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The key reason why the Patriots were able to come back and beat the Falcons in Superbowl LI. Read More
Cycles repeat themselves a great depression is coming to America Read More
Sterilty and barreness can be cured effectively using prepare at home natural remedies Read More

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The more things don't change the more they stay the same. Read More
This is an article "Are E-wallets Really That Convenient?" by Marc Primo. People all over the world are coming to love the features that digital wallets can offer them. Every year, more are relying on apps that can store their debit and credit card information conveniently on their smartphones for… Read More
This is an article "How Communities Help Your Business" by Marc Primo. Businesses have long learned how communities help them build strong ties with their customers and partners. With the feedback they get from stakeholders, today's entrepreneurs are able to improve the way they run their business, exchange thought leadership… Read More

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This is an article "Making Videos More Social" by Marc Primo. Do you agree that anyone can make quality-produced films today? Even if you don't have a film degree, you can post plenty of video shorts everywhere on social media these days and most people are willing to watch. However,… Read More
This is an article "How Your Brain Works When You Do Some Art" by Marc Warren. There are many ways art can affect our day to day lives and in some moments, we feel the urge to just take out our pen and pencils and draw. For some, painting on… Read More


This is an article "Overcoming the Challenges of Content Management" by Marc Warren. Content management is definitely a very big part in creating an online presence. Whatever idea you put out online defines your brand and who you are and is a very big factor in how you can further… Read More
Rivers as part of spiritual understanding and practice. Read More

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When pressure starts to mount- rest! Read More

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The streets were car-free in early fifties in Gozo. We children had the streets and the squares to ourselves. We had no toys but had to use our imagination and waste materials to make our playthings. Read More
Women finding personal spiritual concept beyond the boundary of male centered religion. Read More
This is an article "Understanding Color Blindness" by Marc Warren. Today, an estimated 300 million people all over the world are said to be color blind. But what exactly is this visual deficiency and why is it important for people to understand it? First of all, this inherited condition is… Read More
This is an article "The Best Free Marketing Alternatives Out There" by Marc Primo. If you are a hands-on digital marketer, going online for the best free tools available can give you a thousand or more hits. This can easily give you more of a headache than what you're really… Read More
This is an article "Cost-free Stress Relievers" by Marc Primo. There's no questioning how 2020 reached the top of the charts as one of the most stressful years in human history. Halfway through the year, we have all experienced a crazy pandemic that forced many into either their homes or… Read More

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Warning: Not suitable for younger readers. Contains content that some people might find distressing. Read More

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Updated not proof read Read More
In the runup to the hotly contested and politically charged 2016 Presidential election, O wrote a lengthy piece in one of my blogs that I've allowed to go dormant. Reading it today, I decided to republish a portion of that article here in a lightly edited version. I do this… Read More

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This is an article "Da 5 Bloods" by Marc Primo Release date: 12 June 2020 (USA) Director: Spike Lee Language: English Production Companies: 40 Acres and a Mule, Filmworks, Rahway Road, Lloyd Levin/Beatriz Levin Productions Producers: Jon Kilik, Spike Lee, Beatriz Levin, Lloyd Levin Read More
This is an article "These Apps Help You Protect Your Money" by Marc Primo. With the current disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves thrown off with their regular monthly payments and unstable income. Service providers also found themselves struggling for ways to collect since social distancing… Read More
This is an article "Tips on Giving Your Business a Boost Online" by Marc Warren. If you are running a small business that needs a much needed boost online, simply setting up a website and social media accounts won't really be enough to create more online traffic. The first things… Read More
This is an article "Art Through René Magritte's Mind" by Marc Warren. Through his thought-provoking images and witty imagery, Belgian artist René Magritte was able to captivate the art world through his surrealist masterpieces such as "The Lovers", "The False Mirror", and "The Treachery of Images", among many others. Thanks… Read More


This is an article "How Colors Stimulate our Visual Experiences" by Marc Warren. Back in 2004, an interesting study was conducted by the Secretariat Seoul international Color Expo which looked into the undeniable connection between color and marketing. Unsurprisingly, most consumers who took part in the study said that visual… Read More

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thought experiment please share on social media for best reaction let me know how you get on please Read More

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Python Soundsculptures and Automatic Dreams: Fearless Automatic Experimental Generative-Iterative Electronic Music From the Artist Known as Mystified. Read More

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Dedicated to Agnes (2011-2020) Read More

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This is an article "How to Turn Your Passion Into a Side Hustle" by Marc Primo. Since the advent of the internet in the late 90's, people from all walks of life have discovered how easily they can capitalize on their soft skills and passion projects. Today, the level of… Read More
This is an article "The Color Red in Marketing" by Marc Warren. Colors are essential in the world of marketing. Designers spend hours and hours reviewing palettes that go with copies to ensure that collaterals have a specific effect on targeted consumers. One mistake can spell a huge difference in… Read More
This is an article "How Blogging can Help Your Business Grow in 2020" by Marc Warren. A business can have a difficult time with recall and lead generation without any online presence these days. With the rise of digital marketing, blogging has been an essential tactic to drive online traffic… Read More
This is an article "Convey Your Messages Using Nothing but Art and Paint" by Marc Warren. So you've educated yourself on the basics of drawing, acquired the necessary tools, and fixed a workspace for some serious art exploration with paint. Every artistic journey starts with an inspiration?-?a message you want… Read More


Theory of Everything: Unified Field Theory (Returned) Read More
This is an article "Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console" by Marc Primo. Just like how credit card owners want to maintain good standing with their bank, so too should SEO practitioners with Google in terms of earning good search rankings. The Google Search Console allows you to… Read More
The music heard on Four Divine States of Mind, by Yuval Ron, is a meditation on Divine Love, motherly love, tenderness, abundance of kindness, mother Earth, compassion, vicarious joy, and equanimity. Read More
Having touched base with numerous struggles since childhood, Shree Saini is now the global voice and global face who is regarded to be the most sought after in India, America, and many other countries. From India to America, she had a lot of ambitions in her eyes, and being a… Read More