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Plimshaw Inc. Part 1: Toast of the Town Part 2: A Whole Brunch of Trouble Part 3: Dinner is Swerved Collectively referred to as "Plimshaw Inc.", I am considering either expanding these into a full-length novel or novellas, or possibly a graphic novel. What do you think? Read More

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This is a short story I had written 6 odd years ago, It is a memoir of sorts. Sometimes you just need to take one step forward in faith. Read

Short Story / Memoir

June 28, 2022

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The story of an encounter with a bear, on the Alaska-Canada Highway. Read
A storm in a teacup really, but a little issue that went further than I'd have liked. Read

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As a high school boy in the 1950’s, hired to mow a cemetery by myself six miles out of town, this is my almost poetic memoir of that difficult week. Read

Short Story / Memoir

June 13, 2022

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I went from diagnosis to surgery faster than you can say Carcinoma in Situ. I write with detail and humor about my journey. Read

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Is it ever good news with a late night phone call?Do the hairs on the back of your neck or on your arms stand up? Read

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February 1955, Mailtand, NSW Australia. The Hunter river broke its banks and flooded the town. This was written, at the time, by my grandmother, Laurel York. I have copied it exactly as she had written. Some names I recognize and some I don't. I have no more details after she… Read

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On the morning of his wedding, Henry had to deliver some cattle. Read

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I inherited a screwdriver and its had a checkered career Read

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Hooks and Suckers is a dark satirical short story about romance scammers. The memoir demonstrates how scammers connect, hook, and attempt to exploit. Read

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The author reminisces about his first time playing a video game at the arcade. Read

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Epiphanies come in many forms. This one came in the form of a half-frozen Luna moth. Read