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This short story came to me in a dream. I woke up with the three words on my lips. I could not sleep, so I rose at 03:00 and spent the next hour writing it. Of course it needed tweeking and a grammar check later. Someone you know may need… Read More
Her brother has been captured, her father killed, and her whole life sabotaged. Or... has it? Read More

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For my 21st birthday, I received this little gem and started reading it that very night. Quite frankly, I was blown away. It was not what I had expected, though not in a bad way, its just that the title gave me the impression it would be that of a… Read More

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Please, watch out. Read More
I will be doing book reviews, and this one is about the novel, "The Poisoned House", a book about horror and suspense that will just grab you from the title. Read More

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This is just the information about Luna and her family. Read More

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This is my Book Review for my book called 'Dark Nightmare'. I will introduce the Charecters and i hope you enjoy reading the book it is coming soon... I'll try to finish it for you guys! And yh please comment about the book :) Read More

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Information about my favourite book. Read More
A review of Tartarus, a horror novel from the debuting author E. Earle, by Bryony Taylor. Read More

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A recent dream which I located in the darkest part of my brain it started as a nightmare then became an idea Let me know what you think Read More

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Wall of souls is about a givin soul on this earth who has a deal with the devil read review to seek more information Read More

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Brian Burke has been kicked out of his newspaper buisness in New York and now he has a job in Connecticut where he has to mine & clean sewer pipes. The only problem is that there is something lurking the mines and rats are getting bigger, the boss is hiding… Read More
Christian works as a cropper who works in the fields but somehow the sun gets closer and starts to send weird creatures down to earth but good thing he's staying in a diner in Wormwood, Kansas. Read More
Alexander Feliciano, author of "THE OTHER ROOM" presents a terrifying tale filled with terror, fate, and cats. Craig has waited too long for his mother to move to Louisiana for her to live in a beautiful home, instead he gets a old ugly mansion which belonged to a latin captain… Read More
A preview of my new chronicle series "STONEGATE" which is about a detective who finds out about the demons of the stonegate town. Read More
Have you ever stepped into a door of darkness, a door from a new dimension. Now I have created a story about things that would scare people usually. Read More

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A brief analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, drawing comparisons between the novel and the idea of the Uncanny Valley- the point at which robots and humans can scarcely be told apart. Read More

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Book review for the chilling novel, Bliss, by Lauren Myracle Read More
The Vampire hero of Anee Rice 's enthralling novel is a creature of the darkest and richest imagination . Once a aristorcrat in the heady days of pre- revoulutionary France,now a rock star in the demonic ,shimmering 1980's he rushes through the centuries in search of others like him,seeking answers… Read More

Book Review / Horror

February 09, 2010

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What could be better than a hot, vampire fiancee? NOTHING(! Read More

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Taylor is so excited about prom at Merriwether High, but she never thought it would end up being the worst night of her entire life. Read More

Book Review / Horror

September 01, 2009

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a review of a dean koontz book Read More

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This is a book review of one of Stephen Kings newer titles, The Cell. Read More

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A book review about one of the most influential and best books I've ever read. Read More

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One of the best books of all time. Read More

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This is a gripping retelling of the Frankenstein story. Read More