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Short Story / Flash Fiction

December 31, 1969

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Flash Fiction in 200 words or less (Flash Fiction Contest Summer 2019) Read More

Featured Review by HMBaker

"Incredible what you can do with few words! Excellent!" Read More

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Poem / Horror

December 31, 1969

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Featured Review by tom mcmullen

" Great horror poem Burning Sage, better than female Viagra!" Read More

These are the characraters for the story I will be making. The story is going to be my version of Harry Potter. Copyright given to J.K. Rowling for making Harry Potter in the first place. Read More
Just "pictures" visualizing the characters of "Bleed Like Us" Read More
In this riveting short story by creative writer, Tabatha Seppala, middle aged couple, Tom and Janet Jensen, continue to try and regain their footing after the sudden and tragic death of their teenaged son, Evan. Read More
A brief examination of relationships, more to come. Read More

Reads: 240

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Drops of rain could be magical at times! Few people seem to realize that, but She did...Just another piece of writings i undertook after actually experiencing every bit of it! Read More
I wrote this piece of work five years after the death of my mom. Through this frivolous writing began the pleasure and satisfaction i get everytime i pen down my emotions. This is about a girl, Kate, who lost her mother, but she is fighting every single day to be… Read More
This is the first chapter of an idea that i have yet to work on further. Read More
A teaser of my book, out hopefully in December 2011. This particular excerpt is from Chapter 6, titled "The Ruins". Jason Knightly, an archeologist, is searching for the key of all keys - The Ellesmere Codex. This chapter is set in Ellesmere Island, a part of Canada, and it is… Read More
This is a stream of consciousness writing. Enjoy. I would appreciate feedback. Read More
Ensemble of an inspiration Read More


Imagining the final moments before the lights permanently go out in someone's life. Recreating the scene with particular sensory ambiance. Read More
Not one of my best works, I must admit. Read More
I just want some opinions on this plot/storyline it's rough so just bare with me if you can :) Please be honest with me because if you guys like it this will become a novel. Read More
A preview for a part of my graphic novel Cynanthropy. Read More
Does an outsider have any say in love? Read More
Have I gone astray? Read More
it about tis south boston wife that has put up with her husband Joe has been cheating on her for a while. she tells him off. Read More
Many of you will not understand this work. It is not something easily understood. I wrote it a while go, but decided to polish it a bit and post it here. Read More
Four strangers enter an elevator on Christmas Eve. Read More
Here we have the beginnings of what might one day become a novel. Its rough, off the cuff and generally unpolished. Otherwise I hope you enjoy. Or don't. Read More
The feeling was too good to be true... Read More
Inspired by the most beautiful snowfall I have ever seen while waiting in the campus pub between classes. Read More
The beginning of an RP me and my friend did a few years back Read More


A monologue of Julius Ceasar in heaven... or hell... Read More
i read anne franks diary recently and decided to write her a letter Read More
A conscience is revealed even though it looks like a monster Read More
a long day at work, an emotionally challenging week, high levels of anxiety and indecision colored my evening as vibrant as the city scaped sunset. the moon came out, a bright crescent in the clear autumn night's sky. tears and confusion blurred my vision but the moon kept my depression… Read More
a tangled mess of two lives; both juxapositioned between two extremely different scenes. Read More
Okay so I have problem so can you please hel mee! I didnt know what to put this as so I put in Literary Fiction. Read More
The story of love, revenge and the darkness within you. My darkest work so far. Read More
French patron saint Read More
Want your own character to be in Poraxi? Tell me about them! Read More
This is a short emotional paragraph from the perspective of her lover about a girl who just got her heart broken. Read More
Just the beginning to the beginning, i have no idea where it will take me...hope you come along for the ride :) Read More