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After surviving the New Orleans plague of 1853, Victor Montenegro is on a quest to find the coveted treasure of the sunken ship Ana Luisa. The Ana Luisa treasure hunt transports him and ally Ivan Ortiz into a haunted seabed, where they are confronted by the infamous Pirate Goldendeath. Will… Read More

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The story is set in an English country manor in the 1930’s. The story unfolds at the home of retired judge, Sir Edward Banfield. The judge believes he is infallible when it comes to assessing someone’s innocence or guilt. He invites a recently paroled ex-convict, Paul Collier, to gauge the… Read

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The teaser for a show I focused on writing for a number of years- EDEN: the story of the rise and fall of a nameless vigilante. A serious re-imagining of the tropes that so make up the stories of heroes who decide to choose violence. Tropes are utilized, twisted and… Read
Legendary Oriental detective grapples with heir to ping-pong ball fortunes, in a Manhattan hotel on an ink-black night. Read
Johnny Pepys (peeps, after Samuel Pepys, the famous English diarist), an underling in the Capone gang, is summoned to take dictation of Capone's memoirs after Capone has been wounded in a gunfight with the Feds. Members of Capone's gang are worried those memoirs (diary) could fall into the wrong hands,… Read

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Before his scheduled execution, a condemned man discovers a terrible secret. Read
Native American law school buddies become embroiled in the investigation of a drug deal gone bad, and solve the case with pluck and humor. Read

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• Joseph Wallas (Jo) is a successful director spent his life working for the International Company which owned by his life friend (Matt Duncan). • James Duncan is Matt’s brother he didn’t speak to Matt since 15 years ago after Matt kicked him out when Jo discovered that James uses… Read
It's spy-vs-spy in the Golden Fez, a clip joint on the River Nile, in this Casablana-inspired parody. There's a video of a live performance of this at the Riant Theater, staged in April 1996, on Youtube. Read

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Joey Calabrese, a young goombah from the Bronx, has followed a Jewess who goes by the moniker Condado Blue, all the way to South America. Condado Blue stole some money from the mob after they destroyed her father's tailor shop, and now the mob is hot and heavy on her… Read
Screen short. A wiseguy is sent to make a drug buy on the Jersey Shore, where a gypsy fortune teller is acting as the middleman in the transaction, but he is double-crossed by another hood posing as a fed. Read

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Mr. and Mrs. Johnson used to live alone in their Bungalow.Mr.johnson was a retired cop and Mrs johnson was a Housewife.Their son jordan lived in belgium as was working as a fashion designer.Patrick used to run a stationary store near that bungalow He was a very good friend of Mr.johnson.On… Read
It's still about Amandi the miracle baby Read

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A man gives an an angry diatribe about a woman he in a relationship with, ending in murder suicide. Written for my video class which i hoped to direct. Read
Raffles was a 1977 television adaptation of the A. J. Raffles stories by Ernest William Hornung. The series was produced by Yorkshire Television (now “ITV”) and written by Philip Mackie. The episodes were largely faithful adaptations of the stories in the books, though occasionally two stories would be merged to… Read

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Even though i’m only 12, I sure think I can write! Read
One stormy night, a lost motorist in a car that is about to die, comes across Chaddleworth, an old house in the middle of the countryside, a port in any storm. The driver is helped into the warmth and safety of his home by the mysterious Eldon Street and in… Read

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This is a story of girl who murders her boy friend unintentionally Read

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This is a Story of 4 Friends Who lead a normal life by going to work and when they meet they plan robbery. Read

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This story of office a revenge drama a girl taking revenge. Read

Script / Mystery and Crime

January 20, 2019

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This is the story of a plus sized fraudster with so many trophies alongside the skeletons in his cupboard. He has brewed a very evil reputation in the elite American society and his indomitable game play has kept him afloat the blood of the crowd of victims beneath, screaming for… Read
How KGB Putin rules the USA. Read
Troy attempts at hacking the national military to obtain nuclear accessories for his weapon design. In between, it's also learnt that Kaiser as ways of getting to KIA himself, just as KIA wants to get to him. The question lies in how Kaiser has relationships with people like KIA, Troy,… Read

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This is my version of the final act in the play 12 angry men. Read

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Sofia's mother died when she was very young and her father got another wife without her will. Her step mother, Ariana loves her son,Daniel, who studies in a expensive college and her ten years old daughter, Miley who is in 7th. Sofia is forced to by her mother to discontinue… Read

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Life led her to such circumstances, she couldn't stop herself but commit such a crime. Let's go through through the detail of the self-written story by Carolyn.. Read
This is the season one finale for the 'KIA' series. Amidst all the chaotic decisions taken by Gary, he now faces the consequences from a higher order. As with the conventions of the good and bad; when one falls, a new one rises. Find out who KIA's next target is. Read

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Life led her to such circumstances, she couldn't stop herself but commit a dreadful crime. Let's go through the details of the self-written story by Carolyn.. Read

Script / Mystery and Crime

February 21, 2018

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To be filmed, a script made for IB Film. Read

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A detective races against the clock as he struggles to find his kidnapped son, but all the clues are leading right back to him. Read
It was hard to tell what was annoying Caitlin more, the dead body or the fact it was lying on her new carpet. Read

Script / Mystery and Crime

December 30, 2017

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In human, life is the action of body with respect to soul. Read

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I've been thinking about writing a mystery book for a few days. This is one scene I had planned while thinking. So I wanted to share it and get your opinion. What do you think about this little mock-up sense? Would you be interested in reading this if I did… Read

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jodi arias was sentenced to life in prison for killing boyfriend travis alexander in 2008 in a grisly murder. now, she has revealed details of her life in perryville women's prison in goodyear, ariz., where she enjoys chicken dinners and watches tv daily. Read

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A big Car chase. Mark is trying to catch assassin but someone was wearing the assassin suit to trick mark. Read

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Tricky Puzzle, zaky gives mark to solve a puzzle. Mark solves the puzzle but zaky sends more puzzles to solve. Read

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Family Time. But there is trouble, mark family get's attacked in Funland. Read

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A big Car chase. Mark is trying to catch assassin but someone was wearing the assassin suit to trick mark. Read

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About: one man that had tried to get in my way and he did. He was a police officer I killed his wife so he tried to killed me, luckily he was arrested and then he escape from prison and came after me and killed me, I'm writing this to… Read