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'The Vikings Are Coming' is based on true historical events. In 793 A.D. Viking raiding ships landed off the North East Coast of England at the small community of Lindisfarne. They butchered the villagers and killed the Monks at the nearby Priory. This is a fictional bloody tale of those… Read More
A family notices a change in their father after returning home from battle. Read More
Polis Narcissism is a satire of Science Fiction Read More

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A old mans last battle. Read More

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This is some fiction, some historical fact, and some wishful thinking, all rolled into a short story about how Teller, the Rain-Dreamer, got his start as a so-called Rain-Maker. (The previous story in this three part series was, "Thunder Valley Dreaming".) Read More
A funny and interesting short-story about Nietzsche. Read More
The following is a general explanation of the steps involved in the planting, harvesting, processing, spinning, and weaving of early Neolithic linen textiles. An accompanying narrative provides the reader with a sneak-peak into the life of an early-Neolithic woman, Aneha (which means Blossom in her hypothetical language), a member of… Read More

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A short story based on Biblical fact- Simon of Cyrene carrying the Cross of Jesus Read More

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I saw this photo of a cat in a guitar case and had to write a story about it. Hope it pleases some. Read More
I wanted to post my short story ‘Sweat’ after I was critiqued on some of my other work. I was going to replace it entirely, but I feel like my writing improved with the critique and figured I’d give other people a chance to see the difference - maybe it’ll… Read More

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July 22nd 1979 The most vile yet effective political event of the modern era Read More

Short Story / Historical Fiction

February 10, 2021

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A short story on the strength of the individual spirit to endure. Read More

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I sat on my rocking chair, humming a lullaby. The one my older sister... once sang during the war. During World War 2 before my world shattered with deaths. Read More

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A young woman on the run suddenly finds herself at the mercy of hardened, violent criminals. Enduring the cruelty, she vows never to give in and find a way out of her plight. This is the beginning of Veronica Murray's story in The Outlaw Series by Sandra Hall. Read More

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What can I say, the title says most of it. But what doesn't it say? Read More
This story details the brief history of trolls in the United States, particularly the Carpathian Slave trolls from just after the American Civil War to 1936 when they became extinct. Read More
Bloody Knife is an army scout guiding a group of cavalry soldiers in the Black Hills. His adventures involve prospectors, Sioux warriors, and a Cheyenne Dog Soldier. Read More
This is a story that is dedicated to the front line workers. Read More
A random story from randomly generated words in an exercise I like to call doodle-writing. Read More

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Ever heard of the Mexican Treasure that was lost in a Texas county? No, I didn't either until I was doing some research on Indian wars. Read More

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Billy is a hit man determined to bring his brand of justice to the person responsible for murdering his wife. But there comes a time when a man has to choose between revenge and love. Read More

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Two brothers from Algeria, formerly Ayala Algeria, the state that supported the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but with the appearance of an old curse in Ali's life who accepts it and is unaware of his danger, along with the jealousy of his brother who thinks he is the most worthy… Read More
this story resounts what happened to numerous veterands of the second world war and how their lives were so badly muddled. this is not a true story but the instances of veterans living on the streets and nevr being able to continue a productive life are numerous in number. Read More
Tho Al-Qarnayn mentioned in the Holy Quran as the Conqueror built a wall to defend against the Gog and Magog. He cornered them off. He also reached the primitive tribe that resembled the Fish-Eaters encountered by King Alexander's expedition at the coastal desert. (image by By Mike Peel, CC BY-SA… Read More
With the death of King Alexander, my assignment as his Mesopotamian multilinguist was over. I didn't want to stay within the circle of his competing generals. I went to my olden UR city. (Image from Read More
I was King Alexander's Mesopotamian interpreter when the expedition departed Amphipolis in April 334 BC. I joined a civilian elite of his campaign, including Aristotle's nephew and the philosopher who called to worship the King. (Image from Read More

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Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, and student of Plato tutored the prince until sixteen. Following the assassination of his father Philip II in 336 BC, he took up the throne of the Macedon monarchy at the age of twenty. (Image from Alejandro Magno campaign two battles of Alexander the Great.jpg) Read More
A tragic conflict arises over a stolen sword and a sudden betrayal. Read More

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An old man rables on about a house buit by Rodman. Read More

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Just a story about a dream, and some history. Read More

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From out of nowhere, a stranger confidently walks into a bar and buys two rounds of whiskey for his new friends, paying with gold nuggets. Then he leaves, never to be seen again. Read More

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This piece of historical fiction takes place in a period before the Middle Ages, it is set in Briton of the time. Read More

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story of the first world war 1914-1918 Read More

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This is a short historical fiction in the form of a Journal being kept. Oh the lack of tragedy! Read More

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Huck meets his new bride. Is it for better- or worse? Read More
They were fallen as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees. They were to be the "lost Arabs," and their lost city was the Atlantis of the Sands. Read More
A soldier of the Empire reflects on a battle - and his life in the legions Read More