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This is my Christmas message. A bit late. Sorry. Read More

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"Such an entertaining tale, Adam. I could picture it in all its blood-curdling glory. Perhaps it was best to post it that bit late!" Read More

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This is a poem/short story, I based it on a child who is living on a plantation in the early 1900's and endures the harsh reality of life there and how it changes him. I made this to help me improve for when I do my GCSE's next year, so… Read More

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From my humanities work for school. It's about diary entries of a falconer during the middle ages. Read More
when 22 year old octavie murphy sets off on the titanic with her brother john, she shortly realizes her life is at risk. Read More
mary goes on the titanic for her dad's job. little does she know, it will almost cost her her life. Read More

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This was my 8th grade Social Studies homework. Read More
Explore the Fascinating Culture of Ancient Egypt! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Order Now! 2nd Edition: Are you curious about the Egyptian myths? Would you like to know more about your favorite characters? Is it time to dig a little deeper and hear the real stories… Read More

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I was there. Read More

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Did really end? Read More
13 Days is a film directed by Roger Donaldson about this Cold War. Here, I analyze the movie's strong and weak points, and identify its historical strengths. Read More
Preview of an upcoming short story about the omaha beach landings. Read More

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It is the most important legend in our history about the man who is trying to be deathless. Read More

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Some shit I'm writing about what if England was a socialist republic that dominated Europe. Read More
I had to write this for an assignment in 9th grade. I just really liked it. Enjoy! Read More
It was a homework assignment and my teacher suggested I put it out on the internet. Read More
This is something we did in class, called "note passing," where everyone would start their own story; subject topic was the 1930's Dust Bowl, and what life was like. (narrative, letter, mostly first person) From there we would pass it to another person, then another- after 5 minutes or so-… Read More
For those who havent watched my noval,"The Seeker", read that before this.But if you have then this is the background of the Seeker before she met any of the mercs. Read More
This is a quick character study of my Uncle Andy's father. I might turn it into a historical fiction novel. It tells in summary his live and his struggles. Read More