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Once upon a time, villagers in a seaside town found a Buddha statue. The statue did a miracle to create a hot spring to heal sick people. But one day, the mysterious statue left the town, and moved to another place. Read More

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Once upon a time, there was a big snake lived in a valley. This monster often harmed the nearby village. The villagers decided to kill it and did it. Since they feared the revenge of the snake, they built a memorial tower. Read More

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The storm raged through the city. It happened near the wharf, near the restaurant I stayed. This is a true story with some paraphrasing on thoughts and what the people said. Read More

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Inside each of us lies something magnificent, waiting to happen. Read More

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just an idea i came up with in history and decided to share it. Read More
Just a quick summary of Jack Zed's disaster-filled Thanksgiving trip. Read More


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Two brothers choose different paths and end up quite differently. This is the story of their jorney Read More

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"Their love was the only force strong enough to keep me standing on that deck." A deckhand is faced with a critical decision in the last hours of his life. As the RMS Titanic sinks, he is torn between choosing to save himself or staying behind to save others, facing… Read More

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This story is about a kid who was very intelligent. I got involved with his mother, and began to give the kid good training for his future life. Read More

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My grandmother grew up in Germany during World War II. this is my efforts to retell a story she passed on to me when i was a kid. Read More

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Nearly one hundred years after the end of World War I, a young man journeys to Flanders to visit the graveside of his great grandfather, a soldier who died on the salient. I do not own the lyrics of the song "The Green fields of France." Check out the version… Read More

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This story is about a Princess I happen to bump into who was on her way to Scotland. Later, back in London, we beame real friends. Read More

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Sally Feld meets the ghost of Mozart and ask's series of question to know more about him Read More

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You will discover the intimate life of Marie Antonia in this story Read More

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This is a story of a little girl protected by a magical doll from the hands of evil Nazi regime Read More


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This is my first attempt at creative writing. I'd like your honest opinions. Read More
A talk in the kitchen between Catherine and George. Read More

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The night of the The Plague changes everything for Emma Lovell, a 17-year-old fisherman from Ashborn. One moment, she is discussing her new job with her best friend, William Verny; the next, watching with horror as people die of the sickness known as. The Plague. Emma knows that her beautiful… Read More

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This is a story I had to right for history class a bout immigration and what the people went through in the late 1800s, early 1900s. it is about an Irish immigrant and her journey to the US. Read More