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The key reason why the Patriots were able to come back and beat the Falcons in Superbowl LI. Read More
nuevo orden mundial, una caja de herramientas para prosperar en esos tiempos del 2020: energia, politica, comida, salud, agua, musica, economia Read More

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Dealing with difficult moments during life. Read More

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Featured Review by LE. Berry

"Interesting piece Shirley..." Read More

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A comparison of then and now... Read More

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Featured Review by Steven du Preez

"Hi Shirley Its good to read about persons caring so much about these issues that they actually write essays about it. I very much liked the sto..." Read More

°°°In Russian. Æto poslednjaja versija moih idej o mirovom alfavite, ishodja iz bolgarskogo jazÝka kak samogo pravilÞnogo iz vseh slavjanskih, da ne tolÞko, jazÝkov. ZdesÞ ukazanÝ ne tolÞko vse osnovnÝe glasnÝe i soglasnÝe, no i vse vozmozhnÝe modifikatorÝ dlja poluchenija novÝh glasnÝh, takzhe i vozmozhnÝh soglasnÝh, kak i zapisÞ kombinirovannogo… Read More

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This is an article "Small Business, Big Results" by Marc Primo Most successful businesses always use a variety of tools and apply different kinds of strategies. Regardless of how big or small the venture, being able to maximize productivity for as little operational cost as possible is half the battle… Read More
This is an article "The Trial of the Chicago Seven" by Marc Primo Release date: 25 September 2020 (USA) Director: Aaron Sorkin Language: English Production Companies: DreamWorks Pictures, Cross Creek Pictures, Alibaba Pictures, Marc Platt Productions, Amblin Partners Producers: Stuart M. Besser, Matt Jackson, Marc Platt, Tyler Thompson Read More
This is an article "Album Art Covers That Hold Cryptic Back Stories" by Marc Primo Warren If music is the ultimate gift, then album art covers are the gift wrapping it deserves. While most covers go with the simple artist profile look, it's quite mysterious how a few can grab… Read More
This is an article "The Power of Black and White" by Marc Primo Warren Throughout ancient history, black and white have stood as an important marriage of monochromes that have helped shape the world we currently live in. Despite both's common connotations?-?black being associated with darkness or class, and white… Read More
This is an article "Overhauling Your Brand Recall" by Marc Primo Warren With social media advertising budgets doubling globally in 2020, brands continue to reinvent themselves to secure a place in consumers minds. Doing the math, if one online user encounters about 1,700 banner ads a month, but only really… Read More

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"Nicely worded Shirley, and very informative. Besides, it was a fun read after all the Boo-Hoo, poor me stories. Thanks! " Read More

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"This needs to be heard and spoken about more frequently. This reminds me of Ocean Front in Virginia Beach. It is pretty sad to see this, indeed...." Read More

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Now many of us dont know about culture value also value for tradition this mainly for people who thinks that they respect about culture. Read More
This is an article "How to Give Your Image a Personality" by Marc Primo Warren Indeed, a portrait can tell so much. However, without words, some may still struggle to discover your subject's true personality or value. For artists everywhere, the ability to form thought without any verbal giveaway takes… Read More
This is an article "Making Your Presence Felt in the Next Normal" by Marc Primo Warren Building a startup from scratch takes an enormous amount of courage. However, it takes more than just bravery to weather the current economic storm brought about by COVID-19 and emerge victorious in the next… Read More
This is an article "Is Today the Era of Freelancers?" by Marc Primo Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many professionals from offices into 'work from home' setups, the freelance industry is certainly poised to surpass its target figure of 64.6 million in the U.S. this year. That's a huge… Read More
This is an article "Best Passive Income Alternatives" by Marc Primo During these difficult economic times, many are trying to create more income to stave off debt. This means that many of us, from this generation and perhaps even the next, need to take on multiple jobs for passive income… Read More
This is an article "Turning Your Leads Into Conversions via Mailers" by Marc Primo Sending mailers to your leads is similar to a basketball player sinking that last free throw with one second left on the clock for a one point lead. No doubt, it can give you a high… Read More

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Featured Review by Serge Wlodarski

"Even small towns in America have downtown problems. Where I live the big stores are two miles from downtown where there's enough space for park..." Read More

Tips to help you secure your next job. Read More
°°°This is English adaptation of latest version of my ideas about worldwide alphabet going out from Bulgarian language as the better one from all Slavonic, but also other, languages. Here are given not only all basic vowels and consonants, but also all possible modifiers for making of new vowels, as… Read More

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This one is in the books. Let’s move on. Read More

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This is the reflections of a poll worker during the 2020 general election. Specifically, it covers the writer's experiences during the early voting period leading up to the November 3rd election. Read More

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This is an article "How to Boost Your Search Rank" by Marc Primo For digital marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important tool to see their websites rise up in search rankings. The truth is there are many factors that contribute to your position in search engine results… Read More

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This is an article "Tenet" by Marc Primo Release date: 03 September 2020 (USA) Director: Christopher Nolan Language: English Production Companies: Warner Brothers Pictures, Syncopy Producers: Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan Read More

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This is an article "Scary Hues for Halloween" by Marc Primo Warren. It's difficult to accept that Halloween this year has been pretty much cancelled, no thanks to COVID-19. Trick or treating as we know it won't be possible due to social distancing guidelines and the new unexciting meaning of… Read More
Photo by Edwina Pickles for Fairfax Media Read More

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An informative article, I wrote, about a well-known fishing vessel disappearing in 1991 due to a deadly storm, The Perfect Storm, on October 28th. Read More

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With days left, we who are able should get out and vote, either by mail or in person. Read More

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This is an article "Color Trends That Will Dominate 2021" by Marc Primo Warren. No thanks to COVID-19, the world of graphic design wasn't able to breakthrough much this year as big-name brands didn't take as many risks as they have done in the past. Some companies shifted their advertising… Read More

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This is an article "Art Against Violence" by Marc Primo Warren. Throughout history, art has played an important role in ending acts of violence in various social aspects. Earlier this year, a number of Turkish women took to social media platform Twitter to mock how the social positioning of Turkish… Read More
This is an article "Protecting Your Content From Cyberthieves" by Marc Primo Warren. It's pretty surprising how today, only 5% of companies have their internal content protected by security tools considering that it only takes an average of 39 seconds for hackers to breach a company's cyber security protocols. While… Read More
This is an article "Your Guide to Launching a Tech Career" by Marc Primo. With the many advances in tech these days and how the current health crisis has forced more employees to shackle up at home and work, it's easy enough to assume how you may have thought about… Read More