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How KGB Putin rules the USA. Read More

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Troy attempts at hacking the national military to obtain nuclear accessories for his weapon design. In between, it's also learnt that Kaiser as ways of getting to KIA himself, just as KIA wants to get to him. The question lies in how Kaiser has relationships with people like KIA, Troy,… Read More

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Finally finished the summary to a novel I am working on, hoping to finish it by next Spring and have it self-published (most likely on Amazon). Read More

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This is my version of the final act in the play 12 angry men. Read More

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Sofia's mother died when she was very young and her father got another wife without her will. Her step mother, Ariana loves her son,Daniel, who studies in a expensive college and her ten years old daughter, Miley who is in 7th. Sofia is forced to by her mother to discontinue… Read More

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Life led her to such circumstances, she couldn't stop herself but commit such a crime. Let's go through through the detail of the self-written story by Carolyn.. Read More
This is the season one finale for the 'KIA' series. Amidst all the chaotic decisions taken by Gary, he now faces the consequences from a higher order. As with the conventions of the good and bad; when one falls, a new one rises. Find out who KIA's next target is. Read More

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Life led her to such circumstances, she couldn't stop herself but commit a dreadful crime. Let's go through the details of the self-written story by Carolyn.. Read More

Script / Mystery and Crime

February 21, 2018

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To be filmed, a script made for IB Film. Read More

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A detective races against the clock as he struggles to find his kidnapped son, but all the clues are leading right back to him. Read More

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South Florida is the wild, wild west of the adult entertainment business. “The Hobby” is a story of an upper middle class, educated, WASP from a notable Chicago family who becomes ensnared in a sex trafficking ring when she unwittingly falls in love with a mobster. His handler profiled and… Read More
Script for a screenplay set in 1970, detailing the rise of Trevor Kipling and other characters from the Bermondsey world. Read More

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It was hard to tell what was annoying Caitlin more, the dead body or the fact it was lying on her new carpet. Read More

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Script / Mystery and Crime

December 30, 2017

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In human, life is the action of body with respect to soul. Read More


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I've been thinking about writing a mystery book for a few days. This is one scene I had planned while thinking. So I wanted to share it and get your opinion. What do you think about this little mock-up sense? Would you be interested in reading this if I did… Read More

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jodi arias was sentenced to life in prison for killing boyfriend travis alexander in 2008 in a grisly murder. now, she has revealed details of her life in perryville women's prison in goodyear, ariz., where she enjoys chicken dinners and watches tv daily. Read More

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A big Car chase. Mark is trying to catch assassin but someone was wearing the assassin suit to trick mark. Read More

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Tricky Puzzle, zaky gives mark to solve a puzzle. Mark solves the puzzle but zaky sends more puzzles to solve. Read More

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Family Time. But there is trouble, mark family get's attacked in Funland. Read More