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Lucretia tossed her hair over a shoulder, then turned toward Anita with a tremulous smile, emerald eyes flashing vividly under an aquiline brow. A tinge of rose bloomed in the porcelain symmetry of her features. "I am she." Anita blushed and glanced at Trish. Heavens, but her smile is jewelry,… Read More

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"You write extremely well, I would go so far as to say beautifully, in places and I like your individualistic writing style, it flows really well..." Read More

An old sheriff has plans to enact his own version of justice as his time on Earth draws to a close. I submitted this to a number of publications, but it was rejected every time. This will be the last time I write a short story in my hyphenated style.… Read
This is a story about a fictional place that could be anywhere, inspired by classic pulp novels, but with a twist. Read

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A short story, a little over 1,000 words, written as a short story entry for Reedsy. This short story covers the story of Mr. William Croswell, who is writing a future letter to himself about his most awful sins, yet he has not form of remorse or regret. It's clear… Read
The best things in life are three. Read
At first, Ingrid and I think the explosion may have come from Dmitri’s place further down the lane. We live out in the sticks and Dmitri is our nearest neighbour. He is always tinkering with something questionable in his makeshift workshop at the bottom of his garden. With his moth-eaten… Read

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You never know what might push someone over the edge or what they might do, you could end up on a list. Read

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an absurd short story inspired by gun violence + gun promotion in the US and inspired by the style of Catch-22 "Now Steve felt threatened by the hordes of goofies in the mall. For a moment he was unsure, so he went through the lecture again: Government said “Use this… Read
A very short story for a contest! A story in 12 words or less :) enjoy Read

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This is why chickens should never play on railways. Read

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A young woman returns to the small museum where she worked as a teenager to discover things are not as advertised. Read

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A tree that holds the soul of a small child captive. A woman in search of justice. Read
Synopsis: After a disgruntled customer fights with the staff, the night turns bleak as the Manager has to fix a much more dire problem. "Rita's Steakhouse" was written for the Reedsy monthly prompt contest. Prompt: Write a story about a restaurant with a 1 Star rating. JAIDEN FROST PRESENTS EDITED… Read

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A young rapper works his way to the top but shortly after he rose to fame, he dies mysteriously. Investigations are unable to determine whether it's murder, suicide or accidental substance overdose. When all hope is lost, a journal discovered in his belongings explains the cause of death, a ritualistic… Read
Four friends spend a night at Sequoia National Park when one friend wanders off and sees something in the forest. When he returns to his friends, he is unrecognizable. Read

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A website dedicated to writers and readers, has a lurking commenter with a dark agenda. A cautionary tale for the Booksie universe Read
An innocent bar-game takes a decidedly unexpected turn. Read
A man pays his respects to his ex-mother-in-law. Read
Spring may be the beginning of a new season, but not everyone will be around to enjoy it. Read

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A dying man reflects upon his choices, his family, and the meaning of justice. Read
An infestation had cursed the collapsed eye. A worm, living fossil of the long-lost aristocracy of Adytum, had hibernated in its core. When she woke up, hungry and gluttonous, the Parrot was still clenching the eye in its wings. The worm saw just a plump meal awaiting his return upon… Read
Above the battlefields and red oceans of Adytum, a Crow of renowned hunger scoured hills and vales, in seek of the pulp of mankind to feed his belly. A thousand and a thousand more were his trophies, his jewels, screwed out the crania of men, women, and children. Blue eyes,… Read
Sheriff Daniels tells Cody the story of how he was saved on a hunting trip by an owl. Read
It's 1962 Two Men have built a friendship traveling to work on the morning train over many years. One has a dark past that will come back to test that friendship. Read
Imagine a no-win situation where you are presented with a win-win idea. Nothing is that cut and dry, but what do you do with zero options? Read

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Cody watches the popular made-for-tv movie Fayette Flatts. Read

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Mijnheer Vos heeft een nieuwe zakenpartner. Hij gaat bij mijnheer Craymans op bezoek om samen met hem een 'deal' te bespreken. Als ze tot een overeenkomst komen zal dat, volgens mijnheer Vos, in hun beider voordeel uitdraaien... Read
Trigger Warning: Talk of domestic abuse, emotional abuse, and abuse towards children The story of a young mum that lost her daughter to the actions of her abusive now ex-boyfriend. Read

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This week FBI Agent Spalding is not called in to solve the crime, The California State Bureau calls in a professor of Sociology to help them find a serial killer. Bodies found with red neck ties, watches set to seven o'clock shot while they are watching television. The professor says… Read

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A court room thriller a flamboyant and unethical attorney is faced with a dilemma, of how to serve his clients best interest while following his instructions. He turns to the exotic science of quantum physics, a strategy of jury nullification. Will it work? Read

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This weeks Louise Spalding murder mystery, reveals a killer with one of the oddest motives Louise and her team has encountered. Louise is worried when they finally break the case, the next victim could be one her closest colleagues and they cannot track him down. Read
Sheriff Daniels tells Cody about the murder of Doctor Charlie Wilson. Read
When a group of investigators try to figure out who has been selling drugs to people. They must bring them to justice. And make things right for the city of Ventnor. Footsteps running down sidewalk. Antonio Graves appears running. "STOP....STOP RIGHT NOW."; yelled Antonio. Kristi Lindsey appears running then goes… Read

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Mystery surrounds our lives, but some of them grow more into it. This is a short story based mostly on a heart-warming musician I've never met or seen live, but I sort of feel his music, voice, and character have reached me deeply not many years ago. Some parts are… Read

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The weekly installment of the Louise Spalding murder crime mysteries, this week victims are found hours after rush hour grocery shopping in Los Angeles county. Its not clear they are connected at first, the murderer has obscure clues that the police have yet to figure out. Can Louise Spalding help… Read
Sheriff Daniels tells Cody the Case of the Mysterious Disappearance of Bradley Carrigan. Read