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A short story set inside of a restaurant in which very little happens. Written at Palomar College in 2001. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

September 27, 2023

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Short Story / Memoir

September 20, 2023

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It's the continuation of the best day of Joey's life and when Esperanza drives him to her home in the hood - his education really begins! Read

Short Story / Memoir

September 20, 2023

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It's the continuation of the best day of my life, and when Esperanza brings Joey to her house in the hood - his education really begins! Read

Short Story / Memoir

September 14, 2023

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A naive island girl falls for her street-wise college classmate, who feels compelled to watch over her. Read

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It's the day after Joey has brought Esperanza up to his school to unveil the mural on the art-room wall he created as a monument to her - after a long kiss from her - he is filled with confidence! Read

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my experience of encountering an urchin girl on a train journey and my startling discovery of the poor girl's pathetic plight. Read
Over the years, that rocking chair held so many memories. How much I miss that chair. It was just an old traditional sturdy wooden rocking chair. Oh but it held so much love and memories. Memories of smuggling, and the warmth and the sweet smell of those little bodies melding… Read

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As with all technological advances, there exists the potential for helpful or destructive use. As our population ages, A.I. provides an opportunity for us to have a personalized memory aid. One that knows our daily routine, our doctor's number, and our favorite poems. Such an aid may prolong our opportunity… Read

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What is a kiss? Close your eyes and press your lips against lips. Mouth opens and the softness of tongues caressing each other. Lips and tongues being gently sucked and caressed by the tender tongue and lips of another mouth. The flow of heated excited air escaping pass flaring nostrils.… Read
In this poignant and heart-wrenching tale, follow Mark, a stepfather who starts off as a loving presence in his new family's life. However, a devastating descent into drug addiction unravels his once-happy marriage and family. Despite desperate attempts from his wife, children, and loved ones to help him, Mark's addiction… Read
In "Love Beyond Biology: A Family's Journey to Happiness," follow Sarah, a determined single mother raising her four children after a challenging divorce. Fate brings her Prince Charming, David, into their lives, and together, they build a loving, resilient family. Despite David having no children of his own, he becomes… Read
In 'Embracing the Fullness of Life,' follow Elizabeth's heartwarming journey as she transitions from a selfless mother to a nurturing grandmother. Filled with love for her family, Elizabeth discovers the magic of reclaiming her own passions and dreams. Through self-discovery, she reignites her creative spirit, embarking on a journey of… Read

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In 'They Told Me I Couldn't, So I Did,' meet Emily, a young woman with an unwavering passion for painting. Despite facing doubt and skepticism from those around her, Emily embraces her dreams and defies expectations. With the mentorship of an elderly artist, she nurtures her talent and stages her… Read

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"From Heartbreak to Triumph: Follow Nesha's Inspirational Journey. In this uplifting and heartfelt short story, meet Nesha, a resilient woman who navigates life's twists and turns as a devoted mother, loving wife, and proud grandmother of 25. Born in Louisville, KY, her life weaves through various professions, each teaching her… Read

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A Teacher who finds his purpose in life through an incident that he witnesses in his class. Read

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This episode is so new and raw for me. It happened less than a month ago, but writing about it helps me get past it. If you like the episode, I started a Steven Marcus Cheek Giving Plan in memory of my son, so donate whatever you like, at least… Read

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Memoir piece from university Read

Short Story / Memoir

July 02, 2023

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In which the author and his Dad visit a local beach and are caught up in a moment of .. of... of... This story now forms part of a book and is available as a paperback. Just search for ANOTHER PUDDING IS POSSIBLE BY TOM WALLACE on Amazon. Read

Short Story / Memoir

June 25, 2023

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In which memories of a misfit character prompt thoughts on community and power. This story now forms part of a book and is available as a paperback. Just search for ANOTHER PUDDING IS POSSIBLE BY TOM WALLACE on Amazon. Read

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This is a mixed collection of tales. Read
What am I going to do now that I know what is wrong? This episode is not finished. For a one-dollar donation from all who read this, I will post the complete episode Read
My personal Father's Day tribute to my Dad . . . a cowboy who always wore the white hat . . . . Read

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This is D-Day! The day that Joey will march to the salon to retrieve Esperanza and show her the monument of his love for her! But which Esperanza will he encounter? What will be her reaction?! Read

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I found out the hard way . . . that you can never go home again Read
I'm an Australian attempting to learn to write. Born in the 1960's, well I've seen a few things. My work life comprised the professions of architecture, soldering, and construction project manager. These days I travel, rebuild a 1890's farmhouse, fish, write, and support my wife's small business. I write with… Read

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What makes me write? My mind's obsession with reliving every moment of my life . . .at my expense. Read

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There are more episodes in this memoir. If you are interested, please donate one dollar per episode to my Paypal account and click on that donation button. Read

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"Awesome read Liked it I would appreciate if you comment on mine too....." Read

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Today, for some unknown reason, as my writings show, I am reminiscing about my childhood and growing up along the Rio Grande on a farm. Hope you don't mind . . . please bear with me . . . .. Read
Back to the love seat, not ready for the bed yet, keep hope alive. Read