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In a world filled with sound, silence is often times a blessing Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"What an emotionally engaging, touching story! I absolutely love it how you choose to focus on such an "insignificant" episode and expand it into..." Read More

Throughout the “Middle Ages” the Catholic Church was the main form of Christianity in Europe. Because of this the Church amassed a great wealth of economic power and political control within European Nations. On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther attached his 95 Theses to the local Church in Wittenburg calling… Read More
After the Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, he and his mother “Helena” began to oversee the recovery of several important Christian sites; which included the newly discovered tomb of Christ. These discoveries led to a creation of a “Holy land”, within the city of Jerusalem, which add a new… Read More

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The Bubonic plague or “Black Death” originate in China and spread throughout Europe killing hundreds of thousands of people in its wake. It was one of the most devastating diseases in human history. The plague killed more than half of Europe’s population before it disappeared in the 14th century. The… Read More

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When we look at what's happening between we woman of the occidental and women of the oriental, there have been things that should be arranged... Read More

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This is a short letter I had to write for my History class and I was the only person in my class who could get a perfect score. I hoe you leave comments on the errors or things I need to fix. Read More

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This is another English homework. It was suppose to be a father or uncle soldier fighting at war, writing to his child or a young member of his family. I did not mention things about the trenchers as a father wouldn't want to upset his children at the time especially… Read More

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This is my homework for English. We were suppose to do a diary entry of a young boy from the UK or Poland or Bruno (a character in the book 'the boy in the striped pyjamas') The entry must have the date of 1st September 1939, when in the early… Read More

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Just read and get an idea about my country. Read More

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Paul knows something is going on at the docks. He only knows it has something to do with the ships and his brother. Read More

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This is a historical fiction short story about the war of 1812! Enjoy. Read More

Essay / Historical Fiction

November 25, 2010

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This essay is about my very own country;Cessnania! I had to write this for my NM history class and I thought I would post it! Let me know what you think, please! :) Read More

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Federation was the joining together of the colonies to form a nation the Commonwealth of Australia. As each colony was created separately and had their own government, they didn’t want to give away or lose their power and their positions. In this case, bringing all those colonies under one law… Read More

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Little Thing About town.. Read More

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This essay was written for a class assignment. We had to write an essay response to the movie "Cinderella Man" in which Russel Crowe stars as James J. Braddock. The movie takes place during the Great Depression and is in fact based on a true story. Read More
This is my twist on the tradition of Halloween. This was a story we had to do for language arts. =) Read More

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Start of the Gathering Phase. Read More

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The Cycle war. Read More

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The beging of the inter-galatic age. Read More

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This is a essay about how it was to be a shoe during the holacaust at concentration camps.It explains how they were so much more than an accesorry that we all take for grated. They were a bit of hope to hold onto for the prisoners who thought help would… Read More

Essay / Historical Fiction

October 21, 2008

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A few more things...... Read More

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this is an essay that won me tenth place Read More
This essay explores how popular culture texts reaffirm ideas expressed in high culture texts. Read More

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historical fictional essay about the conquest of Mexico by Hernan Cortes around 1500's. Read More
I am a half breed mutt mix. I read up on my ancestry and came up with the idea for this story. I am so many things, but I am also indian and so I decided to write about what happened to quite a few of them years ago. Read More

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essay on Out of Africa- by Isak Dinesen, Danish wife of an English colonial. It portrays the colonization of Africa from the viewpoint of an European who lived mostly in her own plantation during World War I. Read More

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this is the summary Read More