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Whenever I take time to look my personal best, confidence begins to take hold of me. I am bolder, which affects my self-image positively to the point where I don’t need to consistently alter my image to feel good. Read More
This paper will explore two forms of family therapy: Family-Centered Therapy (Person-Centered Therapy, or Rogerian Therapy) and Gestalt Family Therapy. It will describe the philosophy and goals of the therapies, typical interventions, role of the therapist, and beliefs about family outcomes. It will compare and contrast the two psychotherapeutic models… Read More

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main advantages of eating beef (information supplied by dr. sambit patra of darbanga institute of medical sciences) 1. eating beef helps prevent iron deficiency anemia 2. beef provides a large source of l-carnitine 3. beef improves your iq and makes it almost as good as the international average. 4. beef… Read More


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As a former Chef and Baker I have found that for me, personally the culinary world with it's endless ingredients and recipes is daunting and at times overwhelming. But I mean this in a positive way as enthusiasm for something with no limits on skill and creativity whatsoever. This is… Read More

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An article about society in this generation. What needs to be said. What needs to be changed. I want to thank anyone that reads this as I feel it is an important topic. I'll only ask for a few minutes of your time. Read More

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DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid is a complex chemical structure that is unique and different for each organism. Every cell in our body contains a complete set of DNA. It can be located in our hair, our blood, skin and bones. DNA is the basic building block. While a complete set of… Read More

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a heart attack or myocardial infarction (mi) is a permanent damage to the heart muscles which occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked.” myo” refers to muscle, “cardinal” refers to the heart, and “infarction” means the death of tissue due to the sudden lack of blood supply. Read More
Here's some advice to my suicidal friends, family, classmates, teachers, co-workers, and everyone else. NOTES: This will NOT work for everybody, these are simple things used in therapy that help support depressed and suicidal patients, and things that helped me overcome my suicidal thoughts while I was being bullied, and… Read More

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Reading this article will help you find out top effective treatments for strengthening your knees. Read More