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The line from Lolo's "Hit and Run" really made me think. It was a sort of different concept to what I often see presented and I kind of liked it. Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

July 13, 2018

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A mysterious man is enacting a horrible torture on a woman. Why it is the case is unknown. Read More

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This is a story prompt that I did. The prompt was "It's a cruel Melody when....". (100-1000 words). I decided to do a quick short one. Read More

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This is a horror story. The beautiful palace that is now ruined. Jasper is the owner of the property by right and he returns to his home which is 125 years old and the plot is related with his return and the story , the things that the house has… Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

March 02, 2018

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A horrifying and sad tale of a person's mental breakdown. Enjoy y'all... BLEEGHHH... Read More

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Read it or don't. Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

April 08, 2017

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Darkness everywhere Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

April 08, 2017

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Evil is all around you, more you ignore the closer it really is Read More

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Cryptic life horror around every corner Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

April 08, 2017

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Madness Read More

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When you've had enough of the bullying, the neglect and no one sticking up for you, but you don't have the courage to do anything you can be sure that you have and unexpected friend to help you out. Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

March 10, 2017

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Don't ride with a stranger Read More


Miscellaneous / Horror

February 28, 2017

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This book is about a person who is on the verge of insanity being relentlessly chased by a unknown figure or a 'shadow' he has yet to find out who it is. Read More
A fiction horror writing. Read More

Miscellaneous / Horror

September 18, 2016

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Supernatural event transformed. Read More