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This essay describes what a socialist America might look like. It is based on the way Venezuela crated it socialist economy and how it fell from being the richest country in South America to being the poorest in a few years. Read More

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Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Russia's invasion into Ukraine was a big mistake. Read

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Can you murder someone in your sleep? Maybe. Read

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I'm not sad, I'm just... Empty? Read

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Acid Attack is a crime. Here a a acid hunting girl want to share her thoughts and feelings. Read
Conspiracy of the century - is it possible in USA ? Read

Article / Mystery and Crime

September 24, 2018

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The adventure of a targeted boy and his friend watched over by a secret organization trying to hunt him down. He is then captured by the ISS. Is he up to this life We'll see soon. Read

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RICO - Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Read

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Sit back and watch a brain surgery Survivor, Epileptic stand on inherient rights Enjoy. Read
This is a book review Read

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Some One You Know Not a Stranger Hiding in the Bushes Read

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Bush did 9/11 Read

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Xbox VS Playstation who wins? Read

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Nothing about her looked like him - they were strangers in a dark alley, ships passing in the night. Read
An article about assessing murderers, using a 'current' ongoing investigation. (Not a real murder) Read
My view on unjustified crimes in the UK and across the globe Read
This is an article about British Fictional Detectives as portrayed in both books and on television. The article details how detectives come to be created within the crime genre and considers their enduring and increasing popularity with the public. The article also includes the writers A-Z of favourite British detectives. Read

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This article seeks to review the herdsmen’s nefarious activities in the Niger Delta and suggests unbias and unprejudiced Legal Prisms as Palliatives in proffering solutions to the menace of the herdsmen. This article argues that the Anti Grazing Law passed by Fayosi of Ekiti States, barring by some communities kingpins… Read
The connection between the Kray twins, the establishment and the KGB and just what secret lies in Francis Kray's grave? Read
Another Extract from a crime novel I am writing. Here Oliver has t have an internal conference with himself to determine the answer to his case Read
this is an extract from a crime novel i am writing. it gives a description of Oliver's home and place of work as well as his general state of being. Read

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Sheakwon Vaughn uses several online sources to break down what stop and frisk really is. We will discuss the rate among African Americans and how this law is a free ticket for excessive policing and discrimination. Read
My review of the urban crime-thriller "Collateral". Read

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Father...son...son...father... what connection lies herein?? Read
A summary of five crime prevention tips for college campuses. Read
"...he was as naughty a man as liveth" This was what they said about Bothwell third husband and the less well-known, but even more interesting character, from the Mary Queen Of Scots story. I would add :-"then or now". An amoral ladykiller, a fearsome soldier-of-fortune, an ambitious opportunist, who could… Read
This tells the salacious story of Mary Queen Of Scots 24th year, as applied to the brand new 'Life Cycles' theory. Uses leading-edge medical examination of a 400 year old murder mystery, to get to the truth. Read

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This article is about the causes,effects of drug addiction. Read