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The series 'Children's War' is my new project, following the 12th SS Panzer Division HJ into this dramatic story about Edmund Stromberg, 12, telling his story. Battle of the Bulge was a major German offensive Campaign. It started in December 16, 1944 and ended in January 25, 1945. Read More

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Rudolf Kuefer is a young German man whose family was struck harshly by the first world war and he is now in the center of the second, and that will change his life and his thoughts thorughly... Read More

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Chernobyl. A careless betrayal. Follow the stories- and tragedies- of ordinary people, as the worst nuclear tragedy in the history of mankind unfolds. Read More

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June 29, 2015

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Nancy Grigg was a black slave girl born on a plantation in Barbados in the British West Indies sometime in the 1800’s. For the girl life was a series of mysteries. She had no birthday, no mother, no father, no siblings and no other relatives to speak of. Nancy is… Read More

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June 26, 2015

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Winter has frozen over the small town of Princeton, New Jersey, just in time for the revolutionary war. Virgil and Natalie Moore are two citizens of town who have a strained relationship as husband and wife. While Virgil is a hard working man who cares for the family, he is… Read More

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When one is the most respected and feared woman of all proper Society, one is used to getting her way with whatever she likes. She is not, however, used to people who do NOT fear her - or care for the Society that everyone around her is obsessed with. It… Read More

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Jack is the only child of his mother Ellen. He does not speak to strangers and has been through some hard times. he meets Tom Builder and his family, Martha and Alfred. Then he meets Aliena, the gorgeous daughter of the Earl of Shiring, but then her farther is sentenced… Read More

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Elvis is after John Lennon in New York because suspects he`s a drug dealer. One more fiction novel from Alexandre Cthulhu Read More

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June 19, 2015

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This is a Final Fantasy X timeline from Ultimania Guides that was translated by pmog on Gamefaqs. Read More

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In London, dark deeds and murder are eating through the hearts of the rich and aristocratic, instilling fear, terror and severe distrust. It's seen as a lucky day when only two people have died in suspicious circumstances by sun down. Members of the Fidelis Estate are being wiped out by… Read More
And if ELVIS PRESLEY, the king of rock, was an undercover narcotics agent? And if, in the breaks of his shows, he walked disguised through the dark sides of the cities, where he performed, fighting drug trafficking? FICTION OR REALITY? In December 1970 Elvis met with President Richard Nixon to… Read More

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May 28, 2015

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After finding Caelius abandoned on a wintry night with no memory of his past, Father Marques realizes that this young orphan boy is a much grander mystery than he could have imagined. (This story has a Christian theme, but I've purposely been a vague on certain details to cater to… Read More

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Imagine a world where the Mighty German Wehrmacht of WW2 was able to join forces with the Confederate States of America..... Read More

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Completely clean, sweet, Victorian family saga/romance. Read More

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May 09, 2015

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Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act. As if I’ve ever had a choice that didn’t involve a fight or at the very least, defending myself against some man, hell bent on destroying… Read More

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April 26, 2015

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A swashbucking story about agents of the Cardinal and how they try to work against every enemies of the Cardinal, including the famous musketeers. Read More

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April 21, 2015

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On one frosty morning a family of nine children and their parents lived in an old tacky shack for their home. They only had three rooms and two of them they used for bedrooms they used for sleeping in, and one big kitchen to sit and eat their dinners. Their… Read More
Now a captain in his own right, by offering shares in the spoils, he buys his own ship and arms her with cannon from Alnwick. Together with Charles, his cousin Rupert and 200 of the Dukes Borderers, he sets out to enrich his backers and enhance his own fortune by… Read More

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Set in the 1750’s ‘Lost to the Sea’ is the first in a series of sea stories charting the life of James Johnson; the son of a fisherman. Orphaned at twelve when his entire family are drowned, he is taken in and educated by the church. A year later, he… Read More

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April 12, 2015

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Marine Staff Sergeant John Miller fights in World War Two on the island of Iwo jima, battling for his comrades and for his life. Read More