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November 29, 2018

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In the 1920’s the car radio is very different then it was in the 2000nds like it was all controlled by knobs, and you only could listen to what was in your area, and it had a lot fewer choices of stations to listen to. The car Radio Today is… Read More
Exclusive Unique One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes Read More
Christopher Marlowe wrote Edward The Second in 1590..comprises the background information on the Elizabethan Age and the Concept of Tragedy - "Our lady's first love is not wavering; My life for thine, she will have Gaveston." Read More

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Just saying! Read More
This is a describtion of Africa as a continent being used as a pawn by superpowers Read More
Submission for Canadian History Essay competition. Read More

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Created for an assignment in my PLP class. Read More

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September 18, 2015

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talk on optical fibre Read More

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This a fact of which every Indian is unaware. Because History was not written in its true form. I dont want to prove that The Sikhs had shed their blood than any other religion or I dont want to show that they were great.But I want to make people realize… Read More

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Not many know the history of a building and the effects it took in becoming the beauty it is now. We are quick to admire, but never take time to acknowledge the history. This essay will talk about The Tenneco Building, better known as the Kinder Morgan Building and how… Read More

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April 20, 2015

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The Boston Tea Party's Newspaper Report.(BAsed on the book 'Johnny Tremain'.) Read More
The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate analysis of the modernization processes of Afghanistan under the ruling of Amanullah Khan and that of France under the ruling of King Louis XIV; applying theories to compare and understand the accomplishments and failures resulting from the attempts of reformations to… Read More