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It snowed here yesterday and these are some pictures a friend took while we were out for a walk. Read More

Featured Review by Roisin Moriarty

"Lovely poem. I like the short lines, the soft sounding syllables, the imagery, especially "the light is different, lighter, brighter" and "sound..." Read More

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After Texas becomes a war zone, a broken family must fight for survival against a white nationalist military force, without losing themselves in the conflict. Militant nationalism reigns in the Texan Republic in the wake of the dissolution of the United States. Harry Danes is an out-of-work musician in Austin,… Read

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Unconcerned If I were a cat, I’d sit in a window unconcerned watching a topsy-turvy world spinning out of control. Unconcerned, I could purr at the cute, rambunctious little boys and girls over yonder on the schoolyard playground. Unconcerned, I would look curiously at the cluster of yackety teens walking… Read

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“My name is Emma. I lost my best friend last summer.” This is how Emma’s story begins. She lost her best friend to leukemia, and she came back from the grief. Read

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This was extremely difficult, yet fun to write with the word count constraint. It is 199 words long. Read

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Entries in the the contest. Read and Vote for your favourite stories. Read
If you've ever had a bad day starting with the moment you woke up, you will be able to relate to this story. The ending has a bit of a twist that will make you wonder what may, or may not be, our true reality! Read

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Runner-up-Booksie 2022 First Chapter Novel Contest

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"Failing Mr. Fisher" is a novel that covers the first five years of new teacher, Jim Fisher, as he battles indolence, incompetence and a failing educational system that refuses to hold students, parents, and teachers accountable. Chapter one of the novel gives a quick glimpse into the town and school… Read