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On a seaside beach a boy finds a mysterious box.... Read More

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"What a beautiful surprise they arranged for JJ! An excellent story, Robert." Read More

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the unknown of bipolar & psychosis i have been dealing with bipolar & psychosis now for several years. i’ve been told that i have always had bipolar but the psychosis didn’t show up till later in life. living with this disease and not knowing you have it is mind blowing… Read
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About a girl who lost some one so dearly .. Read

Writing Contest / Memoir

June 20, 2021

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A mysterious man escapes prison, but not any prison, one of the greatest in the country, maybe even world. Day after day, he gets found and put back in but this time the government has decided to make a special built prison just for him. Can he escape and survive… Read

Writing Contest / Memoir

June 13, 2021

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contemplating life and home Read
A diary entry of what I've done during quarantine and my personal thoughts about the whole ordeal. Read

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I tried to end the world in 250 words. Got close. Read

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This is the first chapter of my memoir "Seven Day Stay." I recall my personal time spent in a psychiatric facility, with no details held back. Read

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i believe there shouldn't be dress code in schools Read

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Writing Contest / Memoir

November 17, 2022

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Written for Pet Flash Fiction Contest. My dog's memoir about her life. Read

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"Good story, well told." Read

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A self-reflection on an abusive childhood, the impacts on a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship, and the darkness that follows an abused child into adulthood. Trigger warnings: child abuse (though nothing graphic), discussions of being suicidal. Read