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Not so long ago, it was becoming recognised that at 3:13 a.m. each morning, everyone heard something disturbing that gave them a jolt and caused the heart to skip a beat. The rogue sound was not the same for everyone. For some, it was the tolling of a distant bell,… Read More
Part 1 of a 10 part series. Read More

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spotting a monster on the streets of toronto, amy phelps is determined to ensure it doesn't live long. life, however, has other plans - monster plans. Read More

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salvatore "red" italiano (1896-1968) was a notorious gang leader in the tampa area and perhaps was one of the earliest mafia powers in tampa. according to "red" death certificate, it stated that he was born on oct 19, 1896, in palermo, italy to parents antonino italiano and leonora migliore. "red"… Read More

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Disloyalty bought him a horrible end. Read More

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A young lady of age eighteen lives in Europe where if you talked against the church, you were killed. Follow part of her life and what it's like to only know so little about someone only to see them move on. Read More
They are going hiking. Someone is going to shoot them down. What's happening? Read More

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