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"Awww this was so sweet! I really enjoyed this." Read More

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Joe Benvenuto, who went by the name of Joe Yesterday, is all washed up, or so his pal Paulie tells him. He tries to rehab himself, and rescue his relationship with an old flame. Read
In celebration of ten years having passed since the first episode of The Donahues was completed, we check up on our favorite dysfunctional family. Ryan and Catherine consider leaving California. Ethan must fend off a brewing scandal and an increasingly jealous wife. Jacob and Renee deal with financial troubles. Madeline… Read
Third and final part of the Sexual Relations series, three connected short films. Romantic comedy. Parts One and Two: Sexual Relations; Sexual Relations: The Complication (also on Booksie) Read

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In the final episode of Brian, Contra, Brian reevaluates his life in the wake of significant and tragic events, and decides to take it in a new direction. Lindsay and Savannah also leave their old life behind and start anew elsewhere, with a love for the revolution deep in their… Read

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Brian and Nina have a falling out. Lindsay watches in dismay as his business falls apart due to Brian's malfeasance. Savannah prepares to leave Monika's behind. Brenda and Ruth make a commitment. Spencer feels the walls closing in. Read

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Brian resorts to desperate measures to pay off debts and keep his loved ones safe. Lindsay and Savannah welcome Emma Goldman Royce-Scanlon into the world. Lindsay looks over Five-Alarm's finances. Brenda handles a PR catastrophe. Spencer rides high on a successful IPO. Jack finds love. Savannah agrees to commit to… Read

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Brian gets into gambling and meets an intriguing college student. Lindsay and Savannah expect a child. Jack gives dating a try. Brenda gets blackmailed. Nina is dismayed when her apartment is robbed. Read

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Brian takes a hard line in labor negotiations. Lindsay tries to manipulate Nina. Jack runs to Lindsay and Savannah for help. Brenda and Ruth become acquainted. Spencer frets over his finances. Savannah is convince to advise an anarchist group about co-ops. Read

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Brian and Lindsay dispute with the stripper's union, and with each other, over financial priorities at Five-Alarm. Savannah and Lindsay plan for their future. Jack copes with his mom's long absence. Brenda combats transphobia in the night club world. Spencer tries to make sure Melinda goes to a decent college.… Read

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Ah, Christmas time is here. And you know what that means. People putting up their decorations. shopping for gifts for their family. Shopping for food for the Christmas dinner. Spending time with love ones. But before that happens. You need to find a tree. So, the man goes out driving… Read
# 1) Dark horse. Oh, a stallion. # 2) Darkest hours just before dawn. Means, let the sun sleep another few hours. # 3) Dark side. Then I want the other side the same. # 4) Date rape. Won't go on another for awhile. # 5) Davey Jones locker. Jesus,… Read
Name: I forget, can you tell me? Phone #: Guess it. Address: Nowhere near this place. Patient Name: The one I'm here to pick up. The one that I dropped off. Patient Phone #: He's been in here the entire time. Other Names: Trust me, I do have other names… Read
ENVY- Another word that describes envy is "jealousy." So the next time your feeling that sin. Use the word in this sentence: "Man, she's really envy of you." GLUTTONY- other words that describe gluttony are "hungry" or "starving." So, the next time you're feeling that sin. Use the word in… Read

Script / Humor

September 27, 2021

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In the Bloodless series finale, Oliver and Stephanie plan to escape from Barrett's clutches. Kelly, Sheffield and Tricia go to rescue them. Charlie finally gets his wish with Nancy. Sheffield and Tricia fulfill a commitment to one another. Roy pays the price for his crime. Stephanie finally finds her people.… Read

Script / Humor

September 27, 2021

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Oliver is horrified by a sudden change in Stephanie. Kelly finds out Oliver is missing and resolves to take action. Sheffield and Tricia decide to help Kelly in this endeavor. Roy reveals a secret to Erica. Charlie fulfills a debt to Barrett. Read

Script / Humor

September 27, 2021

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Oliver has a falling-out with his shrink and reunites with an old relative. Kelly begins to regret returning to her psychology major. Charlie thinks of old times with Oliver. Roy reveals a secret. Sheffield bristles at the negative reviews for his new film. Tricia is intrigued by a new patron. Read

Script / Humor

September 27, 2021

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Oliver feels a sense of post-college purposelessness and is perturbed that he keeps seeing his deceased brother in the far distance. Kelly and Oliver feud over whether switching her major back to psychology was the right decision. Sheffield works on post-production for his new film, "Ice Cream Man". Tricia struggles… Read

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The idea for this play came to me after watching the film, Goodfellas. There's a scene where Joe Pesci asks Ray Liotta if Ray thinks Joe's a clown. Written in 1994. Read

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Spencer attempts to sabotage Annex in the wake of recent success. Brian is confused as to what to do. After Thomas Loveman is incapacitated and Brian and Lindsay see an opportunity to use that to save Annex. Lindsay becomes frustrated while managing Jack as it feels like raising a child,… Read

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Brian and Nina are alarmed when Brent goes missing in Hansbay. Lindsay and Savannah are alarmed when FBI counterintelligence officers come by asking questions. Brent finds himself in the clutches of the Cardova Family. Read

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Brian is determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering Nina. Spencer approaches the Gambinos, asking for permission to make a move on Annex. They have one condition. Jack is totally oblivious when a gay man hits on him at Annex, and he seeks to become his friend. Read