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What goes up must come down–Isaac Newton Read More

Featured Review by Criss Sole

""What boy?" Oh that got me laughing! That Mr. McCreely sounds like a joy to be living next to. Glad the boys managed to get their rocket ba..." Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

March 07, 2021

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There's a certain amount of urgency added to an investigation when lots of money is at stake - in this case, the largest lottery payout in Florida history. Charley Comstock got the money. But his first cousin (and sole heir) is convinced that Comstock is dead, and that the money… Read More
Welcome To The Underground Students, the story began right away at! All University are about to open the semester of the year with all students Registration incredentials,and acceptance fee. Every Families are bringing there Children's for the School Admission. And all Children are required to Score 6 credit, in each… Read More
Considering everything involved, it was a rather odd scenario for a murder. Read More

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*First draft, in progress* Everyone has secrets. Eight women over the span of ten years have gone missing in the tiny prairie town of Stancombe, Alberta. When a woman digs herself from her own grave, local cops call in the best profiler to chase down a female serial killer: Agent… Read More
My entry to the 2021 Rory Gallagher Crime fiction contest. An homage to Raymond Chandler but with a twist. Read More

Chapter 13

Book / Mystery and Crime

March 01, 2021

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This was written some time ago, an unfinished project in the crime genre. Got about half way through before other things took over. Posting here as a bit of a "sampler" to see if it is worth finishing. Boyd is a trained and able assassin who’s inner sense of morals… Read More

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A lady in her late 25s, dark-haired, disciplined and punctual, with a mind blowing personality and amazing figure. Years ago, she was even naïve and was recognized on part of her exceptional research work in the field of biochemistry to get personally recruited by a well - funded company. However,… Read More

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Journal 48 A Collection of New Alliterative Verse by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du “My reflection upon the current climate which send heat waves simmering throughout time.” New Alliterative Verse has five set parameters defined by me: 1. A couplet line poem with 20 lines or less 2. Each line contained… Read More

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*First draft complete, unedited* Diving right back into the crazy underworld where Agents Dwayne MacMorris and Emily Abbett are uncovering information and secrets to send to the International Crime Bureau. A Russian mobster fancies Emily, who keeps him at bay. Dwayne is still a bit off the rails as he… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 28, 2021

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*First draft complete, unedited* Private investigator Martha Holmes walks away from her marriage and into a cold case that becomes bigger than she imagined. When Jaeger Keith asks Martha to help find his sister, who has been missing for a decade, Martha also discovers Chloe Remmy isn't the only young… Read More

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My first kill. Read More

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This story is about what happens when a boy is blamed for the murder of his best friend. ~The characters and any incidents in this story are purely fiction. Any similarity with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ~The content is COPYRIGHTED. ~The story is PURELY for ENTERTAINMENT… Read More

Chapter 5

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 24, 2021

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Meeting her was the best thing that happened to she can't be gone...she just can't. Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 24, 2021

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The world is in ruin, the great societies that once existed in the wastelands are nothing but legends now. The few people that are left alive are nothing but slaves to the rich and powerful. Forty is one of them. Given nothing except a number, he serves his masters faithfully.… Read More

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Lollyender is looking to start her first day of high school as a lone wolf. She certainly doesn't need any friends like Vesca or The Gorries. However, when a series of "accidents" and missing children transpire, Lollyender finds herself growing ever closer with them as they try to unlock the… Read More

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The stranger clicked his tongue and (thankfully) shoved the gun into his pocket. “Aren’t you tired?” “Of?” “Being the victim.” “I—I mean it’s not like I can do much about that…” Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 21, 2021

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Teenager Karissa Killman goes down a path of murder and vengeance to avenge the death of her family. Read More

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Ah, a poem of the dead and secrets. Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 20, 2021

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Everyone knows that killers are big, serious, rude uncles. However, there is a teenage boy in the city of London, who will kill anyone for good money. Thanks to his natural charm, a young killer can fall into the trust of any person, and only then he calmly kills his… Read More

Chapter 5

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 18, 2021

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Years after a mysterious plane crash, a woman feared dead is spotted at an anti-war rally. A private investigator named Edgar Willis is hired onto the case, however, he must abandon his virtues after learning of the real destiny of the airplane. Read More

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This story is about what happens when a woman, her best friend and her ex-classmate are in the middle of an interview and the gas from a nearby petrochemical plant leaks. Hope you like it :)) ~The characters and any incidents in this story are purely fiction. Any similarity with… Read More
This is the 2nd half in this 2-part story. It would be best to read "Something Dangerously Special" first, then read this. Both stories are about 2,000 word combined. This day had not been "Something Dangerously Special for Cosset," as Rodney had hoped. But it was dangerous. Read More

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They say to write what you know, but this flash fiction tells why that might not always work. Read More
In a world where everyone hides a dark secret behind closed door of our heart, you don't know which door will open to a dark end. (I am writing after a long hiatus) Read More
Sequel to 2017 story Digital Bedlam Read More

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Rachel works hard as a mother of the only child. And it's hard for her to be at home with Becky all the time. So she decided to find someone who will help her with that. Read More

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Jack Donovan encounters a client who thinks he is being gaslighted. Or is he? What is really going on? And what does this have to do with Jack's wife, Kate. Read More

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“You don’t have anything to hide, do you?” Everything. I have everything to hide. Everything to hide, and everything to lose. Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 10, 2021

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Angel has tried to stay on the right side of law and order. But when threats from her past resurface combine with present dangers to her family, she is pushed to seek justice and retribution on her own terms. Please note this story contains some violence and touches on topics… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 08, 2021

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After getting involved in a serious accident, paranormal things start to happen to Jester and his town. He has been in numerous incidents that almost costed his life, and in the end he was lucky to have survived. Read More
Charlie Toombes wants to prove that she's more than a rich girl and solve some crimes of her own. A short story version of my flash fiction work "When Normal Becomes Odd." Please be warned, this is graphic and goes over various details of true Jack the Ripper cases. Read More

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The Rory Gallagher Crime Fiction Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! The judge has the entries and as soon as we have our winners we will let you know. Read More

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A short poem depicting a conversation of the good and the bad. Read More
A high profile figure is abducted in the wee hours of the morning. Is this a death waiting to happen or something else? I'm afraid that the Man-in-Gray is the only one who knows for sure, and he's not saying. Read More

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Hope you like this short story, its only 779 words long so not too long, but very captivating! Read More

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Four strangers, survivors of a nuclear fallout, find themselves stranded in a ghost town out west, turning against one stranger who has been accused of breaking a door. I have not spellchecked yet. Please let me know if there is a blatant error. Photos (c) Unsplash and Pexels Read More
WARNING: This is a pretty graphic murder story, not for kids or tender hearts. Read More

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Who would have thought such a grave and foul act of murder could occur at the prestigious Dignity Retirement Village and Assisted Living Centre... Read More

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NEW BOOK: "TEN X MURDERS FOR THE MIND" has been published and available on Amazon. Read More