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This short story came to me in a dream. I woke up with the three words on my lips. I could not sleep, so I rose at 03:00 and spent the next hour writing it. Of course it needed tweeking and a grammar check later. Someone you know may need… Read More
it was on the anniversary night of the death of ophelia baudelaire when her siblings found a mysterious book that has the answer to why she disappeared. after the surprising arrest and sentencing of their old friend, this nightmarish event was able to provide some closure which aided tremendously the… Read

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A teaser for my second story. Several days after the events that lead to the capture of the murderous archer that plagued Newcastle city for almost a month. The toon becomes even more unusual when the rumors about the girl with a special gift turn out to be true as… Read

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Bria is accused of killing Robert Kelt. Did she kill Robert? Did her roommate Kandy? Read to find out! Read

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Disclaimer: Whether you choose to fully believe what you read or not, it's entirely up to you. I'm just a writer whose pieces are based on personal experiences and thoughts that cross my mind. You can never guess whether it is truth or fiction. Read
Not full book! I still need to work on a few things here and there, so if you have any questions (story wise), I won't answer them. Anything other than story questions, I will accept, because what I love the most is making the most out of my work. Read
More military siege being deployed to Anambra Read

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You ever think about what others must have gone through to become the ways they are today? They weren't always bad, but a lot of the time, they just can't help it. Read
Mr. Stand arrive to the hospital seriously hurt. All that runs through his mind is his wonderful wife, someone who is pure and will never hurt a single creature in the world. Did someone actually rob them and hurt only him, or is there more to the story? Read

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Oppressed smart girl that has had enough of the endless fuckery that is happening in her life and karma is taking it's sweet time. It's only an Epilogue. I will add to it chapter by chapter. Read
This is a monologue. Most will find this disturbing probably. Read
A werewolf has shown up and attacked a boy in Jackson City, a small city in Missouri. A shadowy figure shows up out of the blue to help the two detectives on the case. There is more to this little town than meets the eye. Read

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An addicted serial killer find himself in his room with walls covered in blood but he doesn't remember what he has done with the body. Read

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Another plot. Read

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Sessions with an Assassin named Killstreak. A cold hearted man who hates everyone but is the world's most expensive and top ranked assassin. Read
The story is about a young, good looking African woman who scams old man for money in Europe. One day she has a fling with a young writer. Unfortunately for her, the writer is very streetwise and discovers the real truth behind her. That moment he starts to write a… Read

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While he is trying to solve many cases Jason debates whether or not his job really helps anyone at all, or if he only does it to help himself. Read
A Book Plot Response addressed in the form of a series of questions given to title character; Performed in and Interviewer & Interviewee fashion; Is of a previously-established novel, The Case of the Left-Handed Lady by Nancy Springer... Read
An unusual mystery taking place in a village. It sees the entry of a new mastermind. Who is it? Find out. Read
A synopsis and final chapter. Read

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This is a dream I had one night. Read
Are you seeking a dark and complex mystery adventure? Read
A kid finds out that the monster is the kid's own person. Read

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Previously on Rose's life story: Rose only being sixteen years old has lived a life of misory.She was put up for adoption.Her adopted father started abusing her and her 'sister'.She got kidnapped.She tried to get away but got stabed in the process.... What will her boyfriend do to save her? Read

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When Rose was six years old she got put in a foster home.Her parents never wanted to have a girl child.While she was in the "home" she made two friends their names were Claire and Justice.Claire had long curly brown hair and hazzel eyes.She was very conceited but she was… Read

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Prompt: You are sitting in a room, and hear a knock on the door. Do you open it , if so who is there. If not, why? A man deliberates on wether or not to open his front door, unsure of what is on the other side. Read

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okay i know i havent been on here in forever but i am in a drama class this upcoming semester and we always do monalouges and i decided to try and write one a little on the creepier side,,, any comments are so welcome i wanna know if its okay… Read
This is part if the planning for my new novel Pony Rescue It ias about a small yard run by a 30 year old woman named Maya The bossy mayor thinks the yard is silly and the horses ane useless. He says if they do not merit in a race… Read
These are the results for the Clue and Guess Who Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. Read
I am going to write a story about the things God showed me about the bible. Read
Stop the presses, there's been a murder! A mystery contest! Read
So sometime Ago right Somebody STOLE our 46in Flat screen TV. But you know the FUNNY Part, the BEST Part, the How the hell Part, the jaw dropping part about it? WE WAS THERE!!!! yup we was there and didn't see or Hear anything. smh Read

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A quick review of INSIDE DEEP THROAT - DOCUMENTARY and a related short story. Read

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-Not finished yet- An environment worker becomes trapped in Sierra Leone with no way out. Let me know what you think! Read

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The Streets of Moscow are trembling. Disquiet stirred up by the murder of the local Orphanage owner, rumors spread like wildfire. Nicolai left many things behind; a past riddled with holes, a past that few knew. Even with this, he was maybe the kindest man in Moscow. How did this… Read