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About the disease tuberculosis. Read More

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About the disease tuberculosis. Read More

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A discussion about options which may aid those who experience Depression... Read More

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A piece explaining, informing and guiding you through your own path of peace and self love and appreciation. One shouldn't discover who they are, but who they want to be. Read More

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This is an essay I wrote for my Psychology class in 2017. Read More
This essay in about ageing ( I am 81) in a positive manner Read More

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Do neanderthal genes make us more prone to cancer, diabetes, cellulite? the question has been answered.Read to learn more! please read and comment what you think how was the writing and how can I improve it ?? all ideas are welcomed!!!! Read More
I cried and said yes it should be abolished from Adekoya Adetunji Read More


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the research describes the heritage assessment. Read More

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About how power is distributed. Read More

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A short essay on the impact of plastic bags on water usage. Read More
This is an essay about the way the media portrays body image and how it needs to change. Read More

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Its an essay I had to write for class on abortion and the effects just want some comment and thoughts. Read More
An open letter written by Caitlin Moran for every girl (and boy) struggling to find themselves. For those who are troubled, who feel like an outcast, who harm themselves to find a drop of happiness, please read this. This piece is a part of Caitlin's new book, Moranifesto. Read More
Using several sources of information from the media on a specific mental illness or on mental illness in general. I discuss depression and its many factors. The difficulty in labeling. And how does the biology of the human body of the male and female sex play an extremely important role. Read More

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About Mesothelioma Read More
This is an essay about testosterone replacement therapy and how it does not increase your chances of getting prostate cancer. I have done extensive research and listed sources to back up this claim. There seems to be much confusion with patients and doctors alike who do not understand the truth… Read More

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A persuasive essay to let people know what anxiety actually does Read More
The essay is about how the sociological environment influences the physical and mental health of individuals. Include both the physical and social environment Read More