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Adyta was a place unlike any other. Knowledge from another world could have made it the fiercest empire in history, but the king was too kind for that. Four friends prospered within this beautiful city, even as one went to fight. It was not any one particular enemy to fight,… Read More

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Spencer attempts to sabotage Annex in the wake of recent success. Brian is confused as to what to do. After Thomas Loveman is incapacitated and Brian and Lindsay see an opportunity to use that to save Annex. Lindsay becomes frustrated while managing Jack as it feels like raising a child,… Read More

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Brian and Nina are alarmed when Brent goes missing in Hansbay. Lindsay and Savannah are alarmed when FBI counterintelligence officers come by asking questions. Brent finds himself in the clutches of the Cardova Family. Read More

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Brian is determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering Nina. Spencer approaches the Gambinos, asking for permission to make a move on Annex. They have one condition. Jack is totally oblivious when a gay man hits on him at Annex, and he seeks to become his friend. Read More
Rob reconciles with his dad, now that he’s a born-again preacher, and seeks his advice as to whether he should choose to win Imogen back or start dating Colleen. Whitney feels overwhelmed by the process of selling Miles’ movie while Hannah hassles her to make their relationship official. McKenzie runs… Read More

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Brian and Nina try to figure out a way to protect Brent now that the mafia is after him. Lindsay and Savannah try to recapture their youth now that a possible jail term is staring them in the face. Brent finds it hard to hide after his father turns him… Read More
The Hood’s social calendar differs greatly from the average retired couple’s, and is more profitable. Reading time: 50 minutes Read More

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Rob gets Colleen her own apartment and has to sneak around to shake tabloid tails as he teaches her to live independently, creating a low hum of tabloid buzz about a potential affair. Hannah brings on Bonnie as a guest on Closure, and Xandra’s jealousy threatens to break up the… Read More

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Brian and Lindsay plan to use Nina and Savannah as spies at Loveman’s corporate HQ. Nina tries to overcome deep shame as she gathers intelligence for Spencer. Lindsay and Savannah find it difficult to work together in the aftermath of their breakup. Read More
A man who has gone dateless for ten years invites his ex-wife to his apartment to get advice for his first date with a younger girl. A 15-minute read. Read More

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While Chief Justice Roberts swears in Joe Biden as President and in the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, Rob and his lawyer James Cordic debate whether to change their strategy as lawyers for the prosecution insist on a six-month jail term. Miles and Whitney travel to Peru to film a… Read More

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False perceptions can be devastating. This comedy is one of eight short plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series. They were translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Read More

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A patient pranking her doctor is a joke until it isn't. Dark comedy. This comedy is one of eight short plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series which was translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Read More

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Is there a bad habit that is a step too far for someone who interests you? This comedy is one of eight plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series that was translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Read More

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Two people discuss the importance of having a life plan versus living by the seat of your pants. This is one of eight short plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series. They were all translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Read More

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Brian returns from three weeks of vacation, determined to find out if he still has his job at Sarandon S&L. Spencer tries to convince Brent Loveman to let him partner with his father on obtaining Annex. Jack works with Savannah to redesign Annex without Lindsay’s knowledge. Read More

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This is a screenplay. Mia has left her boyfriend Beto because she needs time to think about their relationship. In the past few months, she has developed a virtual relationship with her online English teacher, Ana. Who is right for Mia? (Film link: Read More
Adapted from my screenplay: SLAUGHTERFEST ONE, SUMMER BREAK (aka THE AXEMAN COMETH). An attractive girl at a high school dance chooses a pimply guy to be her dance partner, and finds him awkward and standoffish. (In the screenplay, this is the prelude to the axe murderer's onslaught, when the girl… Read More

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Rob tries to appeal to the Christmas spirit of Trey Goodlatte and Colleen Diamond in the wake of their lawsuit against him. McKenzie tries to stand up for her dad when Sheila is mean to him as they gather for Christmas with her and Kevin. Whitney finally appears on Xandra… Read More

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it is a theatrical humour of nigeria problems, solution and hope Read More

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Brian and Lindsay work together to make Annex’s profits appear steep so that the building isn’t sold to Thomas Loveman. Nina hears gossip about Lindsay Royce that she almost can’t help but spread. Savannah loses her job and must find a purpose for her life. Read More

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The Mayor of Los Angeles shuts off Rob’s power after he finds out about his election night party, and he has to figure out how to repair his reputation. Luther’s mom tries to repair his relationship with his father when he and Evelyn visit for Thanksgiving. Evelyn assists Hannah with… Read More

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Brian gets turned off when Nina says something odd during sex. Lindsay becomes jealous of an up-and-coming DJ working his club. Brent tries to convince his father he’s not a failure. Read More

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It’s November 3rd, 2020, Election Day all across America, and everyone in Stone Productions hunkers down for a potentially long night as President Trump and Vice President Biden square off. Rob hosts another “pod party” at his house. Rob becomes so horrified by the early results, that he is heavily… Read More

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A man and woman engaged in separate cell phone conversations discover they know each other from their years working in the stunt flying business. Yes, the Flying Medusas, a legendary female stunt flying outfit and look out, here they come!!! Read More

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An architectural firm is force to lay off all of its staff and merge with a lingerie company, sharing headquarters. All of its staff but one -- Merilee Hudson, secretary and resident tarot reader. She is tasked with leading the company out of this mess, but finds herself in an… Read More

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Ne'er-do-well teen brothers try to rescue camp cuties from monster moose stampede in the wilds of Maine. Cutest durn script you'll ever read. Read More

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The shooting date for Alien AIDs and Human Slaves is moved way up, and after actors drop out, Miles is forced to hire Rob, McKenzie and Bonnie for major roles. Rob and Bonnie quarrel over their acting choices. Kevin is conflicted over his feelings for Evelyn. Miles tries to impress… Read More

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October 19, 2020

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Brian becomes obsessed with using his Christmas bonus to impress Nina. Spencer tries his best to bond with Melinda during their weekend together. Jack tries to pair his mother up with Lindsay. Read More

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Tongue-in-cheek cell phone conversation between an estranged father trapped in a Katrina-like hurricane and his daughter, who is trying to bring about reconciliation between him and his wife. (This is part of the "Biff Bang, American Hero & Other Plays" collection available on Amazon and as an ebook on numerous… Read More