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A young boy's love for his grandfather crosses the barriers of time Read More

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There is always drama surrounding sports, in this case, whether it be on the court or off. The act of pay-for-play for college athletes is illegal, however, the temptation for many student athletes is too strong to deny. Nevertheless, pay-for-play is almost always a sure way to taint one's career,… Read More

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September 05, 2017

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"Battles" is about the struggles of the main characters in the story. Each of them go through a very sickening, saddening, dark struggle and it feels like they aren't even alive, they feel dead in some shape or form. This script has heroes and villains, and whether you are a… Read More

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Jesus mary and joseph are the father and the mother of Emmanuel Gideon Ngbede from the holy and blessed family of mr. and mrs Edoh Emmanuel wonder Of his holiness and blessed town of Iwili Adoka, lga of otukpo in Benue state Nigeria in Africa continent. Read More

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A script with no genre. A romance with no love. Disenchanted covers the death of innocence, the tragedy of change, and the beauty of redemption through the use of various musical numbers. Disenchanted is a musical script written with songs by the popular rock band: My Chemical Romance. All song… Read More

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A Short Drama In Four Acts For Three Performers By Ben Khamis Read More

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A play about you, me or Anyman. Read More

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This script is arbitrary reflections of a man who is living in this world and tries to explore the meaning of our existence with his own way of searching and experience. The structures of the script is random and will be depends on the state of mind. The narratives are… Read More

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Three ball players are sitting in a dugout during the afternoon. There are other players, bats, gloves, and seeds scattered throughout the dugout. At the steps of the dugout stands their manager. The three ball players mind the volume of their conversation. Their team trails by 5 runs, and it… Read More

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A unnamed man prepares to face his destiny Read More

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Two people confront their dire love for each other at the end of the world Read More

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The true life drama of receiving news that my cousin died in an accident. Read More

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I have zero experience in regards to formally writing a script, so this is just my attempt at writing some sort of synopsis or an introduction to the plot. Help me out? Any feedback is good feedback. Read More

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Are you talking to yourself when you talk to yourself? Maybe not! One man's problems with an inner voice. Read More

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October 24, 2014

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A very short one act play (1500 words) about life, death, and loss. Read More

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A woman at a residence has become an outcast because of a personality change Read More
This script was created off a writing prompt consisting of a human packed in a package much like a whole chicken. This story visits five minutes in the reverse world of chickens eating and having a weekly meal of human. What will happen when young CHEEP makes the dinner for… Read More
The is a script I started a few days ago. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to post it because I plan on using it for publishing. But, here is part of it. And when I say parts, I mean PARTS! Like ideas for scenes. But, I think you'll… Read More

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Story about a person's dreams and reality Read More