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the point is a story about a young man named benjamin bray in his early thirties who went to live with his uncle in chicago to try to turn his life around after some failed past.he ends up in a action crime turnover through his business dealing and now he… Read More
I will break down the newest trailer for season two of Lemony Snicket. Read More
My Review on The Fields of Grief by Giles Blunt Read More

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Two brothers haven't seen each other over 30 years Read More

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A book review by Ben Read More
The Final Recollections of Charles Dickens by Thomas Hauser is a mystery with a Dickensonian feel! Read More

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A review of F R Tallis's psychological thriller set in seventies London Read More

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I am writing my dislikes, likes, experience, what I thought the author's purpose was while reading the book Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald. Read More

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It's a love story with colorful characters wrapped in a murder mystery. Read More
A review of Lucy Worsley's history of the British obsession with murder. Read More
The summary of my novel Florence. Read More
THATS HOW THE GAME GOES takes you into the streets of North Philly. See how the game is played out and just how down low and dirty people can be for the love of money. Read More

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Just a short Book Review for a contest. Read More
A review of the prequel to the amazing ITV series of Scott and Bailey. It shows the relationship between DC Janet Scott and new recruit DC Rachel Bailey from Sutton division. Read More
A short review of the classic novel by Eric Ambler of events leading up to World War II. Read More
This is a mysery/romance novel about Abby Foote, a 28 year old girl who falls in love too easily with the wrong guys. After finding out one of her many exes, Ted, is engaged Abby is heartbroken. A day later, high school heartthrob, Ben Orr, shows up, accusing Abby of… Read More

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Lionel Asbo by Martin Amis Read More
This is about the Pretty Little Liars Series! Summary!!!!!! Read More

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I read this book and its good. Read More