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Alexander the Great has some problems besieging the city of Tyre. But he is always resolved to getting his own way. Read More

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Story of a prince who lost his love and got back it. Read More
The prompt for this one was to write a prequel or sequel to Erin Fisher's "Valley Floor" from her short story collection "That Tiny Life." I wrote a prequel and I think it's pretty standalone. Just know the main story is about an unnamed man watching his partner, Roy get… Read More
Three ghosts from King Henry viii's past come back to haunt him during the twelve day Christmas festival at court. Read More
I got a lot of unfinished projects maybe it was unwise to start a new one. Here is a short story I am writing about a tough father and mother protecting their children from an increasingly hopeless world. Read More

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This historical fiction was written with the greatest of respect for the victims of the Salem witch trials. May their spirits know peace forever. Read More

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Some times our government oops , This is fictional account of on of those oops Read More

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A different time.A different place.A perfect day. Read More

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Another short story I did for school. The prompt on this one was to write a story where one character has something another wants with us being able to decide if they get it or not. Read More

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An alternate history story that focuses on what if Anne and Margot Frank survived Bergen-Belsen. This fictional account focuses on Anne and Margot on their recovery from Belsen and their road to a new life. Read More

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A short story based on a family of three. A husband, a wife, and a daughter. Mr. William Jackson has told his family he has just joined the army to fight in the war in the year 1914, His wife Anne and daughter June both protest against his decision but… Read More

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Jedidiah Somerton is a wealthy oil tycoon along the coast of California, he arrives at the ranch of an aspiring young man who hopes Jedidiah will invest into his findings. But Jedidiah is a stubborn man, and more importantly; seems to know a lot more about the young man's family… Read More

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I don't know what got into me, but I just knocked up this quick story. Shows what the pen can do. Read More

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Strolling across the countryside I never expected to come across a horse racing stadium. Read More
Three stories about colonialism: I - Tale of Twas recalls a case of intra-colonialism - one group of Africans attempting to usurp the land of another group with catastrophic consequences. II - Tale of a Belgian Nun or the role of the church in colonial activities. III - Tale of… Read More

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This story is inspired by the author's love of history, as well as the traditional love stories of the Philippines. Read More
After losing his friend to their captain's cruelty, a sailor in the 17th century decides to lead a mutiny. Read More

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Inspired by the sad realities of South America's revolutionary past. Read More