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In a world filled with sound, silence is often times a blessing Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"What an emotionally engaging, touching story! I absolutely love it how you choose to focus on such an "insignificant" episode and expand it into..." Read More

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February 10, 2021

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In this short conversation between two friends, there are hidden meanings that build upon each line that they speak until it escalates to the "Joke." Read More

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June 23, 2014

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Just a joke I thought funny Read More

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February 02, 2014

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A not-really-funny-but-hope-you-enjoy story! Actually, a script.. xD Read More

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November 13, 2013

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My Peter Pan Chapter 3, please read and give me feedback, thank you. Read More

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November 13, 2013

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My Peter Pan Chapter 2, enjoy and please give me any form of feedback. Read More

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November 13, 2013

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Disney's Peter Pan in the form of a script into my liking. Enjoy. Read More

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September 25, 2013

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In India the black color is also known as kalla and the person in dark complex is known as kallu and lion also means here as singh and soft is known as komal and underwear is known as chadda ya chadde. Read More

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May 22, 2013

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can a man get period Read More

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Any Summary might spoil the funnnn Read More

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This little sentence explains my whole love life. Read More

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August 22, 2012

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I got so mad for having been deceived by someone. So I scripted this joke. Read More

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A small school written script of a fake potion. We had to present it as it was a paid progamming anuoncement. It was very funny when we presented it. Read More
this is my 2nd joke book hope you enjoy (this book is more funny than the 1st) Read More

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November 20, 2011

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Real funny...please see and comment! Read More

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June 25, 2011

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have you ever wondered where all those people i hate dissapear to? Read More

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or is it....... you'll have to read it. Read More

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November 18, 2010

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I'm not really the best at jokes but you be the judge. Read More

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Just a little piece of artwork to go along with a poem I wrote with it. Read More

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a great laugh of my fav jokes in the form of screenplays! ;) Read More

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This is me trying hopelessly to speak, (actually speak) to some of my friends...I was alone at home for days and days on end and desperately needed some human contact. All I was able to do was play on my laptop.........The mind is an amazing breathes, it loves, it… Read More