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His face is till burnt into my vision, in a permanent state of betrayal... Read More
Biography of Gladys Elaine Chumbley née Eller Read

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June 26, 2022

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This album provides a wide and ascending path, a staircase through the forest to the highest terrestrial places to find vistas over lush verdant fields and framed by distant mountain ridges. You might feel like you could wander freely across the top of the absolutely fascinating reliefs and discover hidden… Read

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Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died on July 13, 2013 Read

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These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts. Read

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These are a collection of Literary and Philosophical thoughts. Read

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A few facts about our post-COVID economy Read

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David Arkenstone is well known for his World of Warcraft soundtracks and TV Sports themes (this year he was selected to provide the theme music package for the NBC coverage of the new USFL league games), but his great love is the Tolkien tale. 5-time GRAMMY? nominee Arkenstone has revisited… Read

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Emptiness beyond the climate challenges, we have our promised home worthy from this beginning what can master the days ahead into greater interests as humble kindness. Let this promise keep you alive every moment you are here. Read

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Every moment let us be kind behind this answered adventure and never be rude for this creation that gave us everything. Read
Learn how top writers attract people who can pay them premium. Read
In Russian. ZdesÞ ja daju v jumoristicheskoj forme razyjasnenija o tom, pochemu mne ne nravitsja demokratija, chego ej ne hvataet, chtobÝ bÝtÞ dostatochno horoshej dlja intelligentnÝh ljudej. Æti razyjasnenija naschitÝvajut bolÞshe djuzhinÝ, oni imejut v rjade sluchaev nepustoe sechenie, t.e. nekotorÝe idei povtorjajutsja, no ætim obrazom veshchi luchshe obyjasnenÝ, ja… Read
These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts. Read

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Weapons are the tools of violence; all decent men detest them. Weapons are the tools of fear; a decent man will avoid them except in the direst necessity and, if compelled, will use them only with the utmost restraint. Peace is his highest value. If the peace has been shattered,… Read
These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts.. Read

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Seriously sick of it, I hate then so much, they f@#ked my life, all the below Read
These are a collection of literary and philosophical sayings. Read

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This is just me reflecting, no studies taken part just thinking, if you think I'm onto something give us a like or comment Read
I watched my Being use a device I have described in one of my past essays or articles right here on Booskie. I don't have a clue how to program or create this device, however I understand WHAT it is supposed to do. So, computer programmers and designers, this one… Read
A sense of wonder permeates this album through its acknowledgment of oneself as a part of something greater. John Gregorius finds deep inspiration in the natural surroundings of his home in the Sonoran desert, crafting musical spaces in the spirit of mystery, simplicity, communion, and contemplative thought. The Tucson-based artist’s… Read

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a parent's role: protect or infect Read
My mind is rampant!!! I have just finished the tedious task of scanning, stapling, reading word for word dictation, piling up a huge stack, my 69 Love Letters, 2 pages each, written to my Mother Mary, by my Father Arthur E. Oberg, 1951 through 1953, while living in prison for… Read

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Hey...could be Read
What are YOU leaving behind? Read
The Charm of the Irish Lamppost Cafe, Narnia and marketing. Read

Article / Non-Fiction

May 04, 2022

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Questions about UK Attitudes Read
Qui io do spiegazioni in forma umoristica perché la democrazia non mi piace, cosa le manca per essere abbastanza buona per persone intelligenti. Queste spiegazioni sono più di una dozzina, diverse volte essi hanno intersezione non vuota, cioè alcune idee si ripetono, ma in questo modo le cose si spiegano… Read

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Where do we gotta and what do we do but here are a few, that might get to you Read
Overcoming The Challenges Of Being An Expat This is an article “Overcoming The Challenges Of Being An Expat” by Marc Primo Pulisci Many people are constantly looking for greener pastures and what most of them don't realize is that there are many fences to climb before one can really settle… Read
What You Should Know About Debt Collectors This is an article “What You Should Know About Debt Collectors” by Marc Primo Pulisci As if current challenges weren't enough to increase our stress levels, debt collectors creep up around every corner whenever payments on your credit cards or loans are missed.… Read
This is an article “How Small Businesses Will Loom Large this Year” by Marc Primo Pulisci The world of corporate blue chips is currently undergoing a crisis. With the Great Resignation of 2021 seeing an exodus of an estimated 33 million US employees from their desk jobs, many foresee a… Read