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“Badass Parenting is like a triple-dark chocolate cheesecake, with a layer of mousse in the middle (hint: the mousse is CJ Scarlet’s humor and style - which helps lighten up the cheesecake!). You will love this book!” Karen Christie, Mom & Grandma Do you love your child and loathe douchey… Read More
There was a time in every man's life to suffer for poverty at ending to hit the jackpot. THEY TYPICAL STORY OF A YOUNG NIGERIAN NIGA, (LAZZ NIGA DBZ.) Every citizen of Nigeria believed in the code (IMMM) I Most Make Money, either in a good way or bad way,… Read
esta es la escena en el que lumus y diana interpretaron en la historia del mas excelente caballero defensor de los debiles y mansos. lumus novus lux dominus. liber sextus. si es que usted gusta lector le recomiendo escuchar mozart flauta y harpa concierto, 2nd moviemiento. Gracias. Read
Marte y Venus conversan acerca de cupido mientras que Troilo se encuntra con camaradas en el paladion. Read
Casandra va a visitar a Pandaro para evitar que se encuntre con Troilo. En su lugar, Criseyda le recibe. Read

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This is a solo piece I wrote and performed on Christmas. Read

Featured Review by dewey green

"I can see this play in my head! Beautifully written piece Joyce! Merry Christmas to you and yours!" Read

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This story sheds light upon gender equality that daughters are blessing to us it is moral story about a girl and also show Asian life and it encourage elder women that daughters are blessing from God and more supportive Read
A journey to the Austrian border. Read

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When Thomas Jefferson lived in France he believed that “Truth” would be lost from the music of Rousseau struggle of democracy of change if the meaning of liberty and equality would change into music of greed nd power . This call of freedom and equality was naturally appealing to founding… Read
An ancient village in Volta Region of Ghana with their customs and traditions... Read
Episode 6 of 6 - TV series set in Mediaeval Chipping Norton Read
Episode 5 of 6 - TV series set in Mediaeval Chipping Norton Read
Episode 4 of 6 - TV series set in Mediaeval Chipping Norton Read
Episode 3 of 6 - TV series set in Mediaeval Chipping Norton Read
Episode 2 of 6 - TV Series set in Mediaeval Chipping Norton. Read
This is the first episode of a TV series I wrote. It is too old fashioned to be made today; it's more of a nostalgic Sunday afternoon TV series. Read
'Saving' the French at Genoa Sforza learns that his enemies lay siege to Bianca at Cremona. Bianca settles accounts with Fiammetta d'Este and plots a future for Sforza. Read

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Sforza defeats Venice and turns on the republic of Milan. While he makes himself Duke his enemies plan for a last throw of the dice at Cremona. Read

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As Venice attacks, the Duke turns to Bianca for help. While Sforza fights for Milan, the Duke dies and much to Bianca's disgust Milan becomes a republic. Read

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While Sforza and Bianca begin married life in a city under siege, Cosimo Medici plots the future of Italy. Read

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Sforza makes peace with Venice. While his enemies secretly gather he travels to Milan to arrange his marriage to Bianca who has ideas of her own. Read

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Sforza goes to the 'aid' of the pope who tries to have him killed. In the meantime the Duke tries to cause trouble between Venice and Sforza. Read

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Sforza fails to live up to his billing and is imprisoned by the Duke. Later released, Sforza proves too successful for the Duke's liking. To prevent Sforza turning against Milan the Duke promises him Bianca in marriage. A promise he has no intention of keeping. Read

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A Play - Scenes 1-3 . Francesco Sforza is the new superstar of the age and has been hired by the Duke of Milan, but the Duke's daughter, Bianca, is far from happy. Read

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The journey to sustain peace... Read

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A short speech that a Roman general gave before a forgotten attack on the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Read

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Set during the Philippine-Spanish Revolutionary War Read

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This is a reflection that I wrote after I watched the video of scientific racism. I hope that you will enjoy yourself while you are reading it. Read

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A short, one act play, set in Dublin, Ireland about a young man who falls in love with a young woman who has been institutionalised into one of Ireland's Magdalene Asylums. Read

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An attempt to womanise a young girl using her life as a bargain. Which turn a little pear shaped Read
The prey and the temporarily secure ones: Mrs. Kessel, a hunted Jewish woman forces her way into the Mr. Lermann's apartment, a local Jewish community leader, begging him to help her rescue her husband. Read
Inside the huge Medieval Perpignian prison a bunch of hunted Jews recount their litanies of persecution in France during the 2nd World War. Read
Somewhere in Vichy come together Mrs. and Mr. Krause, illegal, persecuted Jewish refugees, ordinary honest French citizens, a collaborating secret agent who looks like a Hassidic rebbi and a French half-paralyzed collaborting gendarme. Read