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Read up to take a dive into a romantic story that takes not so romantic turns. Read More

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Former Detective Jade struggles through the roughest patch of his life while horrendous things happen. His ex-girlfriend is being stalked and he's lost his position on the force. Read More
Valerie will do ANYTHING to become one of the Queens. When her uncle goes missing, Valerie promises to find out the truth. What she finds, might alter her understanding of the motorcycle club she has grown up knowing. Read More
A different young man, who sees life in his own unique way, made people classify him as insane, the problem begins with the assassination of his father, which causes him to break his peaceful insanity to write a bloody novel for them in the ugliest and crazy ways, so even… Read More
A young woman goes back to the theater she went to as a teen age drama student to investigate crime Read More

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A former soldier in the Russian army, after completing his military service, moved to England to live, but with his involvement in gangs, it turned his life into hell and forced him to withdraw from it. This is what made him pay the price later. Read More

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Featured Review by Black Dog

"Most creative thing I've read in a long while." Read More

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The plan is clear. Go in, take everything you can, go out. This is the planned estate. Read More

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Child wakes from a dream and has a change of heart Read More

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Something strange is going on with Jake when he woke up one day in the morning. But where it leads... Read More

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'This haunting was originally part of two hauntings. I've come back to haunt you, again and again. - Julia, Friday Night. Photo by Claudio Scott Read More
In this magical world every thing is there for every one but there is no important one it is only one security for girls girls are only the important magic of creating world for that girls why there is no security what is the reason? Read More

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A young research assistant at a publishing house gets an amazing job offer. She soon gets a peek behind the curtain and sees the darker side of the literary world. She finds things to be not so clean and clear cut as she explores the seedy underbelly of the publishing… Read More

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In 1920, a young woman from war torn France travels to America in search of a better life and ends up in a small town in North Dakota where unusual events unfold. Read More

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We all have unnatural powers. All we have to do is just look deep inside of ourselves. What is hiding inside of a regular schoolboy? He didn't even suspect. Read More

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Veteran homicide detectives, Pringle and Daniels are hot on the trail of an elusive serial killer that has taken 4 lives already and is currently stalking his 5th. Will they catch the psycho before he strikes again... Read More

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Every women will give their child birth and that child is the gift of god. If suddenly the baby died infront of mom what is the position of that mom. If it is aboded. Why only a baby girl get aboded. Read More

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Two cops just doing as ordered, well, kind-da. Read More
The first story of a new series I'm starting, starring criminal psychologist and brilliant minded detective, Emory Niles. Join Detective Niles as he investigates the uncanny murder of a wealthy couple in an abandoned mansion. Read More

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Small steel towns have their secrets. On a Halloween night, a young girl finds out that some of those secrets masquerade as enemies, while others are surprising friends. Read More

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Isn't the title pretty self explanatory? Just like the title says, it's a very short story about a very random incident. Read More

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"The Quest of Becoming Human" tells the story of a nameless disturbed and troubled serial killer with a tragic past through first person perspective narration. The character's personality and behavior is inspired by real life serial killers Ed Kemper and Jeffery Dahmer. Read More
A man has gone missing, and the only clue is a mystery rider. Read More

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Why cant I remember anything? I didnt do it. I'd never hurt a fly. Read More

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he got what he deserved. stop feeling guilty. he killed my fiance. why am i feeling guilty. the old lady is on to me. guilt, more guilt. they know who i am. what's wrong with me. without her, who am i. found dead. the news headline. Read More
This years harvest festival will be one for the Blackstone history books. Read More
Five dysfunctional sisters come together as they search for their missing parents. Read More

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Josephus is driven by a sexual urge. He attacks people in a farming area while they are doing their business in their outhouses. Police investigation even at a real early time(1911)demonstrates that they were learning a great deal about conducting searches and building up people's confidence. Read More

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skkkskkkskkss g0z is babie af and im gonna protect him with my life Read More

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A court judge loathing the lower social class dregs, imagines violence at their ilk in the mind and makes it real, taking to the class war to extremes, shooting people in the street by BB gun. WORDS - 1,750 Read More

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The second in a series of short story Mystery/Crime books! --Please give honest feedback-- Read More

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Susie was a talented Hip Hop Artist that just needed a break. She thought she made it when she got signed to Groovy Records...Be careful what you wish for... A Relentless Detective is on the case Read More

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There used to be six of us, but not anymore. Now it was just me, Anna. I was alone, but I would build up my group again. I had no choice; the Runlai had to be protected. I couldn’t let Raven get her hands on it. The world would surely… Read More

Short Story / Mystery and Crime

September 14, 2020

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A biker flees West to... Read More
The beginning of the visionaries takes place, and still continues to terrify and fear the residents in Snow Hills. Demonic haunting's intensely develops to traumatize them of their crimes including the authorities also. The decease spirits lives on which they intentionally targeting the minors ongoing and nonstop. Read More
Ivory finally marries a sweet and loving Michael who understands her and cares for her, however after 3 years of marriage Michael starts to act a psychopath, and then, before their 5th anniversary... With mystery, and murder, and a twist.. I present "Scars Don’t Heal". Read More

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Featured Review by Joe Stuart

"Oh, Hully, this story is superb. Definitely weird but that's what I love about it. " Read More