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Inspired by the sad realities of South America's revolutionary past. Read More

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This is the edited version, which is arguably worse than the first draft... I had trouble shortening the whole baseball part. In a year of five, I will become the master of editing. Right now, I'm the opposite... A massive thank you to the Booksie community for helping me improve… Read More

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Two heads of rival gangs meet to discuss a means to keep the peace between them. Read More

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In the course of the war Frank fell in love, he also lost that love. With a broken heart he tried to move on, but every year his ghosts come back to haunt him. Read More

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There lived a wise man, named Nasuruddin in ancient Iran, He was very popular for his wisdom and was greatly respected by all. People used to visit him to seek his wise guidance from far and wide. The story relates one of such instances of his life. Read More
Katherine Howard languishes in the tower, thinking over her life on her last night on Earth before she is due to be executed by King Henry. Read More

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a young hunter is given a mission to find a witch. embark on a journey with him and witness the complexity of his action and self in this story. Read More

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A story set in the early 1900's... a time when women who became pregnant out of wedlock were largely victimised and persecuted by society. Follow Mary on her mission to keep the child that her family insisted she should give up. Read More
A historical fiction piece based upon the journey of a knight of early Saxony. Read More

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my first short story Read More
July 1536, young Mary Tudor dreams of her mother on the night after taking the oath, declaring herself to be illegitimate. Read More

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A tale of a female Druid, the truth of Stonehenge which was deferred through religious history. Read More
It is the fourteenth century anno Domini, and the plague is ravaging Europe. In a dark and damp room, deep inside a medieval hospital, there is a most troubled man. Read More
this book is about what booth and lincoln were doing the day of the assassination and the assassination it's self. Read More
Titanic's past and future collide. Read More

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Sal's side of the story when on the boat to the new land Read More
Story of a man who delivers a Army telegraph to a family in rural coastal Ga. Read More