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Poem / Romance

December 31, 1969

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It's hard to describe the bond two people share; the inimitable and often the whimsical subtlety of a world created when two hearts join as one. Read More

Featured Review by Melancholic Wisdom

"Such a sweet and romantic write. I agree with you, it's almost like the dictionary doesn't have the proper words to describe this connection. Tw..." Read More

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We must eat healthy for a good life as well as exercise. But doesn't bacon have a place in this ? Read More
If cats could talk, what would they say to each other? This piece will have three cats, sitting around talking about what goes on in their daily lives. Read More

Essay / Humor

December 25, 2018

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just some stuff that has happen to me over the years, maybe some of you can relate to it. Read More

Essay / Humor

December 13, 2018

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This addition is via the kind encouragement of hullabaloo22. Hope it's not anti-climactic. (despite my use of that last word, I tried to avoid all naughty redefine; though many did enter my mind) Read More

Essay / Humor

November 27, 2018

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I love words, I love playing with them and changing them just for the simple pleasure of it. Here's a few of them from my book of new definition... Read More

Essay / Humor

November 24, 2018

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What concerns me is the number of news reports about the Tokkeloshe, ghosts, black magic, evil spells, witches and witchcraft. Read More

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Fond memories of a twisted childhood in the suburbs, despite the fact that eventually both of my parents died in maximum security penitentiaries. Read More

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The magazine for 'get off my lawners' Read More

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Chasing my EGO is a constant endeavor, as it probably is with most of us. Doing a wood-burning of myself that I viewed as funny but vain, I decided to write my thoughts on EGO. Read More
Based on a number of true stories from my teen years in Stow, Ohio. Read More

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Please, grow up! Read More

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Expect mighty things from mighty Norwegians. Read More

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Yes, it's exactly what you think. Read More
The Midwest of the 60s and 70s: Where mystery "loaf" meats had a fighting chance to survive. Read More