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A book about saving life, no matter how small or insignificant Read More

Short Story / Horror

May 26, 2022

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This poor Alchemist just wanted to be rich! Read

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Achter het Lijmfabriek, in een vervallen gebouw, gaat er één keer per week op een avond een speciale bingo door. De deelnemers komen uit alle rangen en standen van de bevolking, en ze hebben toch allemaal één ding gemeen... Read
7 scary True Horry/ paranormal stories. all taking place around Graveyards and Cemeteries. Read
5 true scary Encounters. Read

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A man goes on a hike to a lake, but is detoured due to the heat. What he finds puts him in awe and in fear. Read
8 true stories guaranteed to scare :) Read

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a story of a man who pays a visit to his father's village and on his way he met someone unexpected .. Read

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Just a little flash of horror that I came up with. Hope you guys enjoy. Read

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"Deliciously creepy! Loved it." Read

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A few short stories I've written during vacation. Hope you guys enjoy. Read

Featured Review by abhilash8686

"These are really good. Goosebump-inducing stuff!" Read

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I've found a journal that contains hidden information about an item (amulet) that's been cursed apparently. Read

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On the run from vampires you actually manage to kill one... or so you think. This is an experimental horror story written mostly in second person present tense. It was inspired by the writing prompt "Colours of the Night" for the Review Chain's writing contest that ends on May 13th.… Read

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Playtime has never been so lethal, as Kevin and his friends discover the floor has transformed into bubbling, searingly hot, molten lava. Not everyone will survive as they make the treacherous journey from playroom to kitchen, across the dining room and to freedom through flames and choking clouds of smoke,… Read
The True story of the Axe Murder house" in Iowa. Read

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A young man is pulled away from his family and winds up in the wilds of rural Maine where he later wakes up in a hospital with no memory or understanding of the last few days of his life. Read
A brand new retreat opened on a university campus but students have not been told the contract they've signed has hidden demons. Read

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A teenaged girl and her brother where at school one day, when one of the worse possible crimes ever had been committed at there home, the suspect is the last person they would have ever thought could be capable of such a crime. Read

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George, the man next door, and a killer in the making has adopted his own sadistic way of torturing and killing. By no means is he evolving into your typical serial killer, but into a murderer who will defy conventionality. Read
camping in cape cod seems fun, but in this true story, it gets scary Read

Short Story / Horror

May 03, 2022

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In een stad waart de pest rond. Ook de jonge Genoveva wordt er het slachtoffer van. Haar familie slaat op de vlucht, en haar vader sluit haar op om haar eenzaam laten te sterven. Maar dan verschijnt de pestdokter op het toneel... Read

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Just one nibble of a forbidden fruit can leave you simply breathless. Read

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Melanie travels with a few others to the woods of Ireland in search of an ancient legend. Read

Short Story / Horror

May 01, 2022

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What's it like being a vampire in the south? Where the heat grazes against your undead skin while pride and prejudice fuels your hunger with such ferocity. Do you mind your manners like a true southern belle, or give into your desires? Read

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"Wow! what an interesting take. Very engaging and well written." Read

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The gods never made a creature more foul than the cockatrice. Its gaze paralyses, its breath sickens, and its bite turns living flesh into stone. But if Gould is going to get back into the good graces of his crime lord boss, he needs to capture one and bring it… Read
another apocalypse related story but with a very different Story and Nightmare. Read

Short Story / Horror

April 24, 2022

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Een broer houdt erg veel van zijn zus, omdat hij niemand anders heeft op de wereld. Zij woont in een oud huis dat aan het vervallen is. Hij wil haar verrassen met een geweldig cadeau, maar tegelijkertijd een spectaculaire grap uithalen... Read

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