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About a girl alone in the dark on a swing... Read More
There are a bunch of YouTube vids on Atlantis and the Richat Structure that caught my eye. ...An interesting maybe, for sure. This work is a poetic exploration of that hypotheses. Technical notes follow the poem, if'n you are interested. SPP Cover photo: Alejandro BGN, Nov 2019 Read More

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Well, visiting the big city seemed to be a good idea at the time - an interesting change from tending flocks, bringing up kids, wandering through the wilderness... A (hopefully) humorous look at a waaayyy earlier time of yet another family vacation cut short, ...and probably no refund in the… Read More

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Sorry, I tried to be up-beat. --- I did try. ... Just thoughts of today and towards the future. Read More

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You to me are everything; but the sun is 'lif'.' My poem. Read More
A commentary on love and war centered in the Middle East. Read More

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The burning of humans at the stake, a barbaric practice, critiqued. Read More
A few hours in the life of a common border guard of some ancient imperial power. A musing thinker with a lot of time on his hands, he dwells upon the sameness of his days, and finds comfort in the very small but personal triumphs of his routine life. And… Read More
A song lyric for a potential bluegrass or folk song about the infamous Andersonville prison Read More

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A third poem through the eyes of a young girl disguised as a male soldier in the american civil war. Read More

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Another poem through the eyes of another girl (maybe same one?) disguising herself as a male soldier. Read More

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Civil War Poem, through the eyes of a young girl disguised as a male soldier (1860's) Read More

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Poem / Historical Fiction

June 25, 2020

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Haiku, a 5-7-5 syllable, three lines poem. It is a popular type of lyric poetry that was originated in Japan. I'll try to keep updating the poems constantly. But can you try to explain each poem? Enjoy reading! Read More

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A child spy for George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Read More

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I was studying The Oresteia for class and while writing an essay on justice and misogyny in The Oresteia I got really angry about Iphigenia. Apparently I was still thinking about it as I tried to go to sleep because this was born Read More

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It's about the transition of Calcutta from the Colonial days to the 21st millennium Read More

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The poem is a lyrical history of the Kingdom of Asanti. It is being studied by the royal historians for any factual inconsistencies. Read More

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I wanted to express my thoughts about this historial event that everybody in the world should know, reading the suffering for those humans like me, i just felt it as it was one of my relatives or even me, the uncertainty in the road was long and it seems like… Read More

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A poem decribing Mother Africa and the children she has in her. Read More
Shortly after Clermont the crusade begins. Read More

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The luddites and the rise of industry. Read More

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Set in my favorite time in history. Read More

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The last battles of the crusades by the remaining Knight orders. Read More

Poem / Historical Fiction

January 27, 2018

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Australia wasn't always just kangaroos and funny accents. Their history is actually much darker then they'd like to admit. And many who had to endure it, are still alive today. Read More

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A light hearted poem extoling the heroic deeds of Robin Hood. Read More

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A tribute to the fighting spirit of the scots. Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"A magnificent tribute to those mighty and proud tribes! The descriptions in that first stanza paint a crystal clear picture; the savage battles..." Read More

Adekoya Adetunji a gifted creative writer Read More

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ADEKOYA Adetunji a writer and a poet Read More

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This poem was written for my war poetry anthology, on the Second Boer War. Read More

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This poem was written for my war poetry anthology. I wrote my anthology on the Second Boer War. The poem is a disillusionment about a soldier in charge of guarding the concentration camp. Read More

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A poem about a samurai. Read More

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Robert Browning's 19th century poem "My Last Duchess", told from another point of view Read More