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Triangulum Odyssey Chronicles is a short story about Stephine, Stella, Nora, and Joesph. They go on an emotional rollercoaster ride dealing with their feelings, about giving up everything they love. Take a trip with them, as they talk about the last 12 to 36 hours before leaving for the colony… Read More
The Story of the Good King and the Bad King James was the prince of Pragyle when his father became ill and passed the throne to James. James had watched his father for years and knew what he would do when he became king. James set out to make life… Read

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Things are not always as they seem, and what we don’t notice could kill us. Read

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One person thinks they are getting the best of another - but looks can be deceiving Read

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I was the guy you didn’t make eye contact with in the street. The one that came down your block every day to hand out the newspaper, but you never cared about, yeah… that’s me. I’m not proud of it. I have lived in the shadow of my family my… Read

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Runner-up-Flash Fiction Summer 2019 Writing Contest

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A man is appointed to carry out a difficult task, will he make it? Read
A teen named Aisha gets her parents kidnapped, she doesn't know what is to come. Aisha ends up in a mysterious jungle, where she will face any death to find her lost parents. Along the way she meets 3 other teens, the same thing happens to them. Read

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Four friends are enjoying their lives together, but when one day Rachel dies, it's up to Alexis, Sapphire and Adeline to try to find out who did it, and try to stay alive in the meantime. Read

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I didnt write this story and i don't know who did i believe this story wrote it itself. Read