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For as long as she could remember Rachel had been in a hospital with a mysterious illness. She befriends a new patient from the hospital and things take an unexpected turn. Rachel must now escape from the hospital. She has reasons to fear for her life. Her illness is a… Read More

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July 20, 2020

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Depression makes rich a vagrant; star a wanderer and a soul, lifeless. Open up to overcome this obstacle. Read More

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An honest, funny account of my experience with a menstrual cup. Read More

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Not here with statistics or numbers, I just write what I feel is my opinion completely. Read More

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As the autumn leaves sweep the eves of an old house, an old woman lies quietly in the shadows, neglected for perhaps a few days too long. Death creeps upon us. Read More
My confession about how opening up about self,changed my life. Read More

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How was your day? Here's how I end mine. Read More
Tired of feeling depressed? Angry? Or just plain stuck? If you’ve lost your joy and feel like you're treading water with no real direction or purpose, you're stranded somewhere within the stages of change and don't recognize it! Based on the original five stages of grief, the cycle of change… Read More
Why volunteering is good for your body and mind Read More

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Working through painful back strain Read More


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This poem is about the stress of school and conflicting decisions from the outside world. This is about breaking down and letting yourself down. Read More
this poen is to conscientise people about the disease corona virus. Read More
When 4 girls go on a trip to Paris, they are not prepared to hear that COVID-19 has made all travel from Europe to America closed and they are stuck in Europe! Help them out on this wild ride of trying to find a job, stay healthy, and find out… Read More

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More 5 minute poetry Read More
Appreciating what you have at home during the COVID 19 crisis Read More

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Sybil is suffering from headaches. She used to take Tylenol to deal with it. However, this time around, after pregnancy and meditation practice, she has a quite different approach. Read More

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O God your children are dying Coronavirus is here Your love and mercy is what we need The virus is real A deadly disease with beautiful name It is also called covi-19 Taking over the entire world It can be prevented by practicing personal hygiene Preventing it is the best… Read More

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Corona virus tragedy and hope for survival Indeed, the Corona virus (Covid-19) is a sudden plague, which has become a thorn in many countries of the world. When the virus began to circulate in the State of China, many countries of the world thought it was far from contracting the… Read More
Professional failure to address Corona just in time (JIT) Read More

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Well the impossible has happened... a wee isolated town has Corona. My mum has been in contact with the infected. Read More
The coronavirus out of China has already spread across the globe. Like any virus, precaution is a necessity as no one can know how deadly this strain of the flu might be. Read More
Positive thinking can be described as a mental and emotional attitude of expecting good and favorable results and not getting discouraged when plans do not progress as expected. It is an attitude of focusing on the good and positive in a situation. Read More

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I don't even know. Read More
I'm in the ninth grade. My latest assignment for my English Honor's class was to write an argumentative essay concerning a critical issue that teens and young adults are facing. I chose to write about anorexia and how it is depicted through photos and video and the impact which that… Read More
A quick blurb scraping the surface of the cath lab. Not related to the corona virus..... Read More
This is popular article about the proper way to get old, which includes: introduction, concrete chapters about the right look at the medicine & moderation, the dangers of fast transitional periods (to the old age), cares about the body & its organs (based on personal experiences), then about the brain,… Read More

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When you meet an injured out! Read More
When you feel you have been emotionally smashed into a million pieces, you are in a destruction cycle in your life. Destruction cycles happen to us when we have reached a critical time for change and it is time to recreate ourselves. This book is specifically for this purpose. It… Read More

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January 23, 2020

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A YouTube group known as The Muilty Heads, is a happy, loveable well know respected group on YouTube. Like everyone, they all have demons, They travel the world together fighting their demons, everyone fighting their demons and winning! Read More
this is about having to apply yourself to find your calling in life. Read More

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"Dany and his Friends" is a short story written by a high schooler (Me) addressing the growing issue of Mental Illness. What it says about the topic is up for debate and the reader to decide. P.S.: Almost every sentence is meant to be read in an investigative light because… Read More

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The benefits of eating seafood Read More

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Sharing my experiences of having Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS Read More
Robusta coffee contains more caffeine. Caffeine can keep you awake and active. How does this work? It blocks adenosine. Adenosine is the body's natural sleep-inducing agent. Blocking it prevents sleep. Read More