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"I am surrounded by beautiful things… but I am not one of them." Agent Alyssa Rawkesby never thought she'd relate so strongly to a serial killer's letter. But the moment she reads it, she knows there is no going back - she must find the notorious Belladonna Killer, even if… Read More
Streaming consciousness as a literary device, as interpreted by Virginia Woolf can be a very trying read. Best left to interpret by students of literature and best avoided by lay readers who read for enjoyment. Read

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This is part 1 of my new and original series, Book Savy! In this series I take book suggestions, read it and then give a review on it! Read

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Ghost Buddy by Arman Read

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A book review about Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear by Emmy Barnes. Read

Book Review / Humor

October 22, 2014

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I'm not finished with this story yet (no where near finishing actually) but I would really love some intro feedback on whether or not I should keep writing and where the readers would like to see it head to. Thanks a TON! Read

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Book Review of the latest book in the series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Enjoy. :) Read

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It is the Hindi film review of CHASHME BADDOOR. Read

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The lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan is old and new material taken from Mr. Hemmerle’s shows and woven into a powerhouse of hardcore comedy. There’s comedy everywhere in life and this novel will exploit that as a fact. From “Let’s bolt a cannon to the hood of my car" to… Read

Book Review / Humor

January 19, 2012

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About Elf the movie (: Read

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Is sex is needed in today’s love, I know you people you will say Yes, Then I have to take it the reality, that today I have to go for successful sex or physical relation to have a great Love? Read

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The title says it all. Read

Book Review / Humor

September 28, 2009

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O.K. so here's the details. Book: New Moon; twilight saga #2 Author: Stephanie Meyer. Alright so we got some problems with the vampires, wolves, and relationship trouble. Here are some situations Bella gets in and what I would do if it were me. Basically this is what I would do… Read

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Hmmm... ever read twilight (sorry the first page) and go 'Where the hell is the plot?' or better yet 'Yawn she'll end up with him and be a vampire' just by reading the first line? And then you have to put up the with thousands or thousands of pages describing… Read

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This is Pro AND Con. Mostly Con. :)This is my POV on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. No offense intended, this is just my opinion. Read