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Ethan becomes paranoid about Trump sending goons to follow him, and ends up missing Hansbay's Independence Day celebration over it. Kimberly turns fifty, but Luke becomes suspicious about her relationship with Ethan. Ryan and Sarah go camping Japan's Suicide Forest, and learn to appreciate life more Read More

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July 03, 2017

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6 souls is a social awakening play to explain the different type of people living at various level of society. It makes realization about each one contribution for welfare and unity of society. Characters : A Narrator of play Raj - a guide. Jwalaprasad - a wealthy man. Mahesh -the… Read More

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Jacob discovers the plight of the common Townie while working at Shinebox pizza, and elects to try to avoid its entrapments. Ryan is amazed to see his former bandmates, now in a band called “Hallway Depravity”, performing on a Japanese talk show. He seeks to form his own band to… Read More
This is Episode 5 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time! Read More

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June 22, 2017

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Shadow is supernatural thriller of a person haunted by his own shadow and how it makes him realize about his inner sense. Characters : Nitesh - a middle aged government employee. Shadow /God - a dark and poor person. Milkman - a daily milk lender Paperboy - a paper delivery… Read More

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Ryan and Sarah conspire to destroy Ashton to free themselves, Jacob gets a job at a pizza place, Kimberly and Luke spar over where they should move, and Ethan becomes weak after enduring his father's funeral Read More

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Leonard tries to re-connect with his son Ethan, as Ethan attempts to win back Anella's affections, Ryan befriends two of his clients and plans to conspire against Ashton with them, and Jacob becomes concerned he has little in common with his two-year old son during a visit to a water… Read More
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The Donahues returns for its part 4. Ryan and Sarah, now living in Japan, attempt to adjust. Sarah tries to impress her peers in art class, while Ryan tries to find something fun for Sarah and him to do in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Ethan finds himself supporting the Hansbay Dog Park's… Read More

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In the first ever Donahues movie, Sarah goes missing without a trace! And Ryan takes it into his own hands to go and find her. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying desperately to re-connect with his aloof son. Read More
This is Episode 3 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time! Read More
This is Episode 2 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time! Read More
Appleseed is a fictional city in Texas. It's home to a vast amount of wealthy families-all from different backgrounds. This city is just like yours and mine. There's a mayor, a police chief, a couple of lawyers, gays, lesbians-you name it. But unlike our city, this one was built on… Read More

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This was originally a character sketch for a book or script I was going to write, but the project never materialized, so here's a monologue from 6-year-old Anthony Zerkins. It was inspired by my little brother's trouble with homonyms and homophones. Read More

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If you want to add to this or make it better just leave a comment or PM me. It's cool. Read More

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Ode to a shining star, a Texas rose, or maybe even some pantyhose! Read More

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March 09, 2017

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My take on the Channel 4-esque documentary involving someone who suffers with a condition called CLUMSY. Read More

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Jacob Donahue returns from Afghanistan, and pops the question to Renee, Mayor Satch urges Ethan to repeal the limits on his power, but Ethan secretly undermines the repeal efforts and Ryan is determined to locate a couple he recognizes on Instagram Read More

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February 18, 2017

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Oh My friend msg to u Read More

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Ryan and Catherine, sick of the status quo, experiment with homelessness. Jacob and Renzi are sent to rescue Sheila Woods after a new tip as to her whereabouts and Madeline grows wary of Peter's newfound responsibility Read More