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Short Story / Humor

December 31, 1969

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Three construction workers find themselves enjoying their evening just a little bit too much... Read More

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Short Story / Fan Fiction

December 31, 1969

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Coming from a suburb, a shy Gina manages to come to New York and stumbles upon a strange, yet intriguing fellow who's crazy about art. A short story dedicated to the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Read More

Writing Contest / Memoir

June 14, 2019

Reads: 124

"If a woman tells you a difficult story, she is likely only telling you half. She’s testing the waters to see if it’s safe to come all the way out." -Melissa Gopp On a weekday at midnight, I found the emails that triggered the most tumultuous, humiliating years of my… Read More

Writing Contest / Memoir

June 13, 2019

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This is the first chapter of my memoir "Seven Day Stay." I recall my personal time spent in a psychiatric facility, with no details held back. Read More

Writing Contest / Memoir

August 07, 2015

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i believe there shouldn't be dress code in schools Read More