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"Awww this was so sweet! I really enjoyed this." Read More

A personal reflection on the process and purpose of writing something that transcends the boundaries of ordinary reality, and how it can connect the writer and the reader with the unknown, the mysterious, and the divine. Read

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where does champaign illinois get its water? how does our water get filtered? here are the answers to your questions. this article won the water's worth it essay contest in 2022. Read

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This is a, development proccces: Brought to you in part by R.C Horvat Read

Article / Non-Fiction

September 15, 2023

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Derivatives: intwine focuses R.C Horvat, theorie/s So I'm going to be total serious with you right now and I going to bring you into a lab projection For we are about to enter your brains … Hello brains ha!!! I'm the dr I'm here to help you on your ways,… Read

Article / Non-Fiction

September 14, 2023

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So to all and everyone's who knows and has done nothing!!! Read
Do not stop along the writing road to success Read
This is about the things happening in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. Read

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Following one of the most epic pre-release campaigns of the year, MANTRAS, Album 1 (iTrap Records, 2023) has now dropped worldwide, delivering a massive 17 tracks co-written and performed by beatmaster Indian Trap and polygenre artist S. J. Jananiy. A fusion of musical influences, ancient traditions, and Jananiy’s alluring vocals… Read
...The future is here! Read
I have merged personality with apologetics. Read

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What am I on about now? Is it love or this race got me beast I'm felling a little? Read

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Gudince is a virtue but what is a payed heart? Read

Article / Non-Fiction

August 26, 2023

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Hello to the hey man do you think he is going any where soon, I bet I love it, and soo?n will the future mmmmmmmmmm? Read

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I have an old space flyer, which we took beyond the heaviside layer six years ago, and I believe it is ready for action. We’re going to look for clues to find the extraterrestrial invaders this afternoon. Far out in the blackness of space, Cox, Park and Plexus are captives… Read

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These are a collection of literary and philosophic thoughts Read

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These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts. Read
Hello! This your wake up calling!? Go to the best highest occupant to sable on focus first nutrition and out come to start, highest to stable outcome! First in buyers process to various votes to put cone goals optimal amount of teams focus Debate to drive, listen and make a… Read
Hello bask in freedoms of want to see yours to come to you when, necessary to want and need show dynamite to your projectile, and come to terms with the way of paper worked laws! Read

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Follow the folds Circle is da da da da break quicker than explode capture piece's of wow quick... ... .. . Read

Article / Non-Fiction

August 21, 2023

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The Civil War is a hot war that took place from 1861 CE to 1865 CE. Read
This is a logical problem-solving process that is used in all sciences, or bodies of knowledge. Read
Natural Resources are earthly offerings. Read

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The Middle Ages, or the Medieval Times, are a period of a thousand years that spanned between about 500 AD and around 1500 AD. Read

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Optimal Theories of contort within our mother nature! Read

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This is an article on natural resources, which is anything that nature offers that we humans can use. Read

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The Scientific Method is an organized way of solving problems or asking questions. Read

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Crop Circles decoded is a paper that will answer finally why crop circles exist, who makes them and why. I have studied the ufo, crop and crop circles for over 35 years. You will find my paper is the final phase of those yeas work and will answer many questions… Read

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As more details show themselves. It seems that Lonnie knew exactly what he was doing when he killed Kameron Kendall. Innocents aren't even safe from his terror of manslaughter. Read

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These are neologisms from contemporary culture. Read

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Signicism is a new idea of literature and philosophy. Read

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Starting to writing a book is harder than it looks.This is a description of my book writing journey Read

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Please here, my words Out!!! till the end! And yes I can do the written's, but this story is. Read

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Mmmmm.... Coperater: 2nd infedered cooperating Lawyer mandatory Focus Laptop Tap shoulder Hand pice to f paper no speak Evidence squared check All laws men help! … And views to speak or communicate caught will prosecuted according to your laws agreed Would you like to? It's mine I will sell If… Read