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Chapter 1 of a novel Read

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Dear Diary, I am about to start a new chapter of my life. Diary-keeping will be a new activity for me but I trust I will take to it, in no time at all. At last, i can share my many thoughts about the world and describe daily events in… Read

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I wish I could do everything! Read

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A contest to see the most cringe-worthy story on Booksie. Read

Writing Contest / Humor

April 06, 2018

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Tell an entire story in ten words or less. Read

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First attempt at a competition. Love and loathe the challenge of flash fiction. My character has a dilemma. I have attempted to give some back story without removing the action in hand. Although it's tinged with sadness I hope the humour triumphs. Read

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We all have a price what's yours? Read

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Special Writing Contest Preview of my new Romantic Comedy Scripted Story,, This Fall!! Read