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Book / Fantasy

December 31, 1969

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Welcome to the Planet Crisis, where things are not so different from our own Earth. As the world enjoys the splendor of wealth and good fortune, dark forces are moving within, forces that fester in the Planet like a disease threatening its very existence. It is now up to an… Read More

Miscellaneous / Humor

November 16, 2019

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OOPS Read More


Miscellaneous / Humor

August 17, 2019

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Just to start something new and not in something new. Always hoping there is something to start even you don't know where to begin as always but you keep going and you always turn out to start again something new. Read More


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The greatest lessons can be learned from the most absurd of encounters. Read More

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Just having fun with local seasonal happenings. Read More

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A Parody of Ice Ice Baby if the dog in cover picture could RAP... Read More
Hello! Thanks for checking out my story! This was originally for my class, but we still haven't presented them yet, so I want to share mine online! Also, the reason the story type is miscellaneous is because I don't know how to describe what type of story it is. It… Read More

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This is a fan fiction based off of the hit TV series, "The Office". I would love feedback so feel free to comment. Find out what the clink really was like for Prison Mike. Featuring Dementors (NOT the ones from Harry Potter, according to Michael). Read More

Miscellaneous / Humor

March 23, 2019

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Short, silly rhyme. Read More

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This was made with thanks to Read More

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Draft of a stand-up comedy routine. Read More

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Lost, and not found Read More

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This is what happens when everybody is tired all the time. Read More

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A reflection of my old writing style using two incomplete stories I found in Google Docs. Read More

Miscellaneous / Humor

November 29, 2018

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a lighter approach to insomnia Read More

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Trump lost the house and now there's a possibility of Democrats forming a committee to see if Trump had Russian ties rig the elections. The following piece is taken from the trail scene of A Few Good Men were Colonel Jessup fires back at Kaffee. Enjoy. Read More

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Just wondering. Read More
I suggest we up date the names of the days of the week to something more sensible. Read More

#days, #names, #moes

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I'm a 28-year-old, shut-in, anti-social, anime otaku, gaming, yuri-loving, NEET... what can go wrong? Read More

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Times will be tough for school staff. Read More

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Bravery runs in the family Read More

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This is a satire about commas and their misuse. I hope you appreciate how hard I had to work to misuse every comma in this piece :P Read More

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Is There a problem in the Peppa Pig house? Read this story to find out! Read More

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This is a sample of my magazine. Information to download the full 28 pages is on my News on my main account. Read More

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Tired of your fortune being bland when you open your cookie? Read More

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This text is made up of multiple short stories, each containing two basic links, horror and humour. When reading, please be sure that if any of the sentence's or words seem out of place, or perhaps miss-spelt I (Author) reassure you (reader) that I have just began this small hobby… Read More
This guide for dogs details how to effectively care for and maintain a human. Read More

#dogs, #pets

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This started of a poem but dragged on a bit we have just found out were haven baby number 5 and it was a bit of a shock to say we have been together 16 years and this would of been number 8 but miscarried 3 we cant believe how… Read More

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A review about your favorite treat,a cookie Read More

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Wake up, look at list Read More
A satire/prediction based on 2016's disaster. Credit goes to RD and VB for the majority of the second and fourth articles Read More