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The sad story of a white man with a black woman deep inside struggling to be set free. "I knew then that deep inside, as a man, I would always have a woman inside striving to be herself with a woman in need of satisfaction, and that it made no… Read More

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September 19, 2020

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Another NYC segment done Dark Night style. Enjoy! Read More

#dark, #night, #nyc, #corona

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September 18, 2020

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I used wee quotes from the movie Alien. Adjusted them to be not exact, but close. It's condensed to be a very short clip, as if you were watching a movie trailer. Enjoy! Read More

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Rob is tasked with selling a project to a distributor, but the distributors’ strict adherence to Scientology gets in the way. McKenzie finds herself on the other side of her boyfriend’s increasingly pathetic melancholy since he lost his job and needs to whip him into shape without invalidating his feelings.… Read More
Everything you always wanted to know about underwear but were afraid to ask, in a humorous, rhyming two-hander. Read More

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Brian and Lindsay go on a quest to find an important timepiece that Lindsay pawned, but when they realize that their enemy is in possession of it, they find themselves in deep trouble with his friends. Read More

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In mid-1980s New York City, recent business school graduate Brian Sarandon is working at his father's Savings & Loan empire, but feels suffocated by his father's influence, and aims to free himself of it. His roommate, a DJ and club owner named Lindsay, is being pressured to take on a… Read More

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Rob becomes very competitive when Whitney puts on a contest to see who can earn the most money for Stone Productions through Cameo. Bonnie grows frustrated when she finds out there’s a lot of overlap between her OnlyFans viewers and her Twitch channel viewers. Miles has to figure out how… Read More

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In a world of shrinking job expectations, our Lord and Savior is always available for free consultations. Read More

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Misadventures of a group of aspiring actors in a Hollywood rooming house. Read More

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August 28, 2020

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This is a story of a poor farmer and his daughter . The farmers hardwork and daughters ignorance and later how she got a self realisation . Read More

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August 27, 2020

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Pardon me, I have a sick sense of humor, lol... Read More

#evil, #vs, #good

Whitney commissions Rob and McKenzie to influence the Democratic National Convention's message on China, at the behest of their new Chinese business partners. Luther argues with Evelyn over whether her father was a bad person because he was a cop. Hannah debates whether or not to notify Xandra of an… Read More
Robert and Imogen throw a pod party for their official wedding, an outdoor ceremony where every participant is required to have submitted proof that they tested negative on a COVID test and isolated for two weeks beforehand. Rob and Imogen feud over the Chinese direction he’s taken the decoration of… Read More
This is a short screenplay. I wrote it but the characters and story was created by Casey Serbergi and Duncan Carroll. Read More

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In the season two finale, Oliver is forced to find a job so he can pay for college next semester, but finds where he ends up less than satisfactory. Kelly entertains an offer from Charlie. Roy grapples with how to get closer to the Lord again. Sheffield prepares for the… Read More

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In the series finale of Justice Delayed, Vince and Meixiang are forced to abandon their hideout and flee to greener pastures. Randall tries to save his ex-girlfriend from prosecution while assuring his own eventual plea deal will remain solid. Ashton has to figure out a way to hide from the… Read More

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Oliver and Naomi are forced to move Colton to a remote location after a P.I. begins poking around about his whereabouts, Charlie and Nancy endeavor to get the nurses' union on their side in a move against Caldwell, and Stephanie and Andy attend an ill-advised "going away" party for Andy. Read More

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#blue, #sonic

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Humorous exploits of a no-account, gluttonous, fatso mama’s boy in a Queens diner, trapped between a hot-to-trot waitress and a doting mother. TV sitcom. Read More

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Vince and Meixiang, their looks now defiled by underground plastic surgeons, take advantage of this by seeking out a person who can help them get to Mexico. Randall is confronted by an old flame. John decides to cooperate with the feds without a deal in writing. Read More

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Oliver investigates who is behind the sudden influx of discreet blood commerce in Evanston. Kelly tries to throw Oliver off the scent, while she deals with guilt over her involvement with Caldwell. Sheffield hounds Charlie about his construction spell. Read More

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Vince and Meixiang are forced by Randall to do a series of humiliating chores for him and conspires to escape Randall’s grasp. Detectives Jones and Penniman search for Vince, Ashton, Randall and Meixiang. Ashton is tasked with expanding business in Dallas but has trouble initially. Read More

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Oliver and Naomi obsess over finding Colton in the weeks since he’s gone missing, so they can prevent him from hurting more people. Roy joins protests against police brutality in Chicago and is harassed by CPD due to his suspected involvement in the death of Harold Lennon. Stephanie and Andy… Read More

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Oliver is forced to turn Colton to save his life, and then help Naomi with the aftermath. Charlie feels underappreciated by Caldwell, so he aims to prove himself valuable to his business partners in Davie's Sports Bar. Kelly struggles with a decision over whether to help Caldwell or not. Read More

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Vince and his associates hide, trying to figure out how to avoid getting killed by the Crips. Ashton is forced to show up to court and submit formally to a weapons charge and a charge of distributing ecstasy and has to work out a legal strategy with his lawyer as… Read More

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I am one of the many big fans of the ‘Seinfeld’ show who was disappointed in the final episode. The following is the final episode I would have liked to have seen. Enjoy. Read More

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Oliver becomes crueler as his addiction to human blood gets worse. Roy decides to embrace nihilism in the face of misfortune. Sheffield and Tricia negotiate with Charlie to rent the land he owns for the new Davie's Sports Bar. Kelly struggles with her magics. Read More
Rosalie Hefflewhite mans the front desk of a Hollywood literary-talent agency, field phone calls, mostly from a boyfriend who keeps bleeding her for money. Finally, in a glorious flourish, they flee the Hollywood madness. (This is part of my "Biff Bang" collection of one-act plays on Amazon, more than 30… Read More

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The aftermath of Ashton and Vince's murder of Henry Tessman spins out of control- with Randall on the war path and John reconsidering whether he wants to be involved with Vince and the Crips at all in light of increasing law enforcement scrutiny. Josh and Francesca grow closer. Read More

Script / Humor

April 30, 2020

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This is a play about working in the box office of a movie theater. Read More

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In this send-up of Mitch McConnell, his terrible politics, and his obstructive behavior, Kentucky sweetheart Lulumay has a mad crush on Mitch, invites him to dinner with daddy, and they wind up in a passionate clinch. (Originally intended as a Saturday Night Live sketch.) Read More

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This award winning comedy monologue has a 'heroic' twist in the tail... Read More