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A dry summer in Edinburgh allowed a little girl, Coira Ewart, to enjoy nature. Every day since it had stopped raining she had spent outside running around and chasing butterflies and in the evening when it began to get dark her mother would have to call out multiple times for… Read More
The story centers around a successful and wealthy family man who apprehends an intruder in his house. Subsequently he deals with the situation to his own satisfaction but fall foul of the law. Trapped by his own mistakes and careless talk to a member of his family he cannot escape… Read More

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Banana Petroleum says the caller and then hangs up. What can it mean? Read More
A man completely subjugated by the feelings of his abstinence decides to leave his house to satisfy himself, ignoring what could happen to him. Cover Art by Andrea Volpini Read More

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Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Read More
This is a short story about a fictional city, Bloomfield. How it's prosperity graph faced a downfall and how it regained the former status. Read More
The story of how Noel DeVitto was killed. Read More

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did u ever hear about a plce , a place thats home to creatures unknown to all. a place even grown ups fear to enter and even if some one went inside they were never seen again . well if u did then read about someone who actually survived . Read More

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Rain or shine, you will find the old man in the same spot on the beach, his back to the sea wall, gaze firmly fixed ahead, watching the ebb and flow of the tide. As you pass, you might remark to your companion that he is waiting for his ship… Read More
There is trouble at the old Manor and a witch like woman named Beatrice Fly is a person of interest. --- Oh, did I mention that there is a game afoot? Note - This storyline and characters are taken from my rhyming story-poem called, "The Smiling Crone-Rev-2015". Read More

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She Committed the crime, She was ready to pay the price...but fate had another surprise for her. One that would shatter her forever and make her first crime look like a child's play. ...a story about love, hate and revenge all bundled up in a bag called taboo... Read More
It was a dusk night when Dr. Navarro, a famous Filipino surgeon, was blindly murdered in his room in the third floor of an apartelle (apartment-hotel) building. No one knew the doctor was murdered until Cynthia, his wife, discovered his dead body lying on a carpet. Lester Palladio, a young… Read More
KARTHICK asked how, we know about your grandmother, and then she said, the old lady who told you the story about the cursed family. Then they realized and took ROOPA with them into the forest, all the students with them inside the forest. KARTHICK found the house, and decided to… Read More
Everyday the girls get together at Rachel's house for a morning coffee. Everyday they watch the old man sitting across from their window, sitting on a bench. Wondering about what he could possibly be doing sitting their every morning. The girls will soon find out, the wondering is about to… Read More
She goes to meet him on the train. A man has to be killed. Why should they kill him? Do they have a choice? Read More
Start of a short story I am working on. A girl called Becca has disappeared of the face of the earth but what are the circumstances behind it? And will she be found before its too late? Read More