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Are you ready to approve this request? Read More

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Try and be a decent human being, this may help. Read More
Habia un chico que se la pasaba checando sus redes sociales, platicando con sus amigos, jugando video juegos y haciendo todo lo que la gente hace con un celular. Per un dia cometio el error mas grande de su vida. Read More

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A short story about the effects on suicide on people. Read More

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The beauty and hardships of taking care of our elders. Read More
My story about entering and winning a 24 hour endurance race. Read More

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These are my stories about practicing Occupational Therapy for over 20 years. Stories about people who made a lasting memory on me for one reason or another. Read More

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Basically a day in a young by's life but I explain each biological process experienced Read More

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This is my life and how I developed an eating disorder. Please read at your own risk. Read More
A woman deals with a serious disease, a disease that started innocently enough. This is her story. Read More

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A woman lies in a coma after a bad car accident while her family keeps vigil right by her side. This is their story. Read More

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One never knows the misery tiny, seemingly harmless insects can cause until you get bitten. Read More
Growing up I was always in great physical shape.I was an active person in school. I played a lot of sports and was always doing something, like running, playing basketball, or riding my bike. After I got married and had my three kids, which I'm blessed to have. I put… Read More