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Short Story / Science Fiction

December 31, 1969

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The First Empire collapsed shortly after the return of the starship mission to Anomaly. After two thousand years, a kinder, gentler civilization has emerged ... and a starship is back. -- (2,600 words, 5 chapters). Read More

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Book / Mystery and Crime

December 31, 1969

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Set in the summer break of 2028, Flight United 999 is a suspenseful psychological thriller about a holiday gone wrong. After his brother wins a free vacation to the ‘Neo Dome’, Mathew the main protagonist of the mystery to unfold finds himself trapped in a conspired and mind boggling expedition.… Read More

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Taken from a prompt in a contest: “A homeless man on a park bench is awakened by an angel.” Read More

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A teen named Aisha gets her parents kidnapped, she doesn't know what is to come. Aisha ends up in a mysterious jungle, where she will face any death to find her lost parents. Along the way she meets 3 other teens, the same thing happens to them. Read More

Writing Contest / Mystery and Crime

November 03, 2016

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Four friends are enjoying their lives together, but when one day Rachel dies, it's up to Alexis, Sapphire and Adeline to try to find out who did it, and try to stay alive in the meantime. Read More

Writing Contest / Mystery and Crime

February 04, 2016

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I didnt write this story and i don't know who did i believe this story wrote it itself. Read More