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Holistic lifestyle changes can greatly improve your ADHD symptoms and quality of life. Learning to channel your energy and focus; you may also find that some of your ADHD traits can be reframed to become your superpower; like boundless energy for sports, humor and inspired creativity for artistic endeavors. In… Read
Sickle cell disease is causing tremendous pains to families in Africa particularly in Swahili speaking region thus my need to write this Swahili version to educate, inform and help solve the problem in the region. Read

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This eBook is perfect for those who are learning to cook, who want to eat healthy, and who are learning to live on their own. Basically, it's perfect for everyone!!! We start with common cooking abbreviations, measurements, and equivalencies in the kitchen. We move on to topics like fats, sugars,… Read

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Introduction. Every people of this world. Be they either the English, Roman, French, Russian, American, Chinese or the German do indulge in one great evil. Evil of reading age of a child. The child matures and advances in age to the knowledge of a People. It'll so, not make a… Read
Mentalism is an art in which people appear to have supernatural mental abilities, or truly possess supernatural powers such as telepathy. It is known as the most powerful type of magic. The performer (usually known as mentalist) creates its impact by moving objects without touching it, levitate, predict the future,… Read
In this book, Dr. Greger draws to the importance of understanding the digits associated with weight loss before one can decide to embark on the weight loss journey. He asks the critical question such as “What it means to be overweight?” Overweight people have too much body fat, but obese… Read

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May 11, 2021

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a simplified concept in dealing with struggles and find resilience Read
A basic guide for anybody seeking ethically acceptable, safe, and perfectly legal genetic procedures in current health care. Written by a professional physician (MD, PhD) working in the field of reproductive medicine and genetics. The book explains how adults can care about their genetic health and slow-down ageing - with… Read
Tired of feeling depressed? Angry? Or just plain stuck? If you’ve lost your joy and feel like you're treading water with no real direction or purpose, you're stranded somewhere within the stages of change and don't recognize it! Based on the original five stages of grief, the cycle of change… Read
When you feel you have been emotionally smashed into a million pieces, you are in a destruction cycle in your life. Destruction cycles happen to us when we have reached a critical time for change and it is time to recreate ourselves. This book is specifically for this purpose. It… Read

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January 23, 2020

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A YouTube group known as The Muilty Heads, is a happy, loveable well know respected group on YouTube. Like everyone, they all have demons, They travel the world together fighting their demons, everyone fighting their demons and winning! Read
Gross Production and Evolution is an annual series intended as an AP Biology primer for high school seniors.It entails an entire ecological study of a connected lake and bay estuary system during and after 2018. his was a time of drought in the Northeast U.S.A. A recreational fishing study was… Read
This is a workbook based on Occupational standards in a convenient layout. It contains rich imagery of Japan and its landscape in healing arts. It also shows the heritage of the tradition from China. It is a practical guide for therapists with workplace standards, SOAP and massage ethics. Read
This book is a sequel to the authors title Sports massage. In Spa therapies framework. It is a technical documentary on advanced management of manual massage, stretch, resistance, exercise and assessment. It manages comprehensive plan of care with consideration to aspects of embryonic body somatotype, that faciltates optimum recovery. It… Read
This book has been listed in the Laser Annals of 2016. This is the Second edition of a popular practical book onLow Level Laser Therapy dedicated to a technical skills development frameworkfor all practitioners of medicine, sports, spas and cam. It releases newaspects of photo medicine in its support to… Read
This is the story of one woman's journey through being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, choosing to leave an unhealthy and tumultuous marriage, having to move back home, and finding ways to heal naturally and regain her life and wholeness. The tools and techniques described in this book are things the… Read

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May 08, 2018

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Virus Read
‘Mindfulness maze: miracles of the mind’, where science and spirituality meet, can help you with just about every relationship in your life, from work, to your soulmate and especially your relationship with yourself. A methodology is presented that research shows has stopped relapse for those who suffer from depression. Are… Read

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What do you think when you hear the term OCD being said? Let me guess, you think straight away it's someone who is a clean freak, wrong!, well mostly you're wrong if you thought that, ocd goes far beyond being overly clean, I'd know cause i have quite severe ocd… Read

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Plastic-pediatric surgeon in the master of smile train of the cleft children, and he is responsible for improving the style of their life to be simulating their normal colleagues. So, to be a good plastic-pediatric surgeon and to carve a niche for yourself in the plastic-pediatric surgery, you should prepare… Read
The steam bath, or as they call it in Russia, banya, is an important element of the life for fine Russian fellows. After thinking of what can be a subject for my writing about Russian life I decided that just the banya is the one, and my stories can be… Read

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A journey of mental health, recovery, and back again. Read

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A trilogy and true life story of medical torture for profit. Patient profiling, based on the true life story that will leave you inspired when faced with life Health issues. Read

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January 12, 2017

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"Instead of making dieting your new year’s resolution every year, get the book, to use as a support system to make better choices to get the weight off and keeping it off Read

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A guide to being happy. Read
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Stefan is a boy that spends most of his time eating food and playing video games in his room, portraying the secluded lifestyle to the absolute max. Raised by a single mother, the naive boy soon comes to realize he can not hide from the world. At school he is… Read

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Shelves: 1 I started writing this self help book a few years ago in the midst of me being stuck in my feelings from the death of my grandmother, both my parents being ill and one of them deciding to leave the country permanantly and my divorce all happening in the… Read

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For over eighty years the milk industry, through relentless advertising and the cooperation of our public school systems and the medical professions, has hammered a myth into the collective American psyche: that cow ' s milk is a healthy, calcium-rich food essential to building and maintaining strong bones and teeth.… Read
This book covers basic knowledge of epidemiology which can help the readers to know what epidemiology is, it describes also some epidemics, and some measures of disease frequency. It comes also on tropical diseases which are diseases found in tropical and subtropical parts of the world; here the readers will… Read

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October 27, 2015

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trumpet just is information reserves' it is possible that you're frightened I'm your daddy never cursed or your father are similar to siblings seekers you must be watchful when you curse in light of the fact that Read

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October 23, 2015

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Home made beauty tips .get gorgious your face. Safe your beauty with these tips. Read

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Frases de vida: Capacidad de los seres vivos para desarrollarse, ... En dos palabras puedo resumir cuanto he aprendido acerca de la vida: sigue adelante. Read

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July 23, 2014

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This is book about various mental disorders and the current therapies used to treat the symptoms. It is for informational purposes and do not attempt to be a treatment in itself. Read

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Dr. Brown explains how being a “people pleaser” is actually a symptom of a much deeper inner-conflict...the inability to say “No”. Dr. Anne Brown has released “Backbone Power - The Science of Saying No”. This easy to understand book tackles the question of whether being a “people pleaser” is a… Read

Book / Health and Fitness

January 31, 2014

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"A prophetical (Divine) medicine appears in its new scientific perspective" Read
New advances in medical science and the unraveling of the human genome are providing us great insights to our health and the aging process. We can now significantly increase our healthy longevity and live long enough to take advantages of the even newer technologies being developed. The overall deterioration of… Read