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A young woman must leave all her dreams behind to raise her niece after both of her parents bail on her. Thinking it was a temporary situation at first, she must come to terms that it may be long-term. A chance encounter brings someone that may be able to change… Read More

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A short piece about how technology has provided my imagination new and visually striking means to express itself, but at the end of the day, fails to capture the awe and boundless potential of one's creativity. Read

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July 29, 2022

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A sort-of memoir focusing on specific moments in my childhood that explore both my deeply rooted senses of shame and cowardice, as well as some of my deepest self-reflective thoughts in those rather terrible moments in my life. Quickly done (both to get my thoughts down as soon as I… Read
My grandmother died a few months ago... I still find it hard... This is my definition of her. It's originally written in Spanish and I translated it with Google Translate... So some things will probably get lost in translation... Sorry about that. ====== Mi abuela murió hace unos meses... Todavía… Read

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not sure if this is gonna be a Poem. =) ahha! Read

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December 18, 2021

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Canvas of life. Performers leaving stage by and by Read

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La voce della morte di Fritz si è sparsa a giro come reagirà il prussiano? Read

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Journal Read

Reads: 170 A letter of establishment of my writings. I am creating a log/ record of my struggle of my mental illness. I am making 4 piece series of just my life dealing with mental illness. #1 Before Realizing I Needed Help. #2 Before seeking help #3 after seeking help #4… Read

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El miedo que genera la imaginacion Read

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December 14, 2020

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Just thoughts of how special those in our lives can be, there will be several entries here. Although I don't know how many yet. Read

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October 28, 2020

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mmm hmm Read

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A break-up, divorce, and suicide have brought me back to my refuge of writing, a safe place since I was very young. Please keep it that way by being respectful in the comments section. Read

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a piece of memorabilia inspired a quickee Read
I muse about the substance and creation of my art piece, Silver, Frozen Silence, and Blue. He is a tulpa and if anyone doesn't know what a tulpa is, please look it up. If anyone wants to see Blue, that's up to him. Read

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You've long seen yourself as an introverted-extrovert. Would you say that you like people? Is it difficult for you at time's to connect to people? Read

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April 29, 2020

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a memory of a favorite aunt Read

Miscellaneous / Memoir

April 05, 2020

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Very quick view of a morning Read

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Dedicated to my father. Read

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This first-person narrated story deals with the events a boy experiences when he decides to leave home and try to find himself. This story is about a journey of discovery, about the search for the self and the need to broaden one's mind in order to grow aware of the… Read

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February 06, 2020

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Well I had done a writing on my wiring issues... now how about what solidified me to be isolated for 30 years alone in my mind. Read

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Perceived moments in relative time. Read

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She was too quiet and expected me to understand her heart. She left abruptly, never to be seen again. which confused me to no end, as I was left without really knowing why, until years later, when it hit me. because I felt so bad, I stopped attempting brightening people's… Read

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After 36 hours and counting of lacking sleep, and my mind being upset about loosing my chapter that may never be the same, once restored. I am writing all the stuff that has popped in my mind as it comes, I have an idea for starters, but where it takes… Read

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Archerbeld Schlierkamp gives you his memoirs of being heir to a Teutonic-Norse bloodline of shipping magnates and steel manufacturing. Archerbeld has become a trillionaire and gathered a clique of technocrats, oligarchs, and other wealthy members of the global elite to relocate to Earth's doppelganger planet just outside the solar system.… Read

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August 30, 2019

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More drunken ramblings and thoughts on love and the like Read

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Bernie's memories of growing up in Malverne on Long Island, NY Read
There are plenty of short stories in one about what my life was like as a child. Enjoy.. Read
Quick thoughts, as a new member, about the timing, just when mobile devices and social media are being widely recognized as negative. Read
4th letter to my sister, is it time to accept the darkness Read
Letter 3 still no easier Read
Part 2, I am finding it the easiest way to express everything through here as I explore another aspect of love in my life. Read

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A true story, the joys of pet ownership! Read

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in 1981, after spending much of my life hiking, camping, and climbing in the mountains of New England,I and two of my friends experienced the ultimate road trip by driving to Alaska from our home in Rhode Island. Over the years, I made eighteen trips back to Alaska, spending a… Read