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Shortly after Clermont the crusade begins. Read More
The luddites and the rise of industry. Read More

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A man uses this nonet poem to voice his opinion on the negative press being given to Steve Rubell and Studio 54. Read More

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Set in my favorite time in history. Read More

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The last battles of the crusades by the remaining Knight orders. Read More
The author of this con-verse poem tells us what happened after his car broke down on his way to Woodstock. Read More

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January 27, 2018

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Australia wasn't always just kangaroos and funny accents. Their history is actually much darker then they'd like to admit. And many who had to endure it, are still alive today. Read More

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A light hearted poem extoling the heroic deeds of Robin Hood. Read More

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A tribute to the fighting spirit of the scots. Read More
Adekoya Adetunji a gifted creative writer Read More

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ADEKOYA Adetunji a writer and a poet Read More

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This poem was written for my war poetry anthology, on the Second Boer War. Read More

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This poem was written for my war poetry anthology. I wrote my anthology on the Second Boer War. The poem is a disillusionment about a soldier in charge of guarding the concentration camp. Read More

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A poem about a samurai. Read More

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Robert Browning's 19th century poem "My Last Duchess", told from another point of view Read More