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The Review Chain is holding a super fun contest with prizes! Read More

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“Can you hear Him too?” Read More

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Geololgist Aron, is investigating the unexplained pinnacle formations on the West Australian Coast. A sandstorm sweeps in from the Coral coast and brings hell along for the ride. Read More

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‘How big were these jellyfish?’ Tess spread her hands apart more than a foot. ‘Oh, these were big ones, David!’ Red Sparkle (18+) from Is It Love? LIVE! HJ Furl. Ruth Pownall bravely swims into infested waters!!! Read More

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"This is very... lively, HJ. Well paced. A truly exciting read. Loved it. " Read More

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Kelly thought she knew who she was. Kelly is about to discover her own flesh and blood. Reading Discretion is advised as contains strong adult themes. Read More

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Een agent van de Staatsveiligheid is op pad... Read More

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A man stalks his prey: a beautiful woman called Catherine. His obsession for her turns out differently. Read More
A man finds a woman walking alone in his town. But she may not be what she seems... Read More

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Another short story continuing my Undead series, this time referring back to present day, catching up with what our protagonist is up to, and finding out a discovery about his family that will effect the outcome of future short stories I have in mind. Read More
Elliana was a little girl, with tan skin color and dark coloured eyes. She lived with her parents and little sister, Evelyn. Her life was amazing. She was 11 years old. She loved her family and enjoyed her life. She didn’t need anything else in her life. Her neighbour's were… Read More

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Brooklyn Jackson, a twenty-year-old, was the only remaining member of the Jackson family. James Jackson the father of Brooklyn was anonymously murdered which took a toll on Mrs. Jackson’s stress and she too died soon after from depression. Read More

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Part two, Part 3 will be creeping up soon :). Read More
Laura was in pain. She didn't really care what it took to take it away. Read More

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Continuing my Undead series I decided to delve deeper into the historical background of our protagonist's lineage, to give an origin of the battle that starts back in the past that still occurs in the present day. I might delve deeper in future short stories of how these historical figures… Read More
I took this idea from an old book of writing ideas I found from a few years ago. I hope you like it. Read More

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A girl living remote within a lonely snowy mountain finds a mysterious wooden box in her room. Read More

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A frustrated sailor intends to spend a rare evening off by himself, but his peace is broken when he is forced back to work by a captain he resents. When grim fortune finds the vessel, his humanity is challenged in an unexpected way. NOTE: This story takes place in the… Read More

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On a bench within a lonely park, a man wakes up unable to regain his memory and suddenly alone in this world. Realizing that he is alone, he is awaited by his own darkest past in the alleyways of this eerie city. Read More

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By late November all the trees were dead, and Taylor was running out of time. Read More

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Historic horror set in 1699 Wales. Read More
This is the story of a man in a Ghost Town Named Ventro. It is a town that is once lively and now it is a town that is once dead when he continues to walk around town in search for peace when there is none. Read More

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Your author recounts the strange dream she had last night Read More

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Robert2046 spends a day researching media accounts of horror and violence and gains a haunting self knowledge in the process. Read More

Short Story / Horror

April 15, 2021

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A haunting short story. England 1937. An afternoon drive leads three men to an isolated house. A brief encounter with its Keeper unleashes a series of uncanny events, whose sinister purpose slowly becomes apparent. Read More

Short Story / Horror

April 04, 2021

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Some friends go exploring tunnels that are said to be the entrance to hell Read More

Short Story / Horror

April 03, 2021

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Short Story / Horror

April 03, 2021

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