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His father left when he was a child to find the treasure of the stars, his mother passed away, he hasn't seen his uncle in years, and with the appearance of the royal army on South Breeze Island, things aren't looking on the bright side for Hunter. What he can… Read More
Unconcerned If I were a cat, I’d sit in a window unconcerned watching a topsy-turvy world spinning out of control. Unconcerned, I could purr at the cute, rambunctious little boys and girls over yonder on the schoolyard playground. Unconcerned, I would look curiously at the cluster of yackety teens walking… Read More

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“My name is Emma. I lost my best friend last summer.” This is how Emma’s story begins. She lost her best friend to leukemia, and she came back from the grief. Read More

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This was extremely difficult, yet fun to write with the word count constraint. It is 199 words long. Read More

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