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November 04, 2018

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she left and never came back. Read More

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The story I fear telling anyone, I have to keep my sounds in my silence Read More

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the playful screams of chilren fall distant as darkness swallows them up with words of bittersweet from their heros that turns their hearts rotton from the ones who gave them hope took what they loved most Read More

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I left without achieving my goal. I'm silent for all time. Read More

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A poem about a torn down city Read More


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A criminal's reflection on his life. Read More
A short poem you might wish you never read... Read More

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It is about a wild that leads one to fulfil his dark desire. Generally frustration, failure , Jealousy and hatred makes a man evil . He forgets humanity and builds up world of crime . He fears the touch of love , touch of sympathy even the touch of life… Read More

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The poem is talking about politics is a country Read More
This is a short poem inspired by the recent arrest of the EASONS/GSK and is dedicated to Michelle McNamara, a late true crime author that helped track him down. Read More

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A short poem that details death in the form of a self-aware subject. Read More

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In reminiscence of a seven-years-old girl raped Read More