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a young woman visits her reflections Read More

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To an exemplary user of pathos - Read
17 books read and recommended by by Filip Noubel in the first half of 2021 Read
A review about the book - THE POWER. In this book, the author has explained about the greatest power in the universe. Please do read and leave your comments in the comments section. Thank you. Have a happy reading. Read
I read the book Ghostology, The Art of the Ghost Hunter, by Steven Parsons. Read

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A review of the latest book by Pope Francis, in which he sets out a very personal vision of how the world can recover from the pandemic. Read
A review of Cambridge scholar Robert MacFarlane's eclectic mix of travelogue, history and personal examination based around an account of his walks in the wild places of the UK and other countries. Read

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A review of John Osborne's affectionate account of travelling around the British seaside Read

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A review of Henry Hemming's biography of the legendary MI5 spymaster. Read

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A well written autobiographical book about horses and race horses. Contains an A-Z on horse terminology. Suitable for people wanting to start a career in horses or races horse or have horses. Contains a lot of helpful information about horses. Well worth a read. If you read and like my… Read

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A review of John Lewis-Stemple's book about the life and times of an English field. Read
A review of Stephen Fay and David Kynaston's joint biography of two legendary figures in cricket commentary. Read
AN EPOCH MAKING IN A BOOK TITLE: MOBILISATION FOR NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT BY BRIGADIER GENERAL DOMINIC GABRIEL UDOFA It's almost certain to profess that a Writer is one to whom writing is more difficult than any other. But there are few and rare who make writing appear as though… Read
A review of Dutch economist and philosopher Rutger Bregman's manual for building a better society. Read
Where do I start? I must admit, I was a little concerned if, Emerald Wilson-Bey, would be able to pull off such a manuscript of this genre, coming from minimal author experience, having only published one book before this one, which was a Hollywood tell-all, about a short relationship between… Read
A review of Unnatural Causes, the autobiography of leading UK forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd. Read
A review of Taylor Downing's account of the endgame of the Cold War focussing on the events of a single pivotal year. Read
A review of Willow Winsham's enlightening account of witch panics and village rivalries in seventeenth century England. Read
Since the 1990s, Mosley and his Jubilee Partners have been speaking to Christian churches every where. Mosley says "I long for the day when every church congregation in the United States that claims to follow Jesus clamors to have the privilege of sponsoring at least one of these refugee families!… Read

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read Bo Demont's book, called Nemesis Vector. Read

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It's a adult fiction book about the progress of technology has come to be. And to what effect it has on us. Read

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I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them. Let me know. Read
This is my essay of reviews and comparisons for The Call Of the Wild by Jack London. Read
This is an overall summary of my story. Read

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Aunque sé español, no soy muy bueno para escribirlo. Lo leí tal vez un 95% bien. Pero escribirlo a veces es un problema. Así que estoy usando Google Translate. Si ve algún error: siéntase libre de decirme. Y lo arreglaré dentro de dos semanas. Este es mi viaje para convertirme… Read

Book Review / Non-Fiction

December 16, 2017

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A stranger there to help you giving you the piece of advice you are looking for! Read
This a scholarly Review on my work by Ierve Godwin Read
This covers extraordinary acclaims and comments on the Author and the book The Intellectual saviour by Meshach Terfa Read

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What makes a good book? Read
This is my book review of the famous autobiography, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou. Read
Director & Producer Jonathan Sanger Writes His Memoir of How He Produced The Elephant Man Read
I just finished this AMAZING book, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light by Nikki DuBose. This girl has overcome so much in her life, all of these serious mental health issues, and is a super advocate for so many. Her story seriously inspired me and if you are looking for… Read