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After losing everything Tharen and Aylwin, the lone survivors of Brayssia. Adventure through Zenova and beyond with Three key objectives. Finding Tharen’s stolen weapon, finding a willing king able to step up, and most importantly making the world a better place. Along the way they will find others who share… Read More

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Confused, you do not know whether to laugh or cry, being felt and understood is all you want, but it is too much to ask for nowadays. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

September 08, 2015

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not quite sure, just what my brain wanted to say about things, so I'm sorry if you can't follow the way my brain works, because most of the time I can't. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

September 08, 2015

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A description of my recent suicide attempt. (By Gray) Read More

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from the mouth of the basic Londonder Read More

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Pieces of my journal entries from the years of my addictions.. Read More
Being young and single, you sometimes trick yourself into thinking that nothing has changed since you turned 18, when suddenly comes that day when you have to grow up. Read More

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I wrote this song a month before I moved in with my wife. It was an exciting time but tinged with regret because of the great memories I had shared with a great friend. I wrote it on my first night in the first house either of us owned. Read More

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I have started finally penning this memoir to paper and have only wrote a small paragraph. I would like some feed back please. Read More
The world hasn't always looked as it does now. Read More
A very poignant letter I wrote to read to my class during our last business lesson together. I had truly the best times in this class with two amazing teachers and It's only fair that my fondness and admiration for everyone was said. I'm not really one to say my… Read More

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This is a short piece on how a girl may see herself in the world but this world she is seeing is not the true world. She then decided to look at the world through different eyes and by doing this finds there is more than what she believes she… Read More

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This is one of my first writings and perhaps needs a little improvement. It is about my childhood and the negative impact of my fathers relationship with me and how it can change you as a person. Hopefully you can comment on where it can be improved but mainly i… Read More

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When I read quality in a man's work, I decided I wanted to know a little more about him... Here's an Interview with a talented STAR... I'm sure that all of you could have similar interviews, the only question on my mind is; "Who would take all the time to… Read More

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I wrote this on my last day of an intern job as a junior accountant. Needed to release some creativity. Read More

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Written thoughts of the man Himself. Read More
The prompt "I Can't Remember" at a Writers' Workshop resulted in this very short piece. Read More
Guidance for all middle schoolers from older kids who know what they are going through, and can give them raw advice on how to handle issues. Read More

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Based a series of events in my life. Read More

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a insight into the building of the vietnam wall Read More

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As a girl makes love to a man she fight the yearning to be validated. In that moment of being present, she stiffles the feeling of worth in order to not feel at all. Read More

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I'm just trying to figure my life out. Read More

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It's fondness of desire for a lover. Read More

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Working as a Kennel tech at an animal hospital isn't all that glamorous but there are many things I learn from the animals. To annoying co-worker and dating bosses. This is a more in a journal entry form of my days working at the hospital. From my first day until… Read More

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Melancholic thoughts Read More

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A story of grief, Continued. Read More

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My 2011 moving tribute to the modern day breakfast staple (and sexual abstinence). Read More

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In memory of my past Valentine's. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

January 23, 2015

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Something so simple, yet so powerful Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

January 14, 2015

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A memory of a youthful brother. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

January 14, 2015

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A week of winter fog lifted. Read More

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A burst of free writing, my short views on brotherhood. Read More

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About what can help us cope with stress or loss in our life. Read More

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An idea I came to form about a guy, not too exciting, just a contemplation on how i see the situation between us. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

January 03, 2015

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A simple rant. Read More

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Just thinking. Read More

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This Story is about a person who left, and made me realize that there is more to people than just how we've perceived them. Read More

Miscellaneous / Memoir

December 11, 2014

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This piece is about my high school tennis experience. Read More

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A letter I wrote to my beatufiul daughter right before she turned 13 - December 2012 Read More

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Based on a true story. Read More
I wrote this in a transition period after a harsh break up with my first boyfriend, someone I thought i would always be with because our connection was so strong. My heart was and is still a little broken. This is my grief and my recovery in a nut shell. Read More