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Horrors from Crab-Crossing is a series novel that runs like a trailer. It has similar main characters as protagonists who are a team of detectives that investigate several horrors that take place in Crab-Crossing. This is the first part-Part I and tells the story of a librarian that is forced… Read More

Writing Contest / Horror

February 18, 2017

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One sentence story contest. Read More

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Halloween is near! For all of those fear loving writers out there, this is the perfect contest for you! Write your scariest in this horror contest! Read More

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Write a short horror story Read More

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Remember to have fun. Read More

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Writing Contest!! Dead Lori is back seeking your talents!! This contest is all about writing prompts Lets see if you have the guts to go though with it! Read More

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Hello everyone. I want play a game. Here are the rules: Object: Come up with the creepiest horror monster you can think of. Weapons: Choose your monster's weapon(s). Put your monster's name and your name by the weapon. Describe your monster in the comments. Or put up a picture. Butcher… Read More

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Short Story Horror Contest with Word Prompt. Entry Submission Date: 25/05/16 Read More

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There was someone else in the house that night too..... Read More

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Mirror Face was a legend in the small town of Darkridge. 5 years ago he slaughtered 6 students at Darkridge High. Soon after he was found and shot to death by the police department. The town, in fear of what might happen if they acknowledged what happened never spoke of… Read More

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may the best horror poem win Read More

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"End it like Dino Comp" Read More
"Sometime in the not to distant future, the world is being consumed by overpopulation. The world's resources are running out faster than we had anticipated. Scientists have mapped out how long we all have to live, and with the numbers that we've been hearing on the news...we only have a… Read More
Due on August 15th. Entries accepted until August 13th. Leave a comment below if you want to enter and also comment when you wrote your story. Read More

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Horror Contest! Read More

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Horror contest for those who dare bring out the beast from within. Read More