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December 31, 1969

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The idea for this book came after seeing both Muse videos 'Psycho' and 'Dead Inside'. It was completed to coincide with the release of their album 'Drones'. It explores just how an average person could be turned into a cold blooded, unemotinal being who will kill to order. It is… Read More

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A short story set in during the 7th Crusade. Read More

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Titus Vassio, is a 2 part short story set in Ancient Roman times. A Roman fort is attacked by an army of barbarian Germanic warriors. Read More

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A young Polish family travel across Europe to find their salvation Read More
Huntresses in the grasslands take what is theirs! Read More
A story about faith. Read More

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It surprised me to know that the classy woman in the crowd next to me was Iltani, the sister of King Hammurabi, offering date cakes for the masses of Babylon. Read More
I must have inherited the immortality genes from one of my forefathers who had them in the form of Silent genes, Pseudo genes, or Cryptic genes. Read More
India 643 CE. A young group of students of a Village Gurukul waits for a teacher who arrives to tell them something about history and something more.... Read More
Unlike the three sons believed in him, his wife refused to board. The fourth son preferred to climb a mountain where he eventually drowned and washed away in flood, like everybody else, including his mother. Read More
Prudence's parents strict prohibitionists; Prudence longs to break away and live her own life Read More
A moment in history... Read More
India 643 CE. A young group of students of a Village Gurukul waits for a teacher who arrives to tell them something about history and something more.... Read More

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What would you do, if you found a time-machine? Read More
A 13 year old boy spreads his wings in New York City down in the East Village. Set in 1967. Read More
These are some idioms and thoughts on Indian History Read More

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This is a journal with some microfictions. Read More

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A short story about the consequences of the One-Missile War, an alternative history to what we now know of as the Cold War. Read More
i am aware of the sloppy writing but i want to improve feedback is really apricated. Read More


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This Story is about mannequin which is in wedding gown shop in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many people from all over the visit this shop just to see that mannequin. You may have heard about this In this story I have included more detail information about her Read More
This story is about molly Brown who is Titanic Surviver. After the incident of Titanic crash she became famous as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" This story tells about her house and how her house is known to be haunted by molly Brown and Jesus Brown. This house is turn into… Read More

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It is narrative about story telling. Read More
Eddie found some forgotten history. Read More

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a cargo ship staff member reaches the port at Ragusa and is made to stay in a 40 day quarantine, him and his cargo to see whether he is carrying the plague. 14th Century Read More

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Make out of it, what you will. Comparison of Charlemagne's Rolando defense of Christianity to Donald Trump's defense of America . Read More

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A young girl is rescued from the storm. Read More
It's an Idiom that I have made Read More