain stuck? If you’ve lost your joy and feel like you're treading water with no real direction or purpose, you're stranded somewhere within the stages of change and don't recognize it! Based on the original five stages of grief, the cycle of change… Read More

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Why volunteering is good for your body and mind Read More

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Working through painful back strain Read More