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Branded as a monster, a cyborg spends his days in a dark room. One day, an android, a being superior to a cyborg, decides to attempt to befriend the ostracized cyborg. However, the cyborg sees the android as an annoyance as opposed to a potential ally. After this, things start… Read More

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Locked in a cell, the only chance for human connection is a simple string. Read More

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A short story inspired by my environs here in Madrid. A darkly humorous imagining of what some of my neighbors get up to. Read More

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I wrote this down after I had a dream that brought me to tears one night in the middle of the pandemic. After reading my account of my dream multiple times, I feel like it could hold some importance as a documentation of how it feels to be alive at… Read More
The story presents a different perspective of darkness and eternity. The central idea is, like darkness erases or clouds the aspects such a direction, distance and shape of beings so does eternity; span of life is endless then, time loses its meaning, age becomes irrelevant and most sadly the anticipation… Read More
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This is a satire on Post-Colonialism. Read More

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A short story about the dangers of nationalism and violence against outsiders, this piece was partially inspired by my own experiences growing up in an NYC suburb in the shadow of the events of 9/11. It touches upon the occasional ugliness and cruelty of children spurred on by the larger… Read More

Short Story / Literary Fiction

November 04, 2021

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A story of young writer's dream to get published and his struggle with unforeseen circumstances that lead him away from his dream. Read More

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Plant Thief aka PT, Lenny, Bard and Toddler live in Nora's house. This evening, Doctor Zombie visits for dinner. Just another day in the tiny house on the riverbank. Read More

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A reserved young boy, Sam, goes out fishing alongside members of the island fishing community. He quickly learns that they do not welcome him. His rough experience takes a turn when he makes an unexpected friend. Read More

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Chad struggles to keep hold of Maggie when the influence of new religioius friends threatens to tear them apart. Read More

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Wrote for myself don't know what I'm going to do with it. First time writing a story, main character is pretty much a stand in for myself. It's about a troubled girl who decides to write a story. Read More
A man loses his family and daughter due to his arrogant and machoistic views, and then must come to terms with what he has done and change his ways, before fixing his relationship with his estranged daughter. Read More

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An account of an ancient life fueled by greed and bloodlust. Read More

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Beware of the masked strangers. Behind a fragile disguise lurks a story of one's life. Pass the silent lady at the Carnival, but do not ask questions. For if you feast on human sorrow, the end of your story may be the beginning of hers. Read More

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Tony Pergamo thinks nothing of getting his hands dirty as he kidnaps the daughter of a rival competitor. Despite his wealth, he soon discovers that his plan is set to backfire and no amount of money can get him out of a sticky situation. Read More
Lily and Eric go on their first date. Pepper, who now has a stalker, must decide if she will hide or take a stand. And Reagan, feeling sorry for herself, crosses a line. Read More

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Omisha appeared more beautiful than ever. Her radiant skin, her full lips, her soulful eyes. As I felt fulfilled from inside, she became all the more attractive. While the whole world was afraid of her, I knew she would lead me to my final destination. Read More

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An elderly man who lives alone is followed by both the past and the unknown. Read More

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This is a journal of the experiences of my life. Read More
This is a humble effort to deconstruct the giving away of the Nobel for Prize for Literature Read More

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This is a satire on Military Coups. Read More
Slices of my life in hospital and in between residency. Being something of a transient at present, these reflections are just musings and thoughts. Read More
Divorced, loss of three daughters, low income, Gordy living alone in his cabin, sets out to find work as a yardman. Fortune awaits Gordy unexpectedly, that will change his and the grand lady from England he befriends. But there will be an obstacle along the way, and to overcome it… Read More
Brittney writes a letter to an old nursing colleague recounting her trip after leaving her nursing job and embarking on a cross country journey to find herself Read More
Is this life? A life? That's what Logan got... life sometimes gives a lot, sometimes not much. Read More

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It is a basic story set in a fictional town about someone who wishes to protect others and help them through their troubled times. There is a social message. There's so much more. Read More

Short Story / Literary Fiction

September 27, 2021

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once there was man. , , , a creature of habit and of obsession. a mortal creation with manifestations of curiosity and guile. Read More

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a young man walks along a familiar road and experiences the new spring season breeze, imagining what it's like to have his dream fully realized. Read More

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Heaven has fallen. God is dead. What lies in store for the universe? Read More

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For the first time in his life, a poor boy is allowed to invite two of his friends to his birthday party. Sadly enough, the party isn't what the boy had expected. It turns out to be less than joyful and festive... Read More