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Writing Contest / Other

December 31, 1969

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The Review Chain is holding a contest, anyone is welcome to join. Read More

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Short Story / Action and Adventure

December 31, 1969

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The road from downtown Quito out and around to Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s highest peak, takes about an hour and a half to negotiate. Actually there are several dirt roads that branch off when one begins to near the national park, but they all lead to the same base camp part way… Read More

Featured Review by HorsesPlease19

"You did well in researching Ecuador's background and in developing a variable writing style that fits the main character's circumstances. Well d..." Read More

meditation in blank verse Read More
We love to be the center of attention. The masks we wear to accomplish this. For one solitary man, that type of attention can have serious effect. When the mask is worn day in and day out and starts to tear and shred, it's time to evaluate: Should I take… Read More
Church gals have no business dancing so closely with men and staying out so late... Read More
Not sure I'll be part of the story now... Read More
A young girl moves to a new town and soon becomes caught in the usual teenage troubles with a shocking twist. Read More
stream of consciousness of a little boy who has realised that he is about to grow up Read More
A short...fiction story my "Other self" [LamiaCor] made. Enjoy. Read More
This is a short section of the Korbl novel. It's part of the twist in the sl. This is NOT a complete work. Read More
We each have our own demons to face, we can support each other through it, but we have to live it on our own... Read More
You said B-1 agreed with the order to install a drunken,dullard, brainwashed,easily controlled B-2 into office. you said the next man the order installed,would be such a political sensation.Such a global jaw dropper. Due to him being black he would be the perfect distraction to anyone perhaps a little too… Read More
This is an unfinished project. It is the story of a girl named Kat, though we only know her through other people's interactions with her. Who Kat is depends on the viewpoint of the people she meets. Her past, present and future are not entirely clear to each person she… Read More

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This was written when I was going through something of an emotional coma. I know it's pretentious for someone to write something that's reflected from them, but since I'm an amateur I can't really help that. Read More
when a failure sleeps, never think he/she is resting... Read More
I leave the interpretation of the breeze to each individual. However, I relate to as anything in life that we attach meaning too. Read More
Just something that ran across my mind. Read More
Death. Even such a morbid thing can become the norm when faced with it day by day, a never ending rota of bowed heads and crying relatives. Nurse Katherine Morgan sees Death everyday, its in her foremost thoughts when she leaves for work and it follows her home stained upon… Read More
A reaction to Toni Morrison's, Jazz... Read More
In this story, a young man of a particular, introverted nature experiences his life slowing down as he faces death. (Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, any similarities between characters and real life persons is coincidental.) Read More
Never play with a girl's emotions it might just eat her up inside and make her want to die. Read More
A text that I'm writing and not sure about its completion or form. Anyway I'll post it everytime I complete a thousand words. Would love your comments, Thank you. Read More
A short story of my feelings. Read More
This is basically a few of my thoughts and feelings put into writing about Life and Life's moments. Read More
Adult erotica. Bi sexual (2 females) Read More

Miscellaneous / Literary Fiction

January 26, 2013

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Sex in public places, oral sex Read More
A fictional work on the invention of ideas. Somewhat of a conspirtorial piece regarding the birth of great ideas that change the world. -Pt.1 Read More
The struggles of having feelings when you have somebody abusive. Read More
Characters continue to settle and revolve in the second part of this sci-fi mystery. The plot indeed thickens, and someone will have Hell to pay. Enjoy and thank you for reading. Read More
The first part (mind you, again, this is a work in progress) of this sci-fi mystery introduces several characters, all of whose attributes, physical or otherwise, change regularly. Death becomes even more of an abstraction in this first segment. Enjoy and thank you for reading. Read More