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“Badass Parenting is like a triple-dark chocolate cheesecake, with a layer of mousse in the middle (hint: the mousse is CJ Scarlet’s humor and style - which helps lighten up the cheesecake!). You will love this book!” Karen Christie, Mom & Grandma Do you love your child and loathe douchey… Read More

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maybe not all of us read cassandra clare books and maybe not all of you know the clockwork stories and of course i am not perfect at writing like cassandra she is a genius but her stories gave me the inspiration to write this story, maybe my stories usually having… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Literary Fiction

September 21, 2021

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Why rely on the truth is the lies is more interesting? Read More

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A novella about a girl, Margaret Parker, who lives in a Lighthouse off Ellis Island. Read More

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a young man walks along a familiar road and experiences the new spring season breeze, imagining what it's like to have his dream fully realized. Read More

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New York, 1953. In the summer in New York, Karen Walker, a housewife, lives on Mabel Street, where the World goes by...unaware of the drama that follows her. The new novel by Robert Helliger. Read More

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Heaven has fallen. God is dead. What lies in store for the universe? Read More

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For the first time in his life, a poor boy is allowed to invite two of his friends to his birthday party. Sadly enough, the party isn't what the boy had expected. It turns out to be less than joyful and festive... Read More

Chapter 2

Book / Literary Fiction

September 17, 2021

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Another good yarn. If they hadn't been so easy-going, Harry and Lucile Wilson might've made it out for tea. Read More

Short Story / Literary Fiction

September 12, 2021

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DAWN is an interesting short story based on fiction. In this story you can find out a soul which starts journey of life. This journey is just an example to reach a destination either it's good or bad. Read More

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A simple domestic scene of a man and his family in the early evening. A stranger appears to be watching them from a car outside their home. Read More

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Marvin Milstead's nuclear family dissolved when he was young. The traditional figure of the father was removed from the basic social unit. Now raised by a single mother, he attempted to come to terms with the awkward social norms of being a 9-year-old in the early 1970s. Visiting other families… Read More
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right in the middle of a procession, he pulls out; to salvage an urgent situation. Although he had to set aside his predicament; to take the burden of another; his effort went unappreciated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Literary Fiction

September 09, 2021

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"Every 100 years, the moon shall shine topaz, lighting the way for those enveloped in despair. Whosoever is fated to live in the light, will be gifted with love on the night of the topaz moon." ??? I have always lived a life of tragedy and despair. I never thought… Read More

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Hampton Roads high is a privileged public school in Virginia Beach, and it's a place where one's status is determined by their family's bank account. In this established environment during the late 90's, seven teenagers from different walks of life will be brought together for a tale of culture collisions,… Read More

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On a balmy quiet evening in Florida’s Palm Tree Paradise eighty-one-year-old Esther Collins headed home after her weekly card game at the clubhouse. Unbeknownst to her, an intruder waits in the shadows to rob her of her precious possessions. When Esther unexpectedly dies, her close ageing neighbors and friends assume… Read More
A man leaves his normal life both suddenly and unexpectedly, afraid of acknowledging his own demons. Read More

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A recently widowed man brings his horse out to a local ranch to have it "bomb-proofed" against loud noises. He is new to the rural community. Both he and his young son are trying to adapt to the many changes life has dealt them and the changes they have made. Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

September 03, 2021

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Short story about a young housewife named Tennessee who reunites with high school friend Kyle “Gator” Erickson who is fighting drug addiction. Read More

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A piece of judging the physical based on false projection and notions of perfection. Read More

Poem / Literary Fiction

August 29, 2021

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hello, this is the first poem i've ever written. Read More
Mere mundane abilities become super powers Read More
A short story about an unexpected morning set on New Zealand's east coast (previously called A Bushy Tale, but renamed after I realised there was another book out there using that name!). Written with Kiwi-yarn style humour. I did the art-work myself too, hope you get a kick out it! Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

August 26, 2021

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A middle-aged man who's lived his whole life in a small Midwestern town is suddenly reconnected with a friend from his past and is forced to ask himself whether the way he's been living his life is the way he should be living it. Read More
What's a teacher anyway? They're like people trying to pass as normal, but they're not quite there. I've met some interesting people in my time, but teachers take the cake. Read More

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Margaret Scholes is a 1950's housewife who resents her husband, Mike Scholes. When her life is found to be boring, she decides to spice things up, with terrible consequences. The new novel by Robert Helliger. Read More

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Many people struggle with their mental health. Sometimes you can see when a person is struggling, often times you cannot. This is a work of Literary Fiction. All character names and likelihoods have been crafted from my mind. None of these characters are based on any one person and no… Read More
Reagan comes to realize that sometimes, she does not always know best. When Pepper goes against the rules, it places her in an awkward position. And the object of Lily's desires may finally be hers. Read More

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This book is not related any television series' or books Read More
I dedicate this short story to my mother , Mrs. Krishna Sharma, whom I lost to a dangerous virus on 13th Apr and never had the courage to accept that she had really left us. Her cremation was a painful event. I saw death being dealt in a business like… Read More

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A writer tosses the start of a manuscript in the trash – they’re destined to learn the story wasn’t done with them. 1.250 words. Read More

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An attempt at an Alan Bennett-style narrative tale. Read More

Chapter 10

Book / Literary Fiction

August 04, 2021

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Charlie doesn’t have a care in the world. But when bad news comes, he manages to make the worst of a bad situation. Follow Charlie and his comrades in this pathetic but dank adventure. Read More

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"This is such a realistic/relatable chapter! I really like how sweet the breakfast scene was - it really captured that comfy, no-place-like-home ..." Read More