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A woman has her life shattered after a personal tragedy. Searching for a safe haven to heal, she stumbles across a deserted stone cottage for sale in rural Ontario. Examining the property, she experiences deep feelings of familiarity and a strong sense of home. The only drawback is the weeping… Read More

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hhhhhhhhhhhh Read
the 1860's in sicily was the place for the perfect storm. changes were coming and don leonardo only had so much time to put his long shot plan into action to save his family from it's self. Read
What would President John F. Kennedy have told the nation in an otherworldly twist whereby he was given one last chance to speak to us? Read

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From my humanities work for school. It's about diary entries of a falconer during the middle ages. Read
when 22 year old octavie murphy sets off on the titanic with her brother john, she shortly realizes her life is at risk. Read
mary goes on the titanic for her dad's job. little does she know, it will almost cost her her life. Read

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This was my 8th grade Social Studies homework. Read
Explore the Fascinating Culture of Ancient Egypt! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Order Now! 2nd Edition: Are you curious about the Egyptian myths? Would you like to know more about your favorite characters? Is it time to dig a little deeper and hear the real stories… Read

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I was there. Read

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Did really end? Read
13 Days is a film directed by Roger Donaldson about this Cold War. Here, I analyze the movie's strong and weak points, and identify its historical strengths. Read
Preview of an upcoming short story about the omaha beach landings. Read

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It is the most important legend in our history about the man who is trying to be deathless. Read

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Some shit I'm writing about what if England was a socialist republic that dominated Europe. Read
I had to write this for an assignment in 9th grade. I just really liked it. Enjoy! Read
It was a homework assignment and my teacher suggested I put it out on the internet. Read
This is something we did in class, called "note passing," where everyone would start their own story; subject topic was the 1930's Dust Bowl, and what life was like. (narrative, letter, mostly first person) From there we would pass it to another person, then another- after 5 minutes or so-… Read
For those who havent watched my noval,"The Seeker", read that before this.But if you have then this is the background of the Seeker before she met any of the mercs. Read
This is a quick character study of my Uncle Andy's father. I might turn it into a historical fiction novel. It tells in summary his live and his struggles. Read

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when juliet has a problem she needs an agony aunt. This is what i did for my 3rd year romeo and juliet project. Read

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WW2 historical fiction. Read

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The last thing Morgana remembers is her death when she was killed in the battle for Camelot against her brother Arther Pendragon. But now Morgana has to learn about the world and why she was brought back only now - in the 20th century when everything has changed. She sets… Read

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Being interviewed in 2075 about the past. Read
I'm supposed to be royalty. I object. If I'm going to be 'royalty,' things are gonna change around here. Read

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The story and Legacy of the Assassin Brotherhood of Puerto Rico. Read

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A little girl growing up in the Oregon Trail. But this girl has no brother and no father. She must help her mom and two sisters doing the daily duties of a man.But when her mom gets deathly ill with the flu, she must get her family to Oregon to… Read

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This is the tale of a girl and her family in 1845 in Ireland during the potato famine. Read
Jakey is a child who doesn't talk at all. He writes. He writes numbers and letters all over his notebooks. Jakey saves them, and when he is writing, it seems he is trying to solve a lifetime puzzle. Read
A collection of short stories about a few fictional people effected by racism and their views upon it in the 1960's Read

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This story is based on the painting umbrella's by renoir, Elizabeth is young and beautiful with a potentially great life ahead, when young her father left her, her mother and her sister poppy for a life of crime and games,when her mother horrificly is found dead in the kitchen, she… Read

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This is a letter I wrote for a school project to a make-believe relative. It takes place just before the Revolutionary War. But what I love is that my teacher shared this letter, and this letter alone, to every single one of her classes that day. And she won't hand… Read

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The xxxxs are for dates I don't know. This is an assignment so I hope you like! Read
Frederick was born with eyes wide open, mouth wide open, splayed and crushed, pushed and pulled. He was grabbed by the nurse and big cold hands, and he peered through a red haze to see. No more the soft warm rosy womb he adored. Now bursting into the freezing yellow… Read
The historical research I did to learn about the history of Kansas for my 10 book series! Read