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When the battle becoming an human conflict for their apprehensions, are we started to challenge its measurement on this living earth faithful for all that occupies our existence as a mark of wages we find most convincing vested on the right for survival of few? Thanking your thought that sponsor… Read More
A short story based on some of the superstitions that preoccupy a miners' attention. Read

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Jack Bryce is an Army detective. He thought he's seen it all. But the hardest case was the one where he had to track his father and brother into the heart of Argentina's dirty war in the late 1970s and early 80's. Can he find them before the Junta does… Read

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Al-Andalus was the Muslim-ruled area of the Iberian Peninsula. Historians use the term for the former Islamic states in modern Spain, Portugal and France. --------------------------------------------------- Read
The narrator reads the conclusion of the Geyersbach "confession" and readily agrees to his host's terms. In a sense he "sells out." Similarly, in the bonus -- an excerpt from the forthcoming PAGANINI AGITATO, we see what ensues after that famous violinist sells his soul! Read

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An intriguing spy story. Read
Wilhelm Geyersbach's narrative continues. He makes his way to the court of Frederick the Great, but then loses his position. Read
The narrator begins to read a MOST unusual manuscript, the testimony of Wilhelm Geyersbach, son of the "nanny-goat bassoonist" who had come to blows with Johann Sebastian Bach many years earlier. Read
After a struggling classical pianist performs an "in-home" concert, his host invites him to see a priceless document. Attached to a fascinating historical account is the completion of Bach's unfinished masterpiece, THE ART OF THE FUGUE. What will come of the discovery? Read
The fallen liners series: book 3. David is a salvation army member aboard the empress of Ireland, which is an ocean liner. He finds a strange book, and when the ship starts to sink he is left with a choice... Read
I'm an Australian attempting to learn to write. Born in the 1960's, well I've seen a few things. My work life comprised the professions of architecture, soldering, and construction project manager. These days I travel, rebuild a 1890's farmhouse, fish, write, and support my wife's small business. I write with… Read
The events in this tale actually occurred. They are based on a research project I worked on centered on a herd of Blesbok that lived on the farm where my dad worked. The tragedy that befell the herd, sadly, are also factual. Read

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Two Vietnam vets home from the war seek revenge and revolution amid the political turmoil of America in 1971. Read

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This story is based on actual events. The location, names and certain details have been changed. It combines two separate incidents: The first occurred during the Rhodesian bush war (1964-1979), and the second involved two French brothers, one a doctor and the other a soldier. The latter died in combat,… Read

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Hello, I am Death. However, do not mistake me for being a vile entity, for I am the opposite of such. I am here to tell you a story. What kind of story, you ask? Well click here and see. Read

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this was an assignment for a creative writing class, to write a short story prompted by the first line of charles simic's poem late september. Read
You are aboard the RMS. Carpathia trying to escape WW1 drafting. when the ship starts sinking, you risk your life to save a woman, but when things get worse, you blame yourself. will Giorgio ever forgive you?is it even your fault? This is a work of Historical Fiction. Logan McGregor… Read
When Amy's grandmother, Suzanne, passes away she leaves behind a parting gift. "Bear it, keep it safe. It's more important than you think," is what Amy read on a slip of paper left in the case. Upon first glance, it was an emerald silver ring. It was part of a… Read
Late in his life, Michelangelo spent eight years on another Pieta - a scene with Jesus after his crucifixion and the people who loved him. However, one night, he tried to destroy it. He was pulled away from the destruction by his servant Urbino. This story is told from Urbino's… Read

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Na een persoonlijke tragedie op het Schulensmeer lijkt het leven van Frank Thoonen plots een totaal andere wending te nemen. Vernieuwde krachten maken van hem een ander mens. Eens hij dat gewaarwordt ontrolt zich voor Thoonen een echte roeping: ten dienste staan van de Limburgse bevolking. Maar zo eenvoudig is… Read
A narrator's take on a nefarious pirate, interests a new crew member. That portrays love gone wrong, and a world which turns topsy turvy with war on the horizon. Read
The Roman festival of Saturnalia is the setting for this story; Read

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I will go ahead and forewarn you--this is my first ever attempt at a piece involving war so I am definitely outside of my comfort zone. I have not personally served in the military, but have the utmost respect for our brave soldiers who answer the call. This one was… Read

Featured Review by don bryant

"Michael, A complete departure from your usual stellar work, and dare I say, this could be your finest piece to date. Grim, gritty realism, tens..." Read

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Kaeya has been living a free life for quite awhile until this day. He must choose to side with his family that lost him or the family that found him. Read

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Sooner or later every writer has to dare to enter into a fictional unthinkable dark cave reality. Read
Edward is a 2nd class passenger aboard Greek lines 'Lakonia', an ocean liner built in 1930. when the ship bursts into flames, Edward is faced with the possibility of being in a new country, with no parents, as he wonders if his father is alive. unsure of his fate, with… Read
A medieval English nomad discovers a coven of disturbing sorcerers in the woods. Read
Ade Adeola Solomon is a prolific essayist, short storywriter and novelist .He turned his hand to biographical writing in 2011 with this incredible work, kept under lock and key, until it was published, 2020. 'A Man Who Conquers Is Strong' is his first story book. A story of a man… Read

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A jew is hidden in a basement of a German's house. The story revolves around the challenges they face. Read

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Colette heeft problemen met haar gezondheid, voornamelijk met haar gewrichten. Om die reden heeft ze ontslag genomen op haar vorig werk. Op aandringen van haar vriendin Betty spreekt ze een schepene van de stad aan om van hem te verkrijgen dat het vuilnis twee keer per week zou worden opgehaald.… Read

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Bobby Dale is a problem child who finally finds his place in life on small inhabited island near Boston. Read

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this story is about two individuals who start their journey to find a treasure with a motive of revenge but they were shocked to find out the real truth. Read

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Bobby comes off the bench in a tight game with Jerry West and team. Read

Short Story / Historical Fiction

January 08, 2023

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A tragedy leaves children to cope on an off-shore island. Read

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Wondering about life on earth. Read

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What do you get when you mix a 10 year old African American genius from Compton, California, with a divisive American Racial System? Read

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Christmas is here again, and for me it brings back a special memory of a time long ago when I first discovered the truth about Santa. the scene set in a small basic house that had so much to do with me growing up. Read